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Never Odd or Even by Shonlock Never Odd or Even by Shonlock
While I may not care for this kind of sound, there are still a couple of good songs. Just because I don't care for the style of music doesn't mean that he is bad. I really like the things that he talks...
Songs for the City by Aaron Songs for the City by Aaron
This is not something that I would normally listen to, but I really like it. The songs are great, and each one has a really uplifting sound and message. I might try and get a couple more of his albums,...
Overload EP by Devin Overload EP by Devin
I am not really that in to rock music, but there is something about his music that I really enjoy. the songs are really catchy, and I have found myself singing along with a few of them. I think I...

Just Plain Awesome | Posted May-30-2011
I really like this EP from Beth. Her music is awesome, and I am really looking forward to more of it. The style of music that she has on here is reall what I enjoy listening to. Great way to start, and I am sure that she will continue to be one of my favorites.

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Excellent Start | Posted May-30-2011
Ashley's first EP is a pretty good way to get started. I really enjoy every one of the songs that she has on this album, and I hope that she keeps the same kind of styles on her future releases. Look forward to following her music.

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The only one I have | Posted May-30-2011
This is the only album of thiers that I have. I'm not a huge fan of thier music, but this album is pretty darn good. I like that the music is sort of laid back and easy listening. They do have great voices, and the songs send out some good messages.

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Excellent | Posted May-30-2011
How could anyone not enjoy a book with a story like this one has? This lady is a great author, and the story that she has to tell is something that should inspire anyone. I really look forward to more of her books.

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One of his best | Posted April-17-2011
His first album is really good for a first. He seems to have found his style from the start and hasn't changed it yet. Love all of his albums because they have a good sound to them, and they are really uplifting.

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Amazing deal | Posted April-17-2011
I could not believe it when I saw that I could get three cds for one pretty low price. Really good deal for any fan of Kutless. Their music is a nice twist of rock and worship songs. Didn't really think those two could mix, but Kutless showed me otherwise.

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Impressive series. | Posted April-17-2011
Never been a big reader, kind of tend to fall asleep when I try. Not many authors can write a book that keeps my attention, but Ted is one of them. The mystery and story line really keep me wanting to keep reading, and stay awake.

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Even helps us guys | Posted April-17-2011
Never been one to read a romance novel, but I have found that they can be loaded with tips to keep the little lady happy. As they say, if she isn't happy, then no one is. Since these books keep her happy, I say keep them coming, PLEASE!

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Fantastic | Posted April-17-2011
Love the smooth sound. Great flowing vocals and nice music. The instruments remind me of the Irish typ of music that I have always enjoyed. The mandolin is a highly underrated intrument, wish I heard it more often.

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Starting to enjoy | Posted April-17-2011

My daughter wouldn't stop playing their first record, and I didn't care for it that much. Not that it it bad, just not my type of music. Their second record is much better, and I find it easier to get through the endless listening that she puts me through.

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