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Never Odd or Even [edit]
by Shonlock | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 21, 2011

Heralded by as "Christian hip hop’s most distinguished and gifted freshman," the multi-instrumentalist and pop/urban singer learned his craft in the clubs of Chicago before working as choreographer for Aaliyah and later a dancer with Arrested Development. Cale Nelson of WHRZ/Spartanburg, SC says, “Shonlock is the future of CHR Radio.”

An important emerging voice on the new spirit-filled pop & urban scene, Deshon "Shonlock" Bullock takes his sonic inspiration from R&B and contemporary pop and rock music, finding a high energy groove in the fields of the Lord. A master showman who sold more than 15,000 CDs out-of-trunk to newly converted fans at his concerts, Shonlock shares his connection to God's love, and his love of God's music, with his audience every time he hits the stage.

Arrow Records recording artist Shonlock has hit the ground running in 2011 and has been invited to open for the Christian Grammy-winning hip-hop pop-rocker TobyMac on the cutting edge touring extravaganza "TobyMac Church and Winter Wonder Slam January-April 2011.

Track Listing
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01. Something In Your Eyes
02. Bet Ya House
03. Simple Man
04. Could U Be
05. You Act Like
06. Scarred
07. Q2GO
08. Cheers
09. Monsta
10. Never Odd or Even
11. Free
12. Butterflies
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13. Hello
14. Get Free

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This is Your Cue | Posted July 05, 2011
Ready for an eclectic mix of hip-hop awesomeness? That’s what you’ll get in Shonlock’s latest lyrical serving.  If you love hip-hop, you’ll simply eat up Never Odd or Even.
You may have heard a few of his past singles or seen him on the road as a backup singer/choreographer for TobyMac. But whether you’ve known Shonlock’s stuff from the beginning or are just being introduced to his music, his newest solo work (and first full-length album) should give you a taste of his true talent.

The musical mood ranges from the flowing, gorgeous God-love-songs “Could U Be” and “Something in Your Eyes” to the upbeat craziness of “Simple Man” and “Bet Ya House.”  As always, Shonlock has no problem switching between singing and busting out a rhyme. He also covers a wide gamut of topics on this album. “Scarred” is a rather deep song speaking on the hurt that sin leaves behind and the healing grace available through Christ. “Cheers” was written on a personal level, dealing specifically with the relationship between Shon and his mother. “Monsta” is slightly eerie, which is appropriate for a song that focuses on subtle demonic influence. The song leads off with Shonlock reading Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” The Scripture adds great effect and perspective to the song.
“Get Free” narrows in on the subject of breaking away from the chains of sin while the soothing title track “Never Odd or Even” explores the unchanging nature of our God. “Hello” is a fun, sunshiny song that challenges all those listening to shoot for their dreams and aspirations. And according to a behind-the-scenes interview with Shonlock, that is the biggest theme that threads its way through the entire album. You wanna change your lifestyle? You wanna change the world? Despite what the naysayers declare, despite what they tell you to break down your goals, you can make that change today. Not by your own strength, but by the power of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 4:13) Whatever they say you can never do, let that be your springboard into the amazing work that God has in store for you.
Yep. It’s Never Odd or Even. Consider this your cue to go get it.

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Never Odd or Even | Posted October 26, 2011
It was great to be able to listen to this release this week on NRT in it's entirety. My favorite track off this release was the first track which I had heard on NRT radio and purchased. It's great to have Christian musicians creating music in this genre that is so often full of very crude lyrics.

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justink (115)

Hmmmmm.... | Posted August 09, 2011
I was skeptical about this album because it seems like it's been FOREVER since I have seen the original promo for this artist. It's a pretty solid R&B album with flairs of dance/pop that is popular with most secular artists- think Bruno Mars/ Drake - autotune) but with a positive message. Many of the tracks are reminiscient of TobyMac... 
Download: Something in Your Eyes.  

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A Lock'd and Loaded Project | Posted August 08, 2011
Deshon “Shonlock” Bullock is someone who understands the music industry, both in the secular and Christian realms. He has been there and done that as a dancer and choreographer for Aaliyah and Arrested Development (among others), and he has been tutored under the incomparable tobyMac as part of the Diverse City Band. With an ear to culture and a heart owned by Jesus, I expected Shonlock to produce a God-centric, radio-friendly, high-quality debut album.
And Shonlock delivered.
The album kicks off with his first single, the smash hit “Something in Your Eyes,” a kick drum-pounding, dance club friendly song that is all about the hope and the light that followers of Jesus carry within them. I remember hearing this during Shonlock's solo set at tobyMac “Winter Wonder Slam” tour, thinking it was one of the night's undeniable highlights. 
So that's the song we all know, but where does the story go from there?
“Could U Be” is a relaxing, but uptempo jam that applies Shonlock's smooth, Akon-meets-Seal vocals over churning, turbulent beats and instruments. The juxtaposition of autotune-heavy singing and instrumentation lends itself to the story of Shonlock's song, which is God's steady and continual pursuit of him, through the madness of his life. He talks about how he “was found in the lost and found,” and that God “picked me up, I was hurting.” But beyond that, he admits how that when things are going well, there's the temptation to push God aside, although the voice of the Holy Spirit never lets him go and he realizes God is “all I ever wanted.”
The second single released from NEVERODDOREVEN is the catchy “Hello,” another techno/dance-influenced number that encourages people to embrace their God-given identities and chase their divinely inspired dreams. “This is your chance, the moment is now. I know you've been waiting to turn it around. Just step out in the open and you'll figure out there's so much more than who you are right now.” It's a mid-tempo, synth-strings anthem that has an inspiring, strangely familiar feeling to it. The more I listened to this catchy song, it hit me: The hook has the exact same chord progression as the song “City on Our Knees” by Shonlock's mentor, tobyMac. I could sing the tobyMac song right over the chorus of “Hello” with no problem. That was a little strange for me, but regardless, it's a good song. I'm looking forward to a mash-up of the two songs, since they are compatible thematically, too.
Shonlock switches gears musically with “Simple Man,” where he transitions into electric guitar-backed rapping. The song is full of words that, to the casual listener, sound right at home on secular hip-hop radio, including “pimp”, “shawty”, “playa”, “hustle” and “grind,” rapped with a style similar to both Jay-Z and Nelly at times. But the message of this aggressive rap isn't typical rap. In a phrase, it's: “Hey, this little light of mine, let it shine. Burn, baby! I do it all for you; I know the view gets hazy. The grass is greener here, oh my dear, smell the daisies. Said naw, don't play it cool, act a fool – go crazy!” Yeah, he's chasing the rap game, but he's chasing Jesus harder, he says.
“Bet Ya House” is a funky, big energy, snare-happy song that expresses Shonlock's joy at doing what he loves for the Lord. “Not saying I've arrived, but I survived. And if I choose to act a fool, it's 'cause I'm so alive,” he raps in the first verse. Lots of grunts and “hey”s are scattered throughout for effect. Organ, piano, electric guitar, hand claps and even a cheerleader-type refrain combine pleasingly. Much in the same vein as the previous song, Shonlock declares, “They call me Lock, I beat the block, get lit without a lighter.” A later song, “Q2GO,” expresses how Shonlock has been waiting for God to release him, musically, and he reiterates that he is only in this to save souls and glorify God: “Tear the roof off reach the lost at all cost I aint even gotta floss. Straight out the box, blocks ahead of your block, it's Lock: ready to explode and give you all that I got!”
“Set It Off” is a high-energy, Outkast-like jam that encourages people to embrace their own callings from God. “You're a star... don't try to be me. Be who you are, it's easy.” There are some great drum breakdowns that remind one of Outkast's “Hey Ya,” and the use of brass only emphasizes that. 
In “You Act Like,” Shonlock introduces his first R&B-style love song, where he praises a woman for showing him love, even though he doesn't deserve it: “You read my forecast, knowing you deserve the best, waiting on my clear skies. I'm impressed.” It seems from the mid-tempo, harmony-laden jam that this is a relationship that hasn't really materialized yet, but the singer is beginning to understand what's happening. “I ain't saying that you love me, but you act like you love me. Yep, I think you love me...” he sings in a club-friendly tenor voice. 
Simple acoustic guitar and piano are the backdrop to “Cheers,” a ballad that showcases Shonlock's vocals the best of any track on the album. It's almost a Mat Kearney-style song that seems to tell the story of a broken relationship and the transitions of life. The more heart-wrenching “Scarred” immediately follows with smooth female vocals accompanying Shonlock's emotional rap about destroying a relationship. The scene is painted poignantly: “My words mean nothing to her 'cause she know that I'm a poet. Standing at her doorstep, empty bottle of Moet. The pain brung the rain, so I'm out here gettin' mo wet.” The regretful lyrics, which never lead to resolution with the relationship, come to a climax as the singer realizes he has to get right with God first, and asks, “Could you love me again? Is grace gone like the wall of Berlin? … Before it ends, let the healing begin, my God!” 
Monster growls, screams, crumbling concrete and Ephesians 6:12 open the distortion-and-guitar rap “Monsta,” a song that isn't about Shonlock's internal struggle, rather, it's about feeling persecution from the secular world for being a Christian. “You talking to me... act like you never knew me... wish you could see the beauty. Yeah, I'm a monsta.” He goes on to say, “Them truth tellers, that what they scared of.”
“Get Free” uses orchestral-type synth strings and blues guitar as the backdrop to talk about the empty pursuits of money, pleasure, lust, and getting high. He tells stories of strippers, their clients, violent youths and drug dealers, ultimately offering in the chorus: “Get free, get free right now. I know a lot of y'all ain't where you wanna be right now.” 
The album ends with the title track, “Never Odd or Even,” which sums up the story of salvation and temptation, struggle and grace with a declaration of thankfulness and awe for God's seemingly “odd” decision to save him and not get “even” with him. It's an anthemic rock song that declares, “1 and 1 makes 2; 2 and 2 makes 4. But it doesn't add up how you love me, Lord. It's moving. 'Cause I know yo hear, there's no more fear. Yes, you've made it clear you are always near. I'm fearless.”
Shonlock has exploded onto the scene by showing his versatility, his street cred, and his unshakable devotion to Jesus. NEVERODDOREVEN delivers positive, God-centered jams in a number of different styles and genres that can please a wide audience. Shonlock has been there and did that in the secular world, and it's clear that he has a strong sense of his divine mission on this earth, and it involves an uncompromisingly powerful musical expression of his faith. It's rare to find an artist who can express pop, rock, rap and R&B with such command. NEVERODDOREVEN is such a great album because it takes you on such a roller coaster, thematically, dynamically, musically and lyrically. You can be dancing crazily to “Something in Your Eyes” one moment, and then sitting, motionless, pondering the powerful words of “Never Odd or Even” the next. It takes a special artist to take the deep themes of faith and struggle and communicate them in language secular radio could appreciate. Well done, Shonlock; you're that artist.

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wencdj (34)

Good Forward or Back | Posted July 06, 2011
Never Odd Or Even, the fifth release by Rap/Hip Hop artist Shonlock, is more of a Hip Hop Tinged R&B album. Though there is enough rock/hip-hop (Set it off, the Family Force Five like Bet Ya House), to satisfy the rocker out there. The real meat of the album is some ultra smooth R&B that should garner regular play on mainstream R&B radio. Among them are You Act Like and the autobiographical testimony Cheers. Eat your heart out Usher.

This album should be a lock to win in Hip Hop/Rap at the Doves, since they do not have a standalone R&B category. With songs like scarred and monster,  I think it could qualify in the Rock category as well. For more on the album, I would direct you to the review on The Night Beat

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NOT A WINNER!!!!! | Posted July 04, 2011
This debut album by Shonlock, a front man for Toby-Mac has a few upsides but on the whole this album misses on several levels. He has a few songs which are very catchy tunes. The first track on the album " Something in Your Eyes" is fantasic with a great blend of vocals and music. The lyrics to this song are very deep and moving. The biggest disappointment I would have to say is in the middle songs of the album tracks 6 - 9 where there is too much going on in each song that it takes away from Shonlock's singing/rapping nature. The final track " Never Odd or Even" returns to the fantasic blend again of music and song. I would recommend this album to the younger generation (teenagers). Shonlock reminds me of Flow-Rider (mainstream artist). Those in the 30 something crowd who enjoy music such as Toby-Mac etc will find that this album is NOT A WINNER.

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Good for All Music Lovers | Posted July 03, 2011
 Never Odd or Even is a very good album! It has a great balance of R&B and Hip Hop that will constantly keep you interested! Plus, Shonlock doesn't really solely on beats, the album has a great instrumental diversity about it. Definitely recommended for all!

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Great for others | Posted June 26, 2011
This guy's kind of music isn't one that I usually care for. Just have never been a fan of the hip-hop music, but that doesn't mean that he isn't good for others. The first song of this album is pretty good, and should really appeal to most people.

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Good for fans of this style | Posted June 26, 2011
While I may not care for this kind of sound, there are still a couple of good songs. Just because I don't care for the style of music doesn't mean that he is bad. I really like the things that he talks about, and I like that he is making music that reaches people who enjoy this kind of music.

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bull42 (50)

Shonlock | Posted June 24, 2011
The new CD by Shonlock,Never Odd or Even is the free album preview this week.
Lke many others,the only rap/hiphop I listen to is Toby Mac and KJ-52. I listened to the entire Cd and overall it wasn't too bad at all. I really liked "Something In Your Eyes" ,"You Act Like" and "Never Odd or Even".I realize Shonlock is new on the music scene and I wish him all the best.I pray this CD is a big hit for him and helps put him on the map in the Christian rap field.

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Loved it | Posted June 22, 2011
Hip hop type music generally isn't my first genre choice, but I really enjoyed this album. My favorite track was the first one, once it got to the chrous, I knew I heard the track before - I'm still not sure where I heard it - but it was really good. For me, this album was really fun, and upbeat, easy to listen to. Overall, great work!

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