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Vagabonds by The Classic Crime Vagabonds by The Classic Crime
Here we are, my most anticipated album since The Silver Cord. TCC has quickly risen up to be one of my favorite bands I've been following them since pre-Albatross days and I must say Vagabonds is my...
Teenage Fantasy by Secret and Whisper Teenage Fantasy by Secret and Whisper
Ah, my second most anticipated album this year is by one of my favorite rock/alt acts Secret And Whisper. What a great group of guys, even when you get them 4 times in a row on modern warfare 2 they...
Forget And Not Slow Down by Relient K Forget And Not Slow Down by Relient K
Mhmmm is what got me into Relient K as a teenager, this release is so deep as far as lyrics but not as poppy as Mhmmm or even Five Score. His fiancee called off the marriage while he was writing for...

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Easily A Five Star Album... | Posted March-04-2009
This is one of the best written best executed albums I have ever heard, Lifehouse is a special band and all you have to do to see this is give all their CD's a listen and they will convince you.

Stanley Climbfall is one of the more under appreciated albums except by music purists who have taken the time to find this CD if you did then you were rewarded.

Spin, Anchor, My Precious, Take Me Away... I could go on, a five star album full of five star songs.

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Lifehouse... | Posted March-07-2009
In my opinion simply the best alt/rock group out there, sure there are bands that may be more popular or have more hits but they are timeless.

They have achieved a lot at a relatively young age.

This disc has 4 or 5 songs which really speak to me, walking away is a very special song for me and there are others such as Blind and Come Back Down which are very good as well.

A solid album though not as good lyrically as the first two and the newest.

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Music Is Music... | Posted March-07-2009
Yes this is a Christian based site, however I'm not so quick to dismiss music because the lyrics don't suit my preferences.

I got this album after demoing a few of the songs on it before hand, I wont lie this is not a type of music I thought I would enjoy but much like Family Force 5 they quickly changed my mind.

My personal favorite song on the album would be The Atmosphere.

I will not go into the meaning etc. I got this album for the music, I will listen to Chris Tomlin for my worship.

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Been Looking Forward... | Posted August-27-2008
I have been looking forward to this CD since I found their MySpace a while back, I compare them to Needtobreathe, and from me that is a huge compliment as I absolutely love Needtobreathe, I think this CD is one of the better ones I have heard in a long while, they did a great job with this!

The Sunshine Above The Weather is an addictive uplifting song about hope something that music even christian music can lack with all of the depressing music coming out lately bands like Remedy Drive are needed for the youth and young adults of today, offering a message of hope and a great musical style as well as the honesty of their lyrics and not sugar coating the message they want to get across make this album very special to me.

If I knew the band personally like the person above me I would say a heartfelt thank you for this release.

- J

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I Can Listen To The Whole CD! | Posted August-27-2008
The CD's that I really love and the ones I really feel good about having are the ones where I don't have to skip songs, and thank you Capital Lights for providing that.

This is a new band I wasn't expecting anything from and they blew me away, the comparisons to Fall Out Boy aren't far off, it is the same style but with a good message.

Addictive tracks run rampant and catchy tunes that won't leave your head are also here, a very, very solid debut and one that wont leave you dissapointed, I really want to hear more from them in the future, if they can follow this release up then they could potentially be the next big thing, but they have set the bar really high with this one.

- J

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I Am Impressed... | Posted August-27-2008
I just finished my listen through of the new CD, there is a lot more of Aaron then I think some other reviewers may have heard from the preview, not as much as They're Only Chasing Safety but more then Define The Great Line, and that is a good thing in my books, I wasn't the biggest fan of Define The Great line but at the same time it was TOCS that got me into Underoath.

First of all the lyrics are definitely personal to these guys and you can feel that when you hear most of the songs, musically they just keep getting better, I thought Define was very good musically just didn't have the catchy tunes TOCS did, I haven't really latched onto any of the new songs yet but I'm sure they will grow on me, a couple of songs I think will really stick out to people are Too Bright Too See Too Loud Too Hear and The Created Void, both have a lot of Aaron and like I said earlier that is never a bad thing.

All in all better than Define The Great Line in my opinion, I will give it some more time to grow on me and I may give it a perfect rating if it can do that.

- J

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Solid! | Posted March-07-2009
All together this was a solid release which I picked up as soon as I heard a song or two off of, I can listen to it track by track and enjoy every song on here without skipping to my favorites!

Although some were dissapointed in the lack of Christian lyrics it seems to be a trend in Christian music today, trying to be more popular in the mainstream...

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