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Daylight Is Coming [edit]
by Remedy Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 26, 2008

This band of brothers from Lincoln, Nebraska showed off big rock hooks and a solid set of original songs with their 2008 effort. Daylight Is Coming is packed with positive messages and polished production on "Daylight," "All Along," "Get To Know You," and more.

Track Listing
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01. Stand Up
02. Daylight
03. All Along
04. Hope
05. What Happens (At The End)
06. Something Made To Last
07. Belong With You
08. Heartbeat
09. Get To Know You
10. Sunshine Above The Weather
11. Valuable

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Solid debut alternative rock album | Posted September 29, 2008
Remedy Drive, the new alternative rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska caught my ear right away with the Brit-Rock hook of the debut single Daylight. The 4 Zach brothers have a sound that reminds me of Blue October, Jackson Waters, Grey Holiday and NEEDTOBREATHE (all favorites of mine). Dove Award winning producer Ian Eskelin of the band All Star United has produced a very accessible new alternative rock album similar to his own band's excellent debut from 1997 .

Daylight Is Coming kicks off with the solid anthem Stand Up, with the piano-driven rock-style that Coldplay has made famous. All Along is another standout track along with Hope and the excellent closing song Valuable. This is an album that you can enjoy over and over again. If you enjoy good rock hooks and solid lyrics, then you'll enjoy Remedy Drive.

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Nathan (188)

Daylight is already here | Posted September 01, 2008
It seems that when artists team up with dove award producer Ian Eskelin good things happen. It happened again for the four brothers of Remedy Drive. The indie rock band’s second album, Daylight Is Coming, doesn’t look like it will fall into a sophomore slump that some fall into. On the contrary, the Nebraska foursome’s album is looking to become one of the year’s favorites.

Lead Singer David Zach’s voice is similar to Jon Forman of Switchfoot, but the music is harder to find a comparison. The medium rock/pop is often piano based, especially on “what happens (at the end)” where the piano plays a big part in carrying the chorus and David’s vocals get the most aggressive to the slightly melancholy song. Half of “stand up” is intro, but that is not a bad thing because the tune of the song is solemn before it kicks into a upbeat rock tune (setting the stage for the album mood?). Even with their rough verse, the chorus of the upbeat piano “valuable” is very inspirational, and it doesn’t end there, as the songs shines in the bridge also. The solemn sound in “daylight” is well placed particularly when it sounds up beat as the same time, also the alternative spin on the pop rock is very welcome.

“Something made to last” has a big base and some good riffs in the album’s hardest song, however even though the rock song doesn’t take any falls the rock song isn’t as cutting edge as some rockers and the song flies by too quickly. Chock it up to experience, and expect when Remedy Drive gives fans harder rock they will slow it down to give the maximum enjoyment to their listeners. Even with their rough verse, the chorus of the upbeat piano “valuable” is very inspirational, and it doesn’t end there, as the songs shines in the bridge also. The solemn sound in “daylight” is well placed particularly when it sounds up beat as the same time; also the alternative spin on the pop rock is very welcome. Remedy Drive does a great job of finding a happy medium of keeping diversity in their songs while staying attached in their area of music, like “heartbeat”, “hope”, and “belong with you”.

The main focus of the album is the darkness then the dawn the light. Only with a lot of weight on the light as “daylight” stresses. But the album is not without lyrical faults though. Jesus’ name is never mentioned and the metaphor “valuable”, is a little over exaggerated. Enough with the negative now because there is too much good stuff in Daylight is Coming to get to throw out. While God’s name is not mentioned Remedy Drive certainly makes it clear who they are singing about in the phenomenal “something made to last” (‘Rock and roll - happiness - diamond rings/These are the best of the temporary things/There must be more for us/'Cause it's all turning into dust…A kingdoms coming /And it won't stop running/It won't fade away’) and “valuable” (‘The scar that's in my side says/As the sea is wide my love is more so… Don’t you know the blood I bleed is for you/don't you know’).

Eternal messages that show up are man’s weakness and God’s strength (‘My rock and mighty fortress/I'm walking in your promise/Your love will remain’), salvation (‘You heard me cry emergency/Screaming out for help/You saved me from myself’), and a man who has lost his fire but still gives thanks to God (“sunshine above the weather”, “what happens (at the end)”, and “heartbeat” respectively). Tired sand castles being washed away the singer realizes that only God can fill him in “all along” (‘And I'm left back where I began tonight/The only thing that can ever fill me up /Has been right in front of me all the time’). Even when spiritual matters are not on front of their songs they still have great things to say about a couple falling into tough times on “hope” and moving past our defeats in “stand up” (‘Why does our brokenness keep whispering/It's telling us that we're not anything/I say no fall is going to keep us out/This fear is something we'll forget about’).

It’s tough to fathom that in eleven tracks there are no throw away songs, no musically and not lyrically. It’s not often to find a band such as Remedy Drive who excels as both their melodies and their lyrics. Daylight Is Coming doesn’t stay in the darkness long, and when they do it’s to prove that the sunshine is right there for those who put their trust in God. A flat out terrific album.

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Remedy Drive [Daylight Is Coming] | Posted October 07, 2008
Daylight is Coming is the debut national release from new Word Records artist, Remedy Drive. Throughout the album you can feel a central theme being expressed and that is that through every situation and problem in your life, Jesus will help and never leave you. So I really hope you enjoy this album and truly listen and decipher what the album is saying, for it is beyond a doubt amazing.

Remedy Drive is labeled as an indie rock-styled band, a style in which they show to be true in their new album Daylight Is Coming. Their music takes you and draws you into their lyrics. They have some real talent and cannot wait to hear more from them in the future.

The album to me has a sense of spiritual dryness, wherein you are stuck in trial and temptation. But it also talks about in every song, a way out. The way out is Christ. In their song “All Along”, it says “It’s not everything it seems - the world and its dreams / Slipping like water through my hands tonight / All the things I thought would fill me up inside / Left me empty here - and now I know why.”

Then it goes on to the chorus and gives you the answer,

“All along I was looking for something else / You’re something else / All along I was looking for something more / You’re so much more / I finally found what I could never see before / You’ve always been the one that I was looking for”

There is simply, just a brighter side to every situation, you just have to wait patiently and be open to the solution…Jesus.

In their song “What happens (At the End)” the music interacts with the lyrics and adds some effect to what the song is actually saying. For we are to surrender all to Him, what else are you going to do when everything in your life seems to stop?

The album also shows that there is hope even if you cannot see it. Hope through everything that is going on around you, you can find this in their song “The Sunshine Above The Weather”.

There is always hope in every circumstance, all you have to do is be willing to change and look for what is real. You have to have the faith to look beyond what you see and just believe that God is God and He sent His son to change your life, but you have to be willing. Song after song in this album can be viewed the same way. Through everything you go through, Jesus will be there and you will get through it…Just Believe.

This album is for any Christian music lover, and in my opinion is a must-have. Upon listening to this I am reminded about a scripture in the Bible found at 1 John 1:5-6, that says “This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:” The only answer is through Jesus, as expressed throughout the whole album.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10 (92%, A-)

Review written by: Barry Collins | Review can also be found here.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from ChristianMusicReview.org. Click here to visit ChristianMusicReview.org today!

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ALL IN THE FAMILY | Posted September 29, 2008
Even though the members of Remedy Drive all have a natural chemistry with one another given their bonds of literal brotherhood, David, Paul, Phillip and Daniel Zach were performing over 200 shows a year in and around Lincoln, Neb., long before scoring a record deal. And due to a bigger budget and additional contacts, the guys have now taken their progressive alternative rock ruminations to an even higher level, thanks in part to all-star (or even more accurately, All Star United) producer Ian Eskelin (Krystal Meyers, Stellar Kart).

“Daylight” marks one of the disc’s earliest strengths, with atmospheric electronics cleverly winding around charging guitars and David’s rough-neck/falsetto vocal trade-offs. “What Happens (At the End”) boasts particularly potent melodies and unpredictable piano arrangements that ramp up only to stop suddenly, while “Get To Know You” is shimmering synth-pop at its textbook peak. The ebb and flow between soft ethereal touches and several power surges mirror insightful mainstream acts like Muse or The Bravery, but never at the expense of the secular copy cat syndrome.

Remedy Drive also excels lyrically with “Valuable,” boldly assessing Christ’s blood shed for our salvation and “Belong With You,” addressing the difference between happiness and true joy. That latter theme also intersects with someone wanting to consume worldly wealth throughout “All Along,” though they eventually reach a resolution that only holiness can fill the void. In fact, Daylight Is Coming is so provocative on all planes that listeners will spend much less time reasoning why Remedy Drive is so tight and simply rejoice over the end result. –Andy Argyrakis

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from CMCentral.com. Click here to visit CMCentral.com today!

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Remedy Who? | Posted October 22, 2009
Before I met Remedy Drive and saw them in concert, I had never even heard of them. Since I stay pretty current in contemporary artists, I figured they wouldn't be my kind of band...BOY WAS I WRONG! Not only are these guys awesome in concert and really nice amazing people, but there music, especially this album, is fantastic! The lyrics are so powerful and encouraging, while the music is just stunning! The first song, Stand Up, is one of the greatest opening songs; it just demonstrates the epitome of what this band sounds like and what their purpose is. This album is an archetype of Christian music and should definitely be in your cd player, mp3 player, or computer.

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patpc36 (58)

Get your Daylight! | Posted December 30, 2009
This is a very solid CD of 11 tracks that rock. The first song Stand Up is a great anthem for this generation and a theme that has this generation making a stand for Christ. Daylight is very catchy and will become a future classic song for Remedy Drive. Hope is another great track on the CD. This is a CD that you should go out and purchase today!

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Daylight is HERE! | Posted February 03, 2009
When I had the opprotunity to hear the up and coming Remedy Drive for the first time, I'll have to admit, I was more excited about the band immediately following. However, I was pleasently suprised when this insane and energetic group of brothers took the stage. From that moment about a year ago, I have been hooked. Now, only a year later, they have released their first official album across the US.

"Daylight Is Coming" is solid gold from beginning to end. You can definately feel the sense of maturity and the intensifying of their sound from their first album, "Rip Open The Skys." I think the most entertaining thing about this group in particular is their versatility. This CD has it all, from head-banging anthems like "Something Made To Last" to inspirational lift-up-the-spirit songs like "Daylight Is Coming"and my personal favorite, "Hope." Each and every song has genuine lyrics that portray hope and give encouragement to the listener. The best thing about this album and Remedy Drive's music/shows in general? They don't sound or perform like anyone else. They are wholely their own, which makes them a pure joy to watch and listen to. If you get the chance, go see them for yourselves. You won't be left disappointed, I promise you.

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tony20 (8)

Great CD | Posted December 16, 2008
I love this CD! The music is so good and the lyrics really show that this band has a passion for God and for others to know Him too. Daylight Is Coming is a awsome song with faith inspiring lyrics that help you to hang in there when things get tough! I highly recommend this CD!

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Jcorkum (17)

Been Looking Forward... | Posted August 27, 2008
I have been looking forward to this CD since I found their MySpace a while back, I compare them to Needtobreathe, and from me that is a huge compliment as I absolutely love Needtobreathe, I think this CD is one of the better ones I have heard in a long while, they did a great job with this!

The Sunshine Above The Weather is an addictive uplifting song about hope something that music even christian music can lack with all of the depressing music coming out lately bands like Remedy Drive are needed for the youth and young adults of today, offering a message of hope and a great musical style as well as the honesty of their lyrics and not sugar coating the message they want to get across make this album very special to me.

If I knew the band personally like the person above me I would say a heartfelt thank you for this release.

- J

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skybo90 (174)

... | Posted May 20, 2008
So pretty much, I'm personal friends with Remedy Drive. I have 8 of the 11 songs on this cd, so I can vouch for them on this...This album is gonna be AMAZING!!! There is one demo that they sent me that isn't on the album, but is their best song to date and will be on a future album. They want this cd to draw non-believers to God. It will be a hard cd to avoid and everybody should get this album.

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