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A Love Hate Masquerade [edit]
by Kids In The Way | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 18, 2007

In 2005, rock act Kids In The Way upped the ante by releasing Apparitions Of Melody, a distinctly more mature and aggressive collection of songs than their 2003 debut. Now two years, a re-release, and a few personnel changes later, Kids delivers a more straight up rock album sans any filler with A Love Hate Masquerade.

Track Listing
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01. Your Demon
02. Better Times
03. The Innocence
04. Letting Go
05. My Little Nightmare
06. Far From Over
07. Sugar
08. We Kill At Twilight
09. Winter Passing
10. Fiction
11. Farewell

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Sell out | Posted February 11, 2008
Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Kids in the Way fan. I love them so much and I look up to Dave as a writer and a vocalist. Apparitions of Melody, in my opinion, is the best CD I've ever heard! When I found out that this CD was coming out I was counting down the days until the release. Then I went out the day that it came out and bought it...

I listened to this CD and I couldn't be anymore disappointed. The lyrics to this cd are the most disappointing. After hearing the amazing heart pouring lyrics in AOM, I was expecting much more from someone that can clearly pour his heart out. The lack of spiritual content in this CD is the bare minimal. Almost all of the songs on this CD are about girls and relationships. And Dave's amazing screams heard in AOM are only visible in Fiction ((the re-released single from Apparitions of Melody Dead Letters Edition)) It just seems to me that during this album KITW completely sold out.

There are a few songs that I'll admit that are amazing ((like Winter Passing and Farewell)) but overall this CD was a huge disappointment to most KITW fans. If you don't mind fluffy lyrics and poppy music then go ahead and buy this CD but if you are a big KITW fan and you love AOM and Safety then I wouldn't recommend buying this.

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good | Posted December 10, 2007
I really enjoy Kids in the Way. They have always been my favorite band... honestly. I love the hard core sound with out being totally over the edge, and David Pelsue's voice is simply amazing. Vocally the band has really matured since their first release Safe from the Losing Fight. IT seemed like the singer was trying to make his voice something it was not, and it just made him sound weird. But since the first album they seem to have drifted from christian based lyrics. They first CD was full of God honoring lyrics and was great to listen too. Now they sound better, their music has improved but they sing more about human relationships then they do about their relationship with their heavenly father.

Still I love it. I bought the CD a month ago and it has not left the CD player in my car. It's got great guitar playing and amazing vocals... but it has a void in it that use to be filled with praise for Jesus Christ.

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mercury (20)

One listen is all it takes... | Posted September 20, 2007
I prefer to review albums that I have listend to often and grown familiar with. I'm only in the midst of my second listen of this cd, so don't expect me to get into too much detail about the nuances of the songs. So why would I want to review a cd right out of the gate, anyway?

Because it is that good!

I've always liked Kids in the Way's songwriting, and Dave Pelsue's vocals, but I always felt the execution fell a bit short of their potential. Their last album, [i]Apparitions of Melody[/i], leaned too heavily on screaming. With the addition of [i]Fiction[/i] (which makes a reprisal on [i]Masquerade[/i]), to the special edition of [i]Apparitions[/i] the Kids gave us a glimpse of the musical depth that they could achieve.

And achieve they did! [i]Masquerade[/i] delivers a refined sound, amazing guitars, and a broader approach then before. And it does so without sacrificing any of the raw energy and passionate vocals that make the Kids who they are! This album is a true masterpiece!

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Jcorkum (17)

Solid! | Posted March 07, 2009
All together this was a solid release which I picked up as soon as I heard a song or two off of, I can listen to it track by track and enjoy every song on here without skipping to my favorites!

Although some were dissapointed in the lack of Christian lyrics it seems to be a trend in Christian music today, trying to be more popular in the mainstream...

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Cool.... | Posted November 10, 2008
....this CD is definitely worth listening to. The songs are very cool and very catchy. My favorite song is 'Fiction.' The words make total sense to me. That song, by far, has to be like one of he best songs by the Kids.

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Radio-friendly pop rock | Posted September 25, 2008
I've liked KITW since the first time I heard their song "Phoenix With A Heartache".Now with a bit of a departure from their previous releases,KITW offers more radio friendly pop/rock songs to us.And although the songs are full of sing-a-long choruses and catchy guitar hooks,the lyrical substance has greatly diminished and is chock full of cliche's.Now if you're just looking for a good time A Love Hate Masquerade is for you! And I personally love this cd,I just would've liked a little less sugary pop and a little more rock! The gems are:My Little Nightmare,We Kill At Twilight,and Sugar.

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good | Posted June 29, 2008
Really gets fired up more in this one. Still loving Dave's voice though. Another good album from kitw though. I highly recommend this very good album.

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skybo90 (177)

The Best | Posted May 19, 2008
This album is by far the best album from Kids in the Way. The band completely switched up their sound and everything is so much harder now on this album.

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Truely A Love Hate Masquerade | Posted April 01, 2008
I Love Kids In The Way and could not wait tell this CD came out. I was at the Christian book store the day it came out, but since I am in Alaska it had not come in yet. So I came in every day until they got it in and was so excited to finally see it on the shelf. I took it home put it in my iPod and waited to be awed, I'm still waiting.
If you are buying this CD because you love the KITW style, don't. Some of their songs have a little of their KITW music style, but all are lacking in their lyrics (except of course the rerelease of Fiction). The vocals could also have been done better. The songs that are OK are My Little Nightmare however this is lacking in lyrics, We Kill At Twilight but again lacking in lyrics, Farewell is not bad. If you have never heard KITW before you will most likely be happy with the CD. But we KITW fans are sorely disappointed.

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irocketh (89)

Ok but not great | Posted March 24, 2008
While more "poppy" and more lacking in spiritual depth then there previous albums, it's almost impossible to associate the word bad with a KITW album.

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