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Mean What You Say by Sent By Ravens Mean What You Say by Sent By Ravens
In 2010 Sent By Ravens released their debut album, Our Graceful Words, on Tooth & Nail Records with critical acclaim. Now two years later we get their next highly anticipated album titled Mean What...
Children of Fire by Oh, Sleeper Children of Fire by Oh, Sleeper
Oh Sleeper's third album, Children of Fire, tells a chilling story about a world that believes God and Satan are dead. The main characters are a Christian father and an atheist daughter who are both questioning...
Lost Boy by MyChildren MyBride Lost Boy by MyChildren MyBride
MyChildren MyBride takes metalcore to a new level with their sophomore album Lost Boy. This is a much better band and sound than Unbreakable in 2008.  The band has clearly learned...

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WOW! | Posted July-18-2011

Look out world, AILD just created an album that could do major damage! Their 2007 Album AOBU was the beginning of a whole new era for the band. They've had three years to cook up some new metal.

The first song, "Beyond Our Suffering" is extremely intense song as far as brutality. Tim's screams have noticeably improved right here. Crushing riffs and frantic pounding drums make this song grab your attention. The lyrics are great on this song too: "It seems our problems solve themselves when we look beyond our suffering." All the songs are incredible, but I will highlight my favorites. "Anodyne Sea" plays at blinding speed and intensity and a memorable chorus about standing up for what you believe in. "Parallels" starts with a slower but awesome intro before it flows into a punishing verse then into a beautiful chorus and bridge, followed by a perfect solo. My personal favorite. "Anger And Apathy" is an intense emotional song about, you guessed it, anger and apathy. I can't say enough about Jordan's explosive drumming. He has gotten so much better since '07. Other tracks that highlight musical growth are "Vacancy", "Upside Down Kingdom", and "The Blinding of False Light".

In conclusion, this is some serious metal mayhem that is cohesive. You won't find many bands that do this better than AILD. It's good to hear metal that has lyrics that are backwards from what the world says. Pick this one up now!

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Still the best DH Album | Posted January-04-2011
Demon Hunter's fifth album "The World Is A Thorn" was/is a great step for DH, but I will always remember "The Triptych" as their best work. I am eager to review this classic.

It opens up with a haunting choir singing a hymn. It's not interesting, just an opener. It kicks up dust on "Not I". With crazy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and a purposeful chorus, this is easily the heaviest track. Moving on to "Undying", where Clark humbly states in the verse that "without the blood of perfect life, I know I'm nothing at all." You probably won't notice it if you're too busy headbanging. If you listen close, you can tell this one of DH's most powerful songs lyrically, despite the musical attack. The next track, "Relentless Intolerance" is my personal favorite. With perfect guitar accurracy, an onslaught of double bass, and memorable chorus, you can see why. There are nice ballads on tracks 5 and 11 too. "The Soldier's Song" has the best guitars on the album. The eighth track, "1000 Apologies" is almost a pure metal track. "The Science of Lies" deals with the falsehood of Scientology, while "Ribcage" deals with addictions.

All in all, this is still DH's best to date. Don't forget that they refined their sound with this album. Not only that, but it has deep spiritual lyrics that hit hard.

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