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Mean What You Say [edit]
by Sent By Ravens | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 28, 2012

With their sophomore effort "Mean What You Say," Sent By Ravens have taken their driving modern rock sound and rounded it out, expanded its diversity while staying true to a base of powerful vocals and soaring guitar tones. The follow-up to 2010's "Our Graceful Words," produced in Nashville with Rob Hawkins and mixed by Ainslie Grosser, is a more polished collection of songs that contain moments that are sometimes delicate and sometimes raw. The results are dynamic rock anthems that drive home the meaningful lyrics they're paired with. "Mean What You Say" is available in stores and online February 28th!

Track Listing
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01. Prudence
02. Listen
03. Rebuild, Release
04. Learn From the Night
05. Mean What You Say
06. However Long It Takes
07. Need It Today
08. Never Be Enough
09. We're All Liars
10. Best In Me

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They Mean What They Say | Posted March 16, 2012
Sent By Ravens made an impressive debut two years ago with Our Graceful Words, proving themselves to be one of the more solid new faces on the Christian Hard Rock scene. Now they’re back for their sophomore album entitled Mean What You Say, and anybody worried that their strong debut was just a fluke can breathe easy.

Right away, it’s clear that Sent By Ravens stuck with what works for them. “Prudence” opens the album on a high note with a fierce, yet polished and accessible hard rock sound that carries through most of the album. Most of these songs would feel right at home on either Christian or Secular rock radio, especially a song like “However Long It Takes,” which I personally felt echoed a few vibes of bands like Daughtry.

Lead single “Learn from the Night” follows in the footsteps of “Beautiful List” as the rock ballad the band uses as their first single. With a music box-like opening, the song proves to be an album highlight. Other great moments include the powerful ballad “Never Be Enough,” the thumping title track (“Mean What You Say”), and the stirring closer “Best in Me.”

Musically, the band should please a lot of listeners with a good balance. There’s a little something for the scream lovers, the ballad lovers, and the straight-up rock lovers. Another plus is that it doesn’t ever get too boring or musically monotonous, which helps the album feel more complete.

Lyrically, the album pays significant attention to the theme of making the words we speak honest and Christlike (and the harm that can come from not doing so). This theme is most evident in the title track, which claims: “I don’t need to hurt with my hands. I could find some value, destroy it with my mouth.”

“We’re All Liars” also picks up on a similar theme. “Listen” seems to speak to the other end of communication, asking, “When will you listen?” Words of encouragement are found in “Best in Me,” “Just settle down, this storm won’t last forever.” All in all, the band seems to be open about their faith but does so in a way that would attract even secular audiences.

Closing Thoughts:
Sent By Ravens offers up another solid rock effort that should give many rock playlists material to be spun all year long. While I don’t think Sent By Ravens has had its true breakthrough moment with this release, I do think it has propelled them a step closer to that. At the very least, this fantastic project will keep their names on the shortlist of the better Christian hard rock bands out there.

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Sent by Ravens: Mean What You Say | Posted June 28, 2012
This album is one of my favorites by any artist. It has made Sent by Ravens go way up on my personal list of favorite bands. The music goes so well with the lyrics, and the dynamics are great. I haven't heard many songs like Sent by Ravens writes. On many of the songs it's like he is preaching while he is singing. It has everything I look for in an ablum and I would recommend it to anyone.

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dyl464 (12)

Good | Posted March 04, 2012
In 2010 Sent By Ravens released their debut album, Our Graceful Words, on Tooth & Nail Records with critical acclaim. Now two years later we get their next highly anticipated album titled Mean What You Say. The formula that is on Mean What You Say is a significant difference from their debut, but it works surprisingly well.

The first song, "Prudence," comes off as almost punk rock with crunchy guitar chords and fast drum beat. "Rebuild, Release" is another upbeat rocker that really showcases the range that vocalist Zach Riner has to offer. The heaviest song, "We're All Liars," is an amazing, agnst filled song and features the only screams on the album. The album slows a bit for "Learn From The Night" and "Mean What You Say," and contains a couple nice ballads called "Never Be Enough" and "Best In Me."

The lyrics on this album are about as honest as you can get. "Listen" is a meaningful song with lyrics that tell us that the best way to love is to listen ("Love is waiting for you patiently, when you learn to listen"). The song "Need It Today" talk of the need to live right everyday ("it's easy to say I'll get better soon, but I need it today"). The final song "Best In Me," is about relying on God's strength ("I'm not that strong, honestly I'm not, but You always see the best in me").

The major flaw is that the album has only 10 tracks, 32 minutes in length, and ends abruptly. The sophmore slump has been avoided by Sent By Ravens. They have found a great balance between heavy, melodic, and soft sounds that blend well. The metal sounds from their debut are almost completely gone, but this album is great for rock fans in general.

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username2 (375)

4/5 | Posted February 28, 2012
 Sent By Ravens had quite a lot to live up to with their sopomore album, Mean What You Say, and thankfully, they meet those expectations.  The production quality here is a noticable improvement over the previous album.  Every insturment sounds better polished and every note that lead singer Zach Riner hits sounds clear amidst the controlled chaos of the instruments behind him.  Speaking of polish, the band's sound has a bit more of it on this album.  At times I was reminded of mainstream band Rise Against's sound as I was listening because it almost sounds like they are delving into that style of music and I kind of like it.  The band should go in that Rise Against direction.  It would be something fresh and would make them stand out from the other bands on the Tooth & Nail label.  But now back to talking about the album.  It's also lyrically stronger than their debut.  The only two complaints I have are that the album is a bit too short, clocking in at 33 minutes.  Part of the reason why that is is because some songs are a bit on the short side when they could have used another chorus or two.  The other complaint I have is that there are only 10 songs here.  I would have liked about 1 or 2 more songs to help flesh the album out a bit more but for what it is, Mean What You Say is a solid follow up that manages to improve everything.  The band's sound has improved, the lyrics have improved, and the overall production value has improved.  While the album feels way to short, what is offered is pretty darn good.  Give this album a listen, I don't think you will be disappointed. 

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