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"Pardon My Back" Lyrics [edit]
by K Sparks | from the album Seasons Theme

[Verse 1: K. Sparks]
I use to bump that illmatic in my tape deck
South Jamaica Queens salute the Kings out in great neck
Afraid to be gone stardom is wack clever missing too
Radios on pardon my back I don't listen to
Waka Flocka flame sipping vodka to the brain
Plot a lot to be the King it's like my block up on the train
Rocks up in the Range licking shots they pop to bang
Only piece from Jesus nowadays be in they chain
I put my faith in these pages just like it's biblical
Last days blast strays yeah it's getting critical
This a funeral it's hellafied and realer stages
I got em all in check verified Twitter pages
Now who the nicest spitting lyrical strays
Now my pockets full of profits like them biblical days I'm saying
Nobody can stop me HTNC humbles the new cocky
And Kendrick Lamar he set it off what he think
No offense to him but I don't care what he think
And all these rappers took the bait cuz they ain't thinkers
Sneaking in they little bars underage drinkers
Ya'll see the logo call me Mr Polo
Ya'll sloppy with the flow though papi that's a no no
Bout I'm on like I ripped that paper boom but I'm in but I ripped that maker
I wanna know why would I flow I wanna go but I take that make that maker
Can't defeat us in blizzards storming with lizards from wizards
Call ya'll in danger like cheetahs that's running with scissors
Is it the physics that give it thrusting the motion of civics
I tend to switch it so prolific then give it then pivot
It's like a hooptie got em problematic hoochie problems
When I'm on beat bring the funk dog Bootsy Collins
Why worry
Couldn't get on my page if you owned a library

[DJ Scratches]

[Verse 2: K. Sparks]
I came from no pot to piss in to hottest spitting the plot'll thicken
Any mention inching of competition I demolition
Gotta catch em slipping the clock is ticking they been a victim
So if ambition was legible that would be my writtens
Brief to be tight steady bring deceit to you boy
Thief in the night seeking who to seek and destroy
Decisions of life thug living failed to be lost
To visions of Christ blood smitten nailed to a cross
You claim you a boss false ideology that grew quickly
Dark skinned dude with shades he the new Biggie
Lyrically it's quite despicable
Pardon my back let me digress I don't listen to
Dudes talking bout they keys and they gun play
Ain't nothing new I see that in the hood everyday
I'm from the hood they from the hood but see the difference is
I don't push poison to these kids and the music is
Peanut butter and jealousy seen a mother with leprosy
Tried to help her she telling me that her son caught a felony
Racist cops over jealousy
Now he up in prison locked up he'll forever be
Our conversation was deep and we need more of those
Ya'll conversation cheap about Miley Cyrus at award shows
I could care less about a white girl with no behavior
Or ASAP Rocky in a dress how that make the paper
These hip hop DJ's is a problem, these hip hop labels ya'll be part of
The problem
These hip hop websites part of the problem
Cuz ya'll just want the traffic so ya'll tend to post a lot of them
But then ya'll claiming real hip hop all the time
How ya'll about the music when the dollar bills the bottom line
So what it is and what it been
Shout out to MC Jin homie wanna see me win


+ Entry lasted edited by DAWNANNERSON on 02.13.16


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