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"Numbers" Lyrics [edit]
by K Sparks | from the album Seasons Theme

[Verse 1: K. Sparks]
So let the beat breathe
I'm too sick with it
I got the answers while ya'll Kanye and Swaying with it
I'm sick with it tell Magic Johnson he playing with it
(What. That's messed up)
Crib so big we need walkee talkees to chop it up
I ain't on Instagram dog that ain't important
Social media where losers go to feel important
To stroke ya'll egos every time in the clutch
Swear that boy like prom night cuz every line got a punch
Get acquainted with me dunny you bummy ain't nothing funny
King at throwing shade ain't nobody ever could son me
Concentration like I'm Adolf, Verbally let eight off
Baddest in my city tell Satan to take the day off
Suede off paid off they soft doing the most
My music got that feel like 95 Bulls head coach
Nice with the hands so I don't even need the led toast
Cuz all it take is one hit that's word to Dej Loaf (What)
On the west coast swerving to my theme song
Spitting like Nas like when he use to have fatigues on

[DJ Scratches]

[Verse 2: K. Sparks]
Yeah I could handle mine ya'll softer than some dandelions
Ya'll favorite rappers favorite rappers those be fans of mines
Speaking of minds knowledge is power but you'll never shine
Mind over matter don't matter when you don't got a mind
This is your brain on drugs and I'm your pusher man
Just pray to God they don't push me man
Rap CEO we know, Matrix with the black Neo
Alotta birds in my hood welcome to Nat Geo
More hotter than cold I'm outta control
Like white kids with they parents up in the shopping mall
I'm from a place where they always let the clip pop
And ya'll ain't seen this many ratchets since Love and Hip Hop
Couple more that I could say, Spending like a Holiday
Get the crowd moving like the trap house on dollar day
I'm from a place where killers take you out without you knowing
Like Ryan did my verse up on his new album
But people see that's still my people
Humbles the new cocky but papi my ego got a ego
Verbally I wreck your set anybody disrespect
Running through my peers like a natural disaster
Coppers steady come with the choppers who got the bail though
Penitentiaries is a given but we say hell no

(DJ Scratches)

[Verse 3: K. Sparks]
I show up at you're venue, Lyrically offend you
Soft rappers ya'll don't say pause y'all say continue
Dissing rappers like you really hot, Really ahk
I'll end your careers then do the diddy bop
Or the Smhurda dance, same thing, same slang, slang caine
Listen homie ya'll don't even gang bang
Always talk about drama but that's a closed case
I ain't scared of no action that's word to Ghost Face
The wip like Iverson and its mean, nice handle
Seem like everything was a dream, shice scandal
Kerry Washington on the scene with twice ammo
That mean it's two bangers that's clean I'm nice Rambo
Jumping out of helicopters landing on some ratchets
Got three kids but claim six up on their taxes
Facts is, Verbally they saying that the Don nice
And rest in peace to my brother Sean Price

+ Entry lasted edited by DAWNANNERSON on 02.12.16


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