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"Bounce" Lyrics [edit]
by Manafest | from the album Live In Concert

Mr. Manafest
What, what, what, what, Mr. Manafest, what, what, what

Mr. Manafest what you got to say
You got a song that's controversial, eh
You're Canadian, white Caucasian and still skateboarding
And tour live recording it
Were not here trying to bring you down
Were just trying figure you out

Well I was only 18 when I bust up my leg
When I slipped off a ledge, and fell on my head
I got stuck in a bed with a pad and a pen
I had a voice in my head and this is what it said
Right now, write down, write your feelings out
Rhyme out a song loud, put my words in style
Find out why my people are crying out
Reach out with hip hop skate board is your crowd
Now is the time, now is the sign
Now say a line that'll prick the minds
It's over now, your older now
I'll flow right through ye let's show them how and

Bounce if you wanna, just bounce and bounce
And move if you wanna, just move, and move
So all the B-boy's B-girls hit the floor
Here we go now, let's go let's go
Bounce if you wanna, just bounce and bounce
And move if you wanna, just move, and move
Come on B-boy's B-girls hit the floor
Here we go now, let's go let's go

They said it couldn't be done
I said we haven't tried
A white skateboarder kid blew up there minds
Take the music out the box like God with us
Stomp like Jericho walls and stretch your lungs
I'd want to know if I was walking down the wrong road
Why didn't someone tell me I had my eyes closed
I watch what I eat, since super size me
Since the internet my space be the in thing
I talk in my sleep, like I'm walking a dream
I cling to the cross who's the lord and the king
You think I'm crazy, they think I'm crazy
I've test-drived it baby, it rides amazing
Still skating, for real not the same guy
Slide to the front of the stage hands high


Everyone gather round
I think we should announce
That it is time to bounce

While your moving that left & your right foot
It's better now that you're hooked with the right book
I mean you can do anything, anything
They told me not to rap or sing a thing
I failed music they said don't do it
I put down acoustics & started a movement
I rhyme like an air flare, up in your face
Hold an air chair "pose", flow at my pace
If I can do it, you can do it if you can do it they can do it
If we can do it, what we doing, let's start moving

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