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"Top Of The World" Lyrics [edit]
by Manafest | from the album Live In Concert

To be on the top of the world
To be on the top of the world

The stores are open people buying, people trying climbing
To get to the top of the world, in this modern day war and it's Simple Simon
I'm paying my bills she's taking some pills he's drunk and behind the wheel
Actors acting, rappers rapping trapped in a drug of a deal
Homeless or looking for meals the thief is still looking to steal
You chasing the money or chasing you praying for marriage, romancing your honey
I'm searching but where does it end, I'm leaning on calling on a friend
I'm running, and running, for someone, to lend me a hand or to help me ascend

To be on top of the world
Gotcha, gotcha ye girl
It's watch you wanted watch you want
It's what you're living for

To be on top of the world
Gotcha, gotcha ye girl
It's watch you wanted watch you want
It's what you're living for

Hey, hey, got to believe in something
Hey, hey, you got to climb to the top of the world,
Hey, got to believe in something
Show you the way, every day is a mission to be
On top of the world

It's 9'oclock right on the dot and you'll be here to 5
Armies are marching on the fields we pray they all survive
Peace on earth to all men, the stars they shine from heaven
It's whatcha you want, it's what ye want, it's what we're living for
A boy and girl they hold hands, I hope it lasts forever
It's never enough to find one that you love and not just seeking self to pleasure
What is this mountain you climb? Is it for peace or for pride?
The prize, the goals, the thoughts inside are motives comes alive


Left, right, left, right, step into the lime light
Get into your car drive, everything is alright
It's alright, alright, everything is alright
Live like it's your last night, (LIVE LIKE ITS YOUR LAST NIGHT)
I wanna live forever, while storing up some treasures
I wanna go to heaven and never be abandoned
I'm spending my time now renewing my mind to the truth I climb so high
I find and apply to my life the joy I will lift up my eyes

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