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"Time" Lyrics [edit]
by The Washington Projects | from the album Commanders Of The Resistance

Verse 1:
Oh, I feel like Alice in this wonderland.
And oh oh oh,
I sit and watch this clock just move his hands

Thinking about when
I was young and dumb
Ponderin' on when life
Was full and fun
Wishin' that I could
Go back to those days,
I'd hop in the ride wit doc and fly away

Take time to smell the flowers
But do not take an hour
Cause you already wasted
Twenty minutes in the shower
Where did that time go?
Where will this rhyme go?
When all is said and done
Man will the sun still shine though?
Now, what am i supposed to be,
A lawyer, doctor, scholar?
Or just an emcee killin' time
By making crowds holler
We waste all our time on trying
To get that dough together
Money will come and go
But yesterday is gone forever

Tick tock tick tock
The clock keeps turning
And I know, I know
That time is not a friend of mine
And I know, i know
His hands commit the cruelest crime
Yea, he's a smooth criminal

Verse 2:
And oh how time flies by
Oh, my watch is watching me
And I feel like I cannot hide
No I can never get away
Forever chasing yesterday
Deja vu is just the way
That time keeps playing tricks on me

As time goes by, times goes by
Everyday it looks me in my eyes
No matter how I try
This time it's time, I can't deny
It's stolen my hello's
And quickly changed them to goodbye's
They say it's time
That takes your pain
And sets you free
And lets you fly

So I don't know,,
But I know it's got the best of me
See my best is all that I can give
And so I choose to live for Christ
And spend my time with him

The beginning and the end,
So very close so far away
Tomorrow, yesterday
In His hands He holds eternity


Verse 3:
Oh how the time is winding down
Got you thinking bout your life
Stop running
Oh, its got you now
Don't let this pass you by
Oh, I hope you've made something of yourself
No? you better think about it
Cause it goes as fast as it comes
So you gotta know
You gotta know who you are

Wait, hold up just a minute
This is somewhat important
We've got this Holy Father
But we're still living like orphans
We hate to love each other
And love to hate ourselves
Time that we waste
Can never be given to someone else

You should not waste yours
And do not waste mine
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
I'm trying to be a friend of time
I don't know were I'm going
But I know that I'm here
The past was just my future
There goes another year

Chorus 2x

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