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01 . Intro
02 . Random Thoughts
03 . Christ Crucified
04 . Mic Check 1.2 (Feat. Stephen the Levite and Phanatik)
05 . Heart First (Remix)
06 . Solus Christus
07 . Worldwideweb (Feat. Cruz Cordero)
08 . Dark Night of the Soul
09 . My Portion
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11 . Justified
12 . Angelz (Feat. Timothy Brindle and Evangel)
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14 . Memoirs
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"Worldwideweb (Feat. Cruz Cordero)" Lyrics [edit]
by Shai Linne | from the album The Solus Christus Project

Verse 1 (shai linne)

Listen close when I'm kicking this
WWW - World Wide Wickedness
Caught up in the “Web”, Satan wants you to “inter” his “net”
How quickly we tend to forget
Original sin since Genesis 3 check the archives
No steering wheel, lights or brakes- that's a “hard drive”
Oblivious to the world's system that's got you
”America’s online” screaming “yahoo”!
But God's word will not fail
I deliver the gospel; Now that's what I call “hotmail”
I defied Him, denied Him, tried Him, despised Him
Until the I Am sent me an “IM”
He said "I'm the Way, follow me and obey"
And it was only by His grace that I clicked “OK”
He got me on some lottery hittin' you gotta be kiddin'
My spiritual riches make Bill Gates look poverty strickin'
I was blind couldn't see nothin'
'Til He cleansed me from within, took my sins and hit the “delete” button
He smacked me in the face with a fat knapsack of grace
Snatched from the rat race and I ain't trying to hit the “backspace”
He's worthy of worship, deserving your service
Absurd verdict concerning the versions- disperse it, the "Word's perfect"!
So backslider or newcomer call on His name
’Cause whether you hit “return” or “enter”, the result is the same

One time for your mind, mic-check
His righteousness, yes- Christ: life, death, resurrect
Lampmode, Rocksoul, good news- react
I be that 2 Corinthians 5:17 cat

Verse 2 (cruz cordero)

This is for my internet connection, intellects collecting
Into lectures and lessons about the Intimate Infinite
Into nets getting cast(ed) quick to catch men to cast them
Into intricate plots of gospel block busters and syndicates
To watch gospel hustlers get restless
With the message of Christ meshing with mics
Stressing what’s right, blessed with the Light
In light of questions you might ask or might blast
Or what ever you feel- it’s never too real
For God’s people to step to the field
Of philosophical jargon like doctrines of Darwin
Theological talking like “My God- He is sovereign”
Regarding the gospel: sinful men being pardoned
Applauding His awesome taste that alters states
Of hardened hearts hauling them by His sovereign grace
Solving the problem that separates man from God
Segregates lands from God’s commanding laws
Instead of standing they fall- it’ll all crumble
Apart from God’s precepts society is violently humbled
Tyranny comes to take over
Either be under God’s rule or have man as your slave owner
So pay closer attention as I proceed with the chorus
Cause Jesus is gorgeous, so please don’t ignore this
His seeds are enormous He’ll have the streets and the forest
Reaping the harvest…

One time for your mind, mic-check
His righteousness, yes- Christ: life, death, resurrect
Lampmode, C-dero, good news- react
I’m that Colossians 2 verse 2-3 cat

+ Entry lasted edited by on 09.01.08


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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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