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02 . Waiting
03 . Don't Let Go
04 . Make Me Over (feat. Conscience & Nena Lockhart)
05 . Dreams
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07 . Hope For Us All (feat. The December Keys)



"Dreams" Lyrics [edit]
by Je'kob | from the album Hope - EP

Success is a mindset, not a bank statement, not a Bentley/
Not a range rover with twenty two's, & accessories/
And the leather seats/
I know it feels better/
Than the pinto with the spare wheel/
But only you can control how the soul feels/
When your ego's hurt from what they say/
If you die believin' in God you made it anyway/
My brain don't sleep, I'm up at night/
Slammin' on these keys tryina' get this right/
The light came in & said good mornin'/
I told him hold up, I just started recordin'/
They on they grizzly, I'm on my mammoth/
Global warming can't stop me, I will withstand it/
I'm ambidextrous & upper handed/
He set him on high cause he follow commandments/
Uh, cause he know His name/
I don't care about Hollywood man, I hate that game/
I sit on the bench, I watch from afar/
I'm up with the moons, meaning I am a star/
Correct that, a constellation/
I make a big bang on your radio station/
If you let me on your radio station/
I ain't trippin' man, I got patience/

I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still/
I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still

So many critics, so much criticism/
So much of the "You should sound like this one"/
"You should sound like that one"/
You should shut your piehole, this ain't bout survival/
I got everything I'll ever need & more/
More love, more strength, more grace/
Jesus told me what you fight for, is what you die for/
And what you try for, is what you cry for/
But if you really want it you will try more/
Do not let the fear in you win/
Stare him in the face & say, let the games begin/
Bring it on, everything you got/
No matter where you from everybody's got a shot/
Never put your gifts underneath a rock/
Hold em in the air till the sun says your hot/
Haters are a dime a dozen/
I got haters in my family, you could ask my cousin/
Focus on your craft, focus on your word/
You gone give this world somethin' they ain't never heard/
They ain't never seen, they ain't never dreamed/
Faith plus works, pockets full of mustard seeds/
Look up at the mountain, watch how it move/
Make it disappear with the drums & the groove/
Make it disappear with the snare & the hi hat/
Have faith in God & just lie back, & relax/

I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still/
I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still/

My hearts in the music man/
These dudes want me to quit/
Nuttier than a squirrels cheeks in October/
Ask me if I'm sober, I'll tell you I'm not/
I live drunk in the spirit, soul, body & thought/
Uh, I'm followin' the path of righteousness/
Devil you will not shake me/
You will not break me/
You will not take me/
You cannot make me/
They can all hate while I walk on the sea/
This is the second hit I wrote in my sleep/
Keep His word in my heart, & my ear to the street/
And I'm ill on the beat/
Tell Kanye & Ryan Leslie they can come get at me/
Huh, & I'm always gonna fight/
They thought I'd give up, but they will need kryptonite/
They will need dynamite/
But I ain't scared, my soul is safe if I die tonight/
So back to the drawin' board with em/
They scramble to figure out another way that they could get em/
Another way that they could stop him/
I'm on an ill record label, & they will not drop him/
My sixth sense is sick man/
It's called faith, the same faith He used to heal a sick man/
And I ain't worried bout your quicksand/
I'll probably fall through the earth & blow up in Japan/

I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still/
I said my dreams are real/
They make the time stand still/

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