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    In 2014, Adelaide officially embarked on her new journey as an unsigned recording artist. After working with The Walker Bros  at their studio in Bernie, MO to record her first full-length album, Adelaide is ready for big things! She has been blessed to work with such people as Coty and Clinton Walker (Brother's Walker -"The Voice"), Jake Bond of Terra Nova worship in Sikeston, MO, Lester Estelle Jr. and Noah Henson (Pillar) and several others who lent a hand in her first album.

    "God has always been my guiding wind. I go where He leads me", says the 31 year old Christian singer and songwriter. "I always knew that music was my calling. Growing up, I loved to sing. Even as a little 5 year old kid. But, I didn't want anyone to hear me," she recalls, "I had a rough childhood. Music took me out of the situation and carried me to a beautiful place. I didn't even realize it was drawing me closer to God. My music evolved into pure worship and gratitude. I loved singing to God....not just for Him."

    At 14, Adelaide began using her voice more publicly when she joined her church's worship team. She was the youngest member and lent a hand in playing keys and singing backing vocals for about a year before moving away. She continued to share her gifts with churches, small town pageants and events. After marrying her best friend in 2003, Adelaide continued to write music. She later joined the worship band at her church where she helped with backing vocals and leading worship. After 8 years, God was calling Adelaide and her family to a new place. "It was a hard move. When you are in a church from the marriage altar to raising your children there, a move like that isn't easy. But, we followed God's leading and His timing. It was a total leap of faith."

    Adelaide has been serving in her current church worship band at ConnectionPoint in Jackson, MO for 3 years. "It's awesome. I've been blessed to work with so many great, talented musicians and artists. I've always tried to write worship songs appropriate for congregational worship and they always take another shape. I have a huge love for worship more than I do just singing songs. It's so much deeper and more meaningful... a complete surrender to God. It's the one part of a church service that requires our participation. The bridge between heaven and our seats."

    When asked what her favorite song from her new album "The Bigger Picture" was, she replied,  "I love them all because I know where I was when I wrote them. They all have a different but deep meaning to me. I just pray that every song speaks to all walks of life to encourage hope and remind people that they aren't alone in this world. We all face hard times and that's the message of the deeper side of the music. The fun, upbeat side of the music shows the celebration of overcoming."

    Adelaide currently resides in Cape Girardeau, MO with her husband and four children. "I'm just striving to grow deeper, go farther and see where God takes me."

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