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    2econd Avenue
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    2econd Avenue, born Rodlin Gelin on October 28, 1986 in Miami, Florida. His father Gerome Gelin worked in an asphalt company while his mother Philona worked in hospitals and nursing homes. He took interest in music at eight years old, trying just about every instrument in class and began to sing around the same time. After all the tryouts the musical instruments available to him, his sole instrument ended up being his love for the keys. He took piano classes when he was 12. At the age of 13, 2econd Avenue started rapping and writing lyrics, gaining popularity among his peers.

    During his first two years in high school, 2econd Avenue hanged out with the wrong crowd resulted in earning bad grades, skipping classes frequently and ultimately developed a rebellious nature. This results in depression and contemplating suicide. "That was the worst experience I've had to deal with as a teen. I was unwilling to budge. I felt there wasn't anyone around me. " 2econd Avenue recalled. Months later, he was introduced to Jesus Christ in 2004 by a friend who he also went to church with and from that day, Christ changed his way and outlook on life.

    While in high school, 2econd Avenue briefly took guitar classes, of which he later regrets when he switched for a class to get into college. Shortly after graduating from North Miami Senior High in 2005, 2econd Avenue took interest in making beats. A close friend he went to school with gave him a software called HammerHead, a production program with only drum sounds which inspired him to make his first beats. 2econd Avenue, known as “Sneaky” at the time, pursued music production even further. He was able to obtain a copy of FL Studio 5 from a former church member and worked his way towards building his music production catalog. Although he went to church and excelled in college, he knew that there was something missing: "I came to believe that I was living right where in reality I was living 'hot and cold' lukewarm lifestyle."

    He graduated from Miami-Dade College in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration, but that summer is something 2econd Avenue would never forget. He joined a Bible study group a few months later but wasn't truly convicted of his ways as of yet. "Later that year, I knew God was telling me 'This isn't what I want for you. This isn't the way you need to live.'" 2econd Avenue realizes that in order to live right, a sacrifice and a solid commitment to God needed to be made. 2econd Avenue recommitted his life to Christ in 2010. The first thing he did was renounced all the Hip-Hop music that related to violence, obscenity and vulgarity he listened to and all other genres of music that did not essentially glorify God. "I felt free when I threw them away! I no longer had to be told that money, materials and fame is the way of life. I didn't need to be told that 'getting even' or becoming violent is the way to solve my issues." All of his music is a direct, strategic and inspirational approach to share the Gospel of Christ for many to receive Jesus as their personal savior.

    2econd Avenue’s musical style is mostly Hip-Hop, with elements of other genres including Rock, Electronic, Synthwave, Alternative, Soul and R&B as well as his vast production styles are concerned, also having his first major placement with Ralph Lauren Corporation. In 2010, 2econd Avenue released his self-published EP, Paraphernalia. The success of the 8-track experiment has garnered a national reach and other parts of the world. Although his first effort had mild success he later realized that it wasn't his best work. He believes the true message of the Gospel was absent in Paraphernalia.

    As a music producer, 2econd Avenue has experienced great success. He's produced for local and national recording artists such as Lil’ Prophet (Real Word Records), Fynishline, Spence Taylor, A&I and more. In 2011, he opened up for Humble Beast's Braille and Propaganda during Braille’s Native Lungs Tour in South Florida and shared the stage with various artists. In 2012, he signed a recording deal with One Nation Under God Records. Early in 2013, he was featured on Kingdom Citizens Vol. 1, a mixtape that was downloaded over 5,000 times. He released several songs, along with a music video that were featured in many sites and blogs which later turned into his sophomore EP, Hello Society.

    Hello Society features new songs which emphasizes a cultural awareness from a biblical worldview and urging people from many backgrounds and beliefs to unite in ushering a new inventory of love, peace, kindness, faithfulness and joy daily. This urges all believers to put on the armor of God as each time we wake up from our sleep, #WEAREATWAR. The sonically diverse EP includes the eclectic synth-hop "Destination" which advises one that in order to reach your destination, you have to understand your journey (1 Peter 5:10). "Transform Me" gives the importance of renewal and purpose and "Crazy, Loco Insane" encourage listeners to be unashamed of the Gospel and our Faith. This EP is available now online via Grooveshark, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and

    “The best thing about using the gift God gave me, that it’s specifically designed to unify many people for a purpose that is greater than ourselves and I’m certain many artists of the Gospel can agree to that unanimously.” – 2econd Avenue

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