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"Two decades and peep it, the fight has just begun..."
In a time of war the minds of many are on soldiers. They are developed in training; their courage, forged in
battle. In the heated and unstable world of hip-hop, for 20 years cousins, Dax and Jurny of LPG have been dedicated
LA street warriors, Tunnel Rats bounding into trenches that churchgoers rarely venture. In fact it was
the story of Dax's father as soldier in Vietnam that brought him and Jurny to faith and lit a burning fire that
has outlasted most in rap music. Like Chuck D of Public Enemy or Soup the Chemist, LPG are the living memory
of hip-hop, defenders against the media reinforced mediocrity and materialism that threatens the very pillars
of the original hip-hop culture-knowledge of self and knowledge of God. LPG take any affront to true hip-hop
culture very personally and rise up fighting mad with their third release and Uprok Records debut, The Gadfly.
"That should be a given, nowadays it isn't - hip-hop's a culture, Christian is living."
As battle rappers--MC's who specialize in freestyling competition, LPG has been a controversial entity since
their inception. With countless bruised egos in their wake, LPG has simultaneously drawn countless to a saving
knowledge of Christ. Their methods may baffle some but their fruit is undeniable and their talent has never
been in doubt. This complexity is at the heart of their latest project.
"After all, any movement is better than none".
Dax and Jurny see themselves as the gadfly, a fly found around cattle that seems to exist for one purpose only
--to agitate the cattle into movement. Without that movement cows have been know to die of muscular dystrophy.
LPG sees themselves as agitators to those in hip-hop and the Church at large who are happy with vapid pop culture
nonsense or mediocre faith. Dax and Jurny have broken hearts for a generation threatened by complacency
and are throwing the gauntlet down with prophetic fervor.
"It's intentional; we did this junk on purpose, hopefully to inspire someone to outwork us..."
The Gadfly pokes and prods with thought provoking lyrics as well as honest meditations of first hand struggle
and victory in Christ. Without exaggeration, Dax and Jurny remain two of the most gifted rappers of the hiphop
era. With production by Tunnel Rat mainstays Dert, Jerms, and the legendary Peace 586, the Gadfly sonically
flourishes with rock hard beats and melodic nuances that make it the instant classic fans come will expect.
"It's always been about life changing and microphone manglin'...."
It is wartime and in a time when even Church kids are sponges for unfulfilling images, lyrics and lifestyles,
the Church needs soldiers like LPG in the trenches for hearts and minds. They may be going into their third
decade as a unit but LPG are not throwbacks to yesteryear. The Gadfly stands as evidence that LPG remains musically
and lyrically vital to the streets, churches, dancefloors, trailer parks, nightclubs, and anywhere else
people are hungry for Christ and real hip-hop.

Entry last edited by No1NancyDrewFan on 01.28.08
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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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