Bethany Dillon Unveils The Unseen
Bethany discusses her new release "Waking Up" along with her plans for the future and how she has discovered the beauty of the unseen.

Turning 18 is a major event for most everyone. It signals a change, a maturing, and a new season. For Bethany Dillon, this season of life finds her experiencing her faith in profound ways. After a recent missions trip to India, Bethany reflects, "I feel like He's widening my eyes as I'm walking in this new season."

The results of this newfound knowledge peppers her third release, Waking Up, an intimate and introspective look into the greatest and wonder of God.

Bethany took some time with's Bill Lurwick earlier this year to discuss the new release, her plans for the future and how she has discovered the beauty of the unseen.

We're glad you're hanging out with us at New Release Tuesday. Get us up to speed on what's been going on with Bethany Dillon since the last project.

We've definitely been out on the road a lot, which has been a huge blessing. My older brother, Aaron, actually started traveling with me as my road manager and we've been committed to being out almost ten months out of the year with some time off in December and January. So lots of being on the road, lots of suitcases, airports, planes and hotels.

We're excited about the new record Waking Up. Tell us about the title and what the general theme of it is.

I spent a lot of time with Jesus back in my room, being really overwhelmed by things that I've heard my whole life. I've grown up in the church and I've been around the Lord most of my life. I've really discovered all of these truths and what the love of God really looks like. I'm excited to just share the stories from this record and have people hear it.

The first radio single is "The Kingdom." It's a really cool song, and I'm very impressed by it. Tell us about that.

I wrote "The Kingdom" after visiting with my cousin Matt and his wife Marcy. They're the type of people that should have some good reasons to be bitter, cynical and angry with God. In the short time that they've been married, Marcy's been pregnant three times and two of their children died just a couple days after birth. It's just this horrible, unexplained thing and yet instead of doing what would almost be expected, they have become even softer towards Jesus because of it. They still have such a hope in what is unseen.

The Kingdom.

Yeah. A Lot of the kingdom for us is unseen. So I just went home and started writing this song about barren women, or at least wombs that don't work, and things that are just screaming out for Jesus because they're incomplete still. "The Kingdom" came out of that time learning about the unseen.

I understand that you were able to do a duet with your brother-in-law Shawn McDonald on the album Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Amazing Grace . How was that for you?

It was really fun. The two of us were out on the road at the same time so we didn't get to do it together, but it was fun to do something with him because now we're family. I feel like the song turned out really well.

What do you get the most joy out of in your ministry? What's the thing that puts a smile on your face at the end of the day?

Lately, it's just realizing that it isn't up to me to minister to hearts. God is still teaching me what I role is in all of this, even as I enter my fourth year of ministry, and that's to minister to Him throughout the day. I also need to get my heart in a place where I can actually hear Him and get up and do what He's equipped me to do. I need to be confident in what He will do in people's hearts. For me, the sweetest part is just to walk off the stage and have no clue if anyone was impacted. It's not mine to know. That really falls in line with the theme of the unseen. It's just really cool to be able to do something and know that God is taking me out of the picture completely and just going straight for people's hearts.

Can you share with us a favorite verse of yours, something that you've grown up with and something that really means a lot for you from the word of God.

Oh wow! There are a lot of verses that I keep returning to. The first verse of Psalm 86 is certainly one I've held onto. It says "Incline your ear O Lord, for I am poor and needy." I feel that He's really teaching me in a lot of way to swallow my pride and realize that I am needy. It's so radical to think that my need and my poverty of spirit are really beautiful to the Lord because it makes room for Him in my life. I have a lot of need. End of story.

We appreciate you joining us at New Release Tuesday, and we're looking forward to seeing the project blossom. God bless you!

Thank you so much.

Bill Lurwick, the voice of's weekly New Christian Music Podcast, has been in radio since 1989 and is currently heard on KJIL in Dodge City, KS.

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