#337 - "Taste of Eternity" by Bellarive
NRT's Kevin Davis finds out more about the song birthed out of a time of personal worship.

In the summer of 2009, the Lord gifted a unified vision to the hearts of six friends from Orlando. That vision quickly developed into the atmospheric worship band now known as Bellarive. Their heart is to craft artistic worship music for the creation to sing straight to the Father above. Bellarive believes that God is calling them to lead these songs not just inside the four walls of a church, but to whoever will lend an ear.
Band member Sean Curran says it this way: "The Creator is continuously stirring the souls of all His children toward Himself. We believe that God creates His children with specific design to reveal and bring glory to Himself in unique ways. For the six of us, that gift is creating music." 
The band believes there to be a beautiful relationship between Spirit and sound, and expresses that connection through their worship individually and corporately. Melissa Mage states, "We pray that we would be the conduit between the Creator and His creation and that His glory would always be the focal point."
Bellarive uses every instrument at their disposal, whether it be organic or synthetic, to creatively build the grand style of worship found on debut, The Heartbeat. Lead singer Sean Curran's ethereal vocals have the unique ability to cut through lush string arrangements and sweeping guitar swells creating moments that are at the same time grandiose and intimate. The Heartbeat finds a band striving to make music worthy of the Creator that also gives voice to a generation hungry for authentic and spirited worship.
I had the great chance to speak with Bellarive's lead singer Sean Curran about "Taste Of Eternity."
Please tell me the personal story behind the song "Taste Of Eternity."
This song was really birthed out of a time of worship. A lot of our songs are that way, but this song in particular came organically out of worshipping God. I was just playing my guitar and thinking about God and praising Him for who He is, and I started to think about that concept. The tangible idea of stepping into the Throne Room, kneeling at His feet, and praising Him for everything He's done for us. It became very overwhelming, and the idea of what worship is for God. He's designed us to worship Him in that way. To praise Him and to give Him glory and honor. The scope of that was blowing my mind. The Creator of the universe has designed his children to praise Him forever and ever. He offers us the chance to step into that place and join the others who are praising Him. The scope of worship is eternal. We'll join with all of Creation, we'll join with the angels, singing You are so Holy, You are so Worthy, You are our God. That was the thought process behind the lyrics, and the idea is to sing these words with not just your lips, or even your heart, but with your soul. Your soul has known this for all time. That's the concept and how the song came about.
Please tell me about any Bible verses that connect to the message of the song.
Psalm 46:4: "There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High."
What do you consider to be the take-away message for listeners?
Throughout the Psalms, God is defined as the ultimate King. Nothing else compares to Him. That seems like an important and specific concept to focus on when offering praise and worship to Him. Why do we sing to God? Let's actually talk about it. Not just because there are words on a screen but because of Who He is. Really the bottom line is God is King, He has saved us and nothing compares to that. It was fitting to tie that concept to both verses. God is worthy, none compare to Him. One of the things I like about this song as a corporate worship song is that I think from our experience that from one soul to another, people connect quickly. The concept makes sense and people sing as though they've know this Truth for a long time. We are linked to this praise that's been happening well before us and will be with us forevermore. Settle your heart, digest the content of this song, and sing it with your soul.
Father we come
So aware
Of all that You've done
Of all that You are
Nothing above
No none compare
So Father we come here

The taste of eternity is 
Here on our lips
With every breath we sing
With every breath we sing of Your majesty 
It's here in our midst 
With every breath we sing

All else will fade
As You draw near
All that we want
Is all that You are
Nothing above
No none compare
So Father we come here 

Oh, how Holy
Oh, how worthy
For every breath we sing is Yours
Every breath we sing is Yours
Matthew Henry's commentary: "The church shall survive the world, and be in bliss when that is in ruins. It is built upon a rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Not disturbed, not much moved, with fears of the issue. If God be for us, if God be with us, we need not be moved at the most violent attempts made against us. Deliverance to the church, though her dangers be very great: God shall help her; and who then can hurt her? He shall help her under her troubles, that she shall not sink; that the more she is afflicted the more she shall multiply. God shall help her out of her troubles, and that right early—when the morning appears; that is, very speedily, for He is a present help, and very seasonably, when things are brought to the last extremity and when the relief will be most welcome. This may be applied by particular believers to themselves; if God be in our hearts, in the midst of us, by His Word dwelling richly in us, we shall be established, we shall be helped; let us therefore trust and not be afraid; all is well, and will end well."
This entire album has songs that bless and heal me as a listener. The Heartbeat by Bellarive is one of my top inspirational worship albums of the year. This is also one of the most moving albums I've heard this year and I can't get enough of the standout worshipful songs "Heartbeat", "Love Has Found Us", "Hope Is Calling", "The Father's Heart" and the powerful lead single "Taste Of Eternity." Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately. You'll be refreshed, nourished, encouraged and turn to God for your strength. 
Try doing nothing else except meditate on this song and the powerful lyrics. I break down right when Sean gets to the stanza "All else will fade, As You draw near, All that we want, Is all that You are, Nothing above, No none compare, So Father we come here," and then rises to the chorus affirming that "The taste of eternity is, Here on our lips, With every breath we sing, With every breath we sing of Your majesty, It's here in our midst, With every breath we sing." What an amazing prayer. For me, songs like "Taste Of Eternity" provide opportunities for God to whisper to me my TRUE identity - not found in what I do or don't do, but in who I am - more importantly to Whom I  belong. 
As far as what is at the root of it, I am feeling a lot of societal pressure and struggling with loneliness: eating lunch by myself, etc., isolation: nobody understands the pressure, questioning God's purpose for me: am I using God's talents? This song provides me comfort as I sing at the top of my lungs: "Every breath we sing is Yours." This song reminds all of us that the pain of this world is temporary and to live for Heaven. Amen.
(You can watch the music video here.)

NRT Lead Contributor Kevin Davis is a longtime fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

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