#150 - "Tears Fall" by BarlowGirl
Alyssa Barlow of BarlowGirl speaks with NRT contributor Kevin Davis about their powerful ballad about abortion, "Tears Fall."

Since releasing their self-titled debut in 2004, Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow have continuously inspired fans with such intimate portraits, as with their sophomore set, Another Journal Entry and with such bold challenges as 2007’s How Can We Be Silent. For BarlowGirl, the focus is always on sharing what God has placed on their hearts. They continue to do just that with Love & War, my favorite overall album by BarlowGirl and one of my top albums of 2009.

Love & War reflects a passion for ministry as well as a respect for their platform. “The majority of this album, for all three of us, was really about embracing the call and embracing our destiny to a whole different level,” says Alyssa. “I think all three of us feel like we’ve grown up. We feel like this is our coming out album. It’s like something happened to us that we can’t totally put into words yet, but we’ve grown up. I’m excited to see what God is going to do next. We’re ready for whatever He has to bring.”

The most challenging song for BarlowGirl to write was “Tears Fall.” The beautiful ballad focuses on BarlowGirl’s pro-life stance, as they have been attempting to write a song in regards to the abortion issue for two and a half years. It is a very sensitive subject, but BarlowGirl felt that God wanted them to present the truth. The truth that we, as the church, can’t be scared to say, “hey, one third of our generation has been killed.”

As we enter the November election season, Christians need to stand up for their beliefs and vote accordingly. For me, this song has been so convicting as I’ve thought about my pro-life stance and how I need to stand up for my beliefs. I need to speak out against murder and selfishness and on behalf of the unborn. Our country has decided that it is okay to end human life. We need to stand up for our beliefs as a church and defend human life.

I got the chance to interview Alyssa Barlow about “Tears Fall.” Here are the answers to the questions I asked Alyssa.

Please tell me the message behind the song “Tears Fall.”

We’ve always felt very passionate about the sanctity of life. I come from a family with very strong beliefs. Our parents instilled in us from a very young age the importance of callings and destinies. We believe that as human beings created in God’s image, we all have a calling and a destiny. As we’ve opened our eyes to the horrors around us, we can see that one-third of our future population has been brutally killed through abortion. So one-third of our destinies have been killed off. What if an aborted child was going to cure cancer? Did we terminate the life of someone who had the cure for AIDS? Everyone is meant to further the world somehow. In our craving for comfort, Americans have decided it is their right to end someone’s destiny.

I heard a teaching about Genesis Chapter 4 regarding the story of Cain killing Abel led to God saying Abel’s destiny was crying out to him in the original text. I think everyone should have a chance to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. A lot of men and women have been deceived about abortion. We know this is a very sensitive subject for people. We know people who have been through an abortion need healing and we also know that God wants us to protect life.

Did you base the song on any Bible verses?

Genesis 4:8-12: Now Cain talked with Abel his brother; and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him. Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” And He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. So now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield its strength to you. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth.”

What's the take-away message for listeners?

We all watched the movie Amazing Grace together when it first came out and I remember being so stirred and thinking about how what William Wilberforce did wasn’t popular and once again, slavery was about people wanting their own comfort. Yet, there was a big fight and a lot of uncomfortable discussions. We feel that we need to give our opinion about abortion and play our part in giving a voice to what we think is right. We know it isn’t popular and that people will disagree with us. We feel it is important to stand up for what we believe.

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1.
I've had this same dream so many times it haunts my mind
It starts with a life but its ends every time
oh so many faces that this world will never see
a reason for your life but your heart will never beat

may our tears fall down
let them soften this ground
may our hearts be found
God forgive us now

Verse 2.
oh what have we lost because we chose will never know
cause loving you is better than feeling alone
and all our claims to freedom have become just heavy chains
and in the name rights we fill nameless graves

may our tears fall down
let them soften this ground
may our hearts be found
God forgive us now

Here is Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis 4:8-12: “Observe the pride, unbelief, and impenitence of Cain. He denies the crime, as if he could conceal it from God. He tries to cover a deliberate murder with a deliberate lie. Who knows the extent and weight of a Divine curse, how far it reaches, how deep it pierces? Only in Christ are believers saved from it, and inherit the blessing. Abel, being dead, yet speaketh.”

As a father of three daughters, BarlowGirl is a band I’ve always enjoyed and I love how these three sisters never fail to really grab me and fire me up to stand up for God and for my beliefs.

“Tears Fall” hits me the hardest on the album with the challenging lyrics and the gorgeous vocals. The song is beautiful and encourages me how much God loves all of human life, including the unborn.

I love how Alyssa connected the message of this song to William Wilberforce standing up against slavery. He didn’t always feel the way he did until he became a Christian and experienced God’s “Amazing Grace” in his life. He decided to stand up against slavery. We need to decide to stand up against abortion.

Over fifty million abortions have taken place in the United States since 1973. Forty percent of minors that have abortions in the United States do not tell their parents. Fifty-one percent of women having abortions in the United States are under the age of twenty-five. (Source:

The founders of Abortion Blackout are a Christian couple who are passionate about LIFE! One of the founder’s lives was saved by the grace of her mother’s choice of adoption, instead of abortion. The other founder’s fathers was also adopted. The founders of this site would not exist without women who were educated about alternatives to abortion at the time of their unplanned pregnancy. The founders feel strongly about the power of prayer, the power of education, and the power of people to rise up and make a change in the world!

You can listen to the song here.

“And, sir, when we think of eternity, and of the future consequences of all human conduct, what is there in this life that should make any man contradict the dictates of his conscience, the principles of justice, the laws of religion, and of God?” – William Wilberforce

Kevin Davis is a long time fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. Kevin also writes reviews for He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

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