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Song By Song: As Lions and Lambs
NRT's Ryan Adams talks to Zach, drummer of metalcore band As Lions and Lambs, about the music on the band's new EP, 'Misery Season'

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Song By Song: As Lions and Lambs
Posted: November 16, 2021 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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As Lions And Lambs is a metalcore band from Lancaster, PA, featuring the talents of Matt McNamara, Dan Schweikert, Mitch Blank, and Zach Blank. The band has a passion for chugging out heavy breakdowns and spreading the word of God through their music. Their latest EP, Misery Season, is a collection of songs telling one continuous story–a window into the life experiences of a character by the name of Alice, who deals with the ugly and terrifying reality of domestic abuse within a relationship.

NewReleaseToday's rock reporter, Ryan Adams, spoke with drummer Zach about the heavy theme of the EP. "No human person is without profound worth," explains Zach. "No person is deserving of abuse, and every situation, no matter how bleak, can give way restoration and freedom. With that in mind, we wanted to recognize the reality and severity of abuse. These situations happen everywhere, often, and in some cases are far worse than what is depicted in this story. Yet, many of these people and their lives appear invisible to those around them, and they live trapped in dangerous circumstances right before our eyes. Their voices are silenced. If you have, or currently are, in a situation of abuse, Misery Season seeks to give your suffering a voice–to provide a beacon of hope, and with God's help, empower you to find a way out."

Below is a song-by-song description of the message of Misery Season.



"Falling Face First" begins with a vignette into Alice's past. She's marked by the severe trauma of an abusive home life surrounding her youth and adolescence. Though she feels as if there is no hope or future for her life, Alice ends up finding love with a man by the name of Reilly–who seems to be her "saving grace." This perception, sadly, is misguided. It doesn't take long for her to recognize Reilly's true intentions and as quickly as she thought she had escaped her past, she falls back into the abusive cycle she once thought she had escaped from.


"Hate Speech" 

In shock from her boyfriend's actions, "Hate Speech" delves deep into the verbal abuse that transpires throughout the relationship. As much as Alice wants to see the good in Reilly, it becomes clear that she has only projected her desires onto a person who cannot fulfill the basic meaning of what it is to love another person. Every word he speaks becomes an assault on her identity. Though he never physically harms her, his words "tear her apart." This is a simple reality we must all be aware of in the way we treat other people. Death and life are truly in the power of the tongue.



Dealing with this reality is not something that Alice is able to find respite from simply in physical distance. When left alone with her thoughts, her only cry is simply, "Even in the silence there is violence." The damage done to her spirit and emotions is every bit as real as the audible or tangible attacks. This song seeks to bring that reality to light and affirm that we all internalize pain, hurt, and need healing–even when on the surface things may seem "okay."


"No Return"

The third and most intolerable phase of Reilly's actions is captured in "No Return," where his words of hatred quickly turn to violent acts. Thoughts of confusion, hatred, and suicide linger in Alice's mind. Demonic voices find their way into her mind, telling her that it would be better to end her life than to endure any longer. The voices prey upon the weakened state of her spirit and nearly convince her that death is the only way out. Emotions numbed, cornered on every side, hopelessness defines her situation.


"Escape Artist"

Yet, she still holds on to a thread of hope that she can endure long enough to escape from her abuser's clutches. She gains the courage to dial 911 but is soon confronted by an angered Reilly who is dangerous and in his blind rage threatens to take her life. With the authorities on the way, Alice realizes that the only thing she needs to do is survive. As she looks objectively at her situation for the first time, recognizes the way she made Reilly her god, "her first and final mistake," when in reality, he was not even hardly a man, "but the devil in the flesh." With this revelation, she cries out to God for the first time in years. "I need you now!" A simple plea but yet so powerful. 
Tears flow down her face as she notices Reilly stepping towards her with a blade. Her vision begins to fade as she loses consciousness. In her mind, this is the end. In a chaotic blur, his attack is stopped short as police arrive to apprehend him.
The nightmare is finally over. Alice is set free from the verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual abuse she faced, and with brave resolve, she looks forward to the long, yet necessary path of healing within the heart of her young soul.


Editors Note: If you, or someone you know, is entangled in domestic abuse–verbal or physical–please reach out for help. You can contact the National Domestic Help Hotline at 800.799.SAFE (7233) or online at

Ryan Adams lives with his family in Montana. He has been NRT's Rock Reporter since 2018. He graduated Boise Bible College in 2017.

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