An Interview with The Hedgerow Folk
The indie-worship trio talks about new music, C.S. Lewis, and playing live music.

AN EXCLUSIVE NRT INTERVIEW, An Interview with The Hedgerow Folk
Posted: October 22, 2020 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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The Hedgerow Folk is an indie-worship trio out of Auburn, Alabama. The band is comprised of Jon Myles, Bryant Hains, and Amanda Hammett. They each have different stories of how they came to music and they met in unique ways. Nevertheless, they have taken all of their talents and blended them together into a worshipful project for the Lord. Amanda says that “It’s been the sweetest journey to grow in writing and creating music together and developing deep friendships over the years.” 

The band formed in 2012 and has been making music together ever since. They released their first album, Come Close, in 2014. They released their follow-up album, Compass, in 2017. Now, they're back with their new album, Worth It All.

I had a chance to connect with the trio about their new album, as well as the interesting allusion to C.S. Lewis in their band name. We also talked about some themes in their music and what’s ahead. 


Your name is taken from a line of a C.S. Lewis poem. Does it have any deeper meaning? 

As you mentioned, our band name is derived from C.S. Lewis’ work, The Condemned. We resonated with the theme in the poem of not being tamed or domesticated by the world or its systems. As followers of Jesus, it’s a great mistake to try to domesticate Him or the Holy Spirit that lives within us. We should look different from the world around us if we are awakened to and following His Spirit. We want to be those kinds of people.

Tell us about your track, “God Who Sees Me.”

We released “God Who Sees Me” as a single in 2018. We've included it on our new EP, Worth It All. The Lord has really carried that song to a wider audience. It’s been amazing to see His hand on it and to hear about ways it has ministered to people.

“God Who Sees Me” is a reminder of how much our souls and perspectives can change when we realize that we're seen, known, and cared for by the God of the universe. All five songs on this EP are really special to us, though. Our personal experiences, personalities and musical preferences all came together to make this project the most 'us' we’ve ever felt. We’re especially excited about our new song, “Hard Road.” God has already used it to minister to our hearts and our community in deep ways.


You use the phrase “contemplative beauty” as a call to your listeners to pursue. What does that look like to you and how does it relate to what you’re creating musically?

There’s a passage in Psalm 73 that says “God’s presence is my good.” Our deepest desire is to create music that leads listeners into the presence of God. When you truly gaze on God for all that He is and all that He will forever be, you see beauty. Getting still and quiet doesn’t come easily to our culture. But, those are the spaces where we often see and sense God most clearly. We hope and pray these songs might be a tool for sharpening our focus onto God's beauty and wonder.

What are some other themes that you’re exploring on your latest EP? 

There’s definitely a thread woven throughout this project, proclaiming the unconditional presence and nearness of God in the lives of His children. Too often, we believe a subtle lie that if our lives or circumstances feel hard, then God must not be in them. But, when writing these songs, the Lord kept reminding us that we can't avoid the hard road. Places of hardship, trials, and uncertainty are often where we experience His love and closeness in the deepest, most transforming ways. To be like Jesus means to share in His sufferings. And, “Christ in us” means we never walk in our suffering alone. When we believe and rest in that truth, we might find ourselves running the hard road with joy.

What’s next?

Good question. We plan to continue writing and following wherever the Lord leads in creating new music. We’d really love to get out and play live more in the coming months. Maybe house shows or other small intimate settings. We’ve seen how the presence of God can really move in those kinds of spaces and we’d love to do it more. But, we’ll see how COVID-19 affects that. 

How can we be praying for you?

Love that question. You can join us in praying for more open doors and connections to share our music: in live settings with listeners and also connections with other artists who are creating music for the kingdom. Please pray for fresh inspiration and discernment from the Lord on what He wants to say through us and this ministry. Thanks for asking.

Kevin McNeese started NRT in 2002 and has worked in the industry since 1999 in one form or another. He has been a fan of Christian music since 1991.

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