An Interview with Shawna Cain
The rising artist talks about music, creative influences, COVID-19 restrictions, and her new single

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, An Interview with Shawna Cain
Posted: September 10, 2020 | By: KevinMcNeese_NRT
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There have been some awesome artists coming out with new music lately. Upcoming artist Shawna Cain is definitely one of them. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose music blends many genres into one that fits her sound. She incorporates the feels of RnB, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, Soul, and Reggae, which keeps her music trending. 

At the same time, she always makes sure to build her music on the consistent foundation of the gospel. In her words, she wants “to take declarations of deliverance and go into the world to expose and highlight the word of God to non-believers and believers.”
Her musical journey began in December 2017 when she felt a powerful push from the Lord to write music. Over time, her platform and musical repertoire have expanded. Now, she releases her new EP, The Way, in October 2020. She loves to learn about Christ. And, she hopes that the Lord's message she shares in her music will resonate strongly with listeners.
In this interview, we chatted about her creative influences and her single, “I Am a Spirit.” We also talked about COVID-19 restrictions, some behind-the-scenes details about her new music video for “I Am a Spirit,” as well as what’s coming up in her future.

What are some of your creative influences?
Many of my creative influences come from music I listened to in my earlier to teenage years. Artists such as Mary J Blige, Kirk Franklin, Infinite, Mary Mary, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, and Jhene Aiko. My musical influences played a huge role in my love for music and my comfortability in allowing music to be an outlet for truth to be highlighted and exposed. I fell in love with the emotional and real connection that is conveyed through music. 
Tell us about your latest single, “I Am a Spirit.”
Yes, I'd love to. "I Am a Spirit" is a song that's meant to challenge the status quo. It's meant to start conversations and create a thought-provoking experience. The song is a declaration and a statement to let people know that they are not just a physical being, but that they are spirit beings.

Spirit beings with possibilities beyond our human capacity when connected to the only true source: God. I'm excited about the track. Its release has been received well by Christians and non-Christians. The support and ability to impact people of different nationalities and languages across the board show how impactful the lyrics are. 
Your music video for “I Am a Spirit” is incredibly creative. Tell us about the video shoot.
The video shoot was an amazing experience for my family and me. My father, who people refer to as “Cain,” received a vision from God who directed and inspired him in the ideas and structure for the video. Steve “Blazewun” Cordeiro co-directed the video, and Jordan Francis creatively came up with choreography and other aspects for the shoot. It was truly a blessing because the team members for the video included believers and non-believers who embraced the song and the experience of working on set.
Everything that the vision included for the video fell into place in God’s timingeven when we didn't know exactly how it would come together. Having a music video was a must for us as we wanted standout visuals to go with such a powerful song. Having dancers brought such a visually pleasing representation of the words. 
As COVID-19 restrictions continue, what do you miss most about performing live?
What I miss most about performing live is having the chance to meet and connect with people in person. If there is any bright side to the pandemic, it would be the way it caused us to slow down and be more creative with our short-term and long-term plans.
What’s the biggest challenge you face as a newer artist?
The biggest challenge is always the financial burden for independent artists such as myself. Thankfully, Canada really supports their arts community and there are many grants and loans available to young artists to help pay for things like recording and marketing of new music.
What’s next?
The second single/video from my forthcoming EP will be released in mid-September. The track is called "None Like You." I’m really excited for people to hear the song. After that, I release my debut EP, The Way, at the beginning of October.
How can we be praying for you?
Wow, I greatly appreciate this. I would love it if you could pray that the message in my music, based on the kingdom, will reach places that gospel music is not typically heard so that God can be glorified.

Kevin McNeese started NRT in 2002 and has worked in the industry since 1999 in one form or another. He has been a fan of Christian music since 1991.

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