The Longing For Live Music
NRT's rock reporter, Ryan Adams, asks Christian rock artists about their thoughts and feelings regarding the state of live music

Posted: July 30, 2020 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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Let's face it–we love music. We love concerts. I don't know about you, but I miss seeing my favorite artists and bands in concert. I love meeting them before or after a show and hanging out with other fans of the same band. I just miss everything about going to a concert. But, many of our favorite artists–and even newer bands–miss touring. Some artists and bands face struggles because they aren't touring.

So, I reached out to my family of artists in the Christian rock and metal scene. I asked them: "What do you miss most about touring" and "What are you looking forward to the most about returning to live music?" Here are a few responses that I received.

We've also included links to their online stores. Artists greatly need our support right now, whether it be sharing their songs, buying merchandise, sending them messages, writing posts on social media, and anything else you can do. They miss us and we miss them!

Jason Wisdom (Vocalist/Bass/Producer for Death Therapy, The Reversalist)

"Without question, the thing I miss most about touring and playing festivals is the connection with other people. We have so many great friends in other bands and folks who come out to shows to hang out. It's like a big family. With the pandemic putting concerts on hold for most of 2020, it's like having to be separated from your family. I definitely can't wait to get back out there and hug some necks and throw down again. I'm really not sure if concerts, especially in the underground metal and punk scene will ever be quite the same–whether we will get back to folks moshing, spitting and sweating all over each other, or if it will be a sterilized version. Either way, I know we will all be stoked when we get to go back to it."

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Matthew Greiner (Drummer for August Burns Red)

"I am enjoying time at home after 15 years of consistent touring and traveling the world. Where there is change, there is opportunity for growth and opportunities. This has been a year of change and I'm grateful for this time. I miss the people, the conversations, the excitement of being on stage, and traveling the world with my friends. That time will come again before long. I am most excited about being able to play new songs off of our most recent album, Guardians. It'll be fun to get out there and watch our fans sing along and mosh to the music!"

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Steve Cobucci (Lead singer/Clean vocals for Wolves At The Gate)

"I definitely miss the feeling of live music and the energy of a live show. I also miss getting to spend time with the guys in our band and the other bands we tour with. Whether we've known them for years or meeting for the first time, it's always fun and interesting to get to know other people who are trying do the same we are doing. Hopefully, there will be a greater appreciation for live music once the quarantine is over. I think it's exciting to think about the fact that there will be fresh and exciting energy that everyone collectively will have."

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Ever Eden

"We miss our community in the heavy music scene. The energy, the friendships, the vulnerable moments. Those things are really what excites us most for the future; however, so many venues are hurting right now, so we encourage folks to raise funds and support their local venues however they can. Let's ensure our scene has a home when shows become possible again."

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Jeremy Schaeffur (Vocals/Producer for Earth Groans)

"What do I miss most about touring? Literally everything! Touring is my life. It's what I live for, it's what I'm most passionate about. I miss the relationships and the time spent with our fans. I miss hanging with homies playing music every day. I miss living out of a backpack, in the back of a van. I miss waking up in a new city every day. I miss traveling and seeing creation. I miss it all."

"I'm excited to play the new music we released. We literally released new music and then COVID-19 happened. We haven't played a single one of the new songs live yet. We will most likely be releasing another album again before touring starts. So we will have all kinds of new material to play!"

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Evan Baker (Lead vocals/Guitar for American Arson)

"What I miss most about touring is getting to see all the friends we've made across the country. Tours and festivals are like a giant "family reunion" for us, and I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with all the bands, friends, and fans that we've met over the years."

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Gold, Frankencense, and Myyrh (GFM)

"We miss the stability that comes with a tour schedule. Right now, we're touring, but shows are getting canceled, and it's hard to fill in dates because venues aren't open and festivals have been shut down.  Instead of shows every night, we have multiple off days in a row but driving back home before the next show wouldn't be worth it.  We also miss the intimate moments with our fans. We love to be involved and give our fans hugs and smile in pictures with everyone, but we've had to try to keep to a no-hug rule, and we wear masks when we're not performing."

"We are looking forward to the freedom of live shows.  We obviously want to make sure all of our fans are safe and healthy, but we do realize we are limited to what we can do at shows.  Plus, venues and festivals can be very loud, so reading lips is an important thing at the merch table that we can't do anymore because the facemasks cover that up.  We are looking forward to not having to worry that our fans are going to get sick, or that we are going to be the ones getting them sick.  We know some of our fans can't come to shows right now because of either their immune systems or their friend's or family member's immune systems, so we can't wait to see them when this clears up."

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Josiah Prince (Guitar/Vocals for Disciple and Owner of The Ranch Studio)

"My band (Disciple) started canceling shows at the beginning of March. The five months (!!!) since then have been the longest touring gap that Disciple has ever had in its 20+ years of existence. So to say we are feeling the itch is an understatement. We love connecting with fans and listeners around the world, face to face, making new friends all along the way - and I believe we will all feel a newfound appreciation and gratitude for those moments whenever touring is able to resume."

"We trust the Lord's timing and provision, and in the meantime, we are still connecting with fans in lots of cool ways, via Livestream concerts, social media, and our Patreon community "The Rebel Society". On a more personal note, I am looking forward to getting back to my routine of visiting coffee & comic shops in new towns!"

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Ryan Adams found his love for heavy music through his high school best friend in Idaho. Currently living and working in Ohio, sharing his love for music with NRT.

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