Ten Stunningly Scenic Christian Music Videos
From exotic locations to expansive shoots in secluded terrains, these Christian artists use God's incredibly beautiful creations as backdrops in their videos.

AN NRT FANDOM EDITORIAL, Ten Stunningly Scenic Christian Music Videos
Posted: July 22, 2001 | By: KevinMcNeese_NRT
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Iceland. Australia. Alaskan Glaciers. Remote islands. Mountaintops. Expansive deserts. 

Most of us may never see these places in person, but thanks to our favorite Christian artists continuing to push for creative ways to bring their songs to life, we get a sense of size and scope of God's beauty that lives in every corner of this amazing planet. 

Members of our closed NRT Christian Music Fandom Facebook group put together an exhaustive list and our editors chose ten scenic videos to highlight. Click here to join the Fandom and share your thoughts on any we missed.

Lauren Daigle "Rescue"
The second video from Lauren's massive hit record, Look Up Child, and follow-up to her cross-over hit, “You Say," drops Lauren off in the middle of an Alaskan glacier and turns on the wind machine. According to, the cinematic music video was filmed over two days on Knik Glacier in Alaska, which can only be accessed by jet or airboat as there are no roads that lead there. “We wanted epic scenes, while also being intimate,” said John Gray, the video’s director. “The remote environment depicts a simplicity and beauty that transforms as the song progresses.” That's great. Now, get that woman a coat!


for KING & COUNTRY "Pioneers"
Joel and Luke continue to push the creative envelope and the release of their third studio album, Burn the Ships, provided an opportunity to do just that. The group released four incredible music videos before the album dropped, and their wives joined them in Iceland for their most scenic, and cold, video yet. They also shot the album cover during the same time.


TobyMac "The Elements"
Filmed amidst the scenic environment of Iceland, pop artist TobyMac battles water, snow, ice, darkness, isolation and lots and lots of walking and running in the middle of nowhere. The terrain provides a perfect backdrop to a song that's all about battling the harshes portions of life. 


The Afters "Live On Forever"
The video follows the main character leaping and running through expansive deserts, oceans and mountain tops while the band plays one of their biggest hits in their careers. There's a free fall jump at the bridge that will make your heart stop and a tragic accident that delivers a second blow to the gut that drives the video underwater. It's one of the most beautifully shot videos we've seen and delivered a great story on top of amazing cinematography. 


Hawk Nelson "Parachute"
Front-man, Jon Steingard, has worked hard at visual storytelling and it was on full display in the video for "Parachute." It was filmed at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico and shot entirely on an iPhone, a fact that will instantly make you wonder what you're doing with your life.


Tenth Avenue North "Worn"
What's beautiful scenery in this digital age without an entirely fake set? True, most of this is digitally enhanced and CGI, but it's just so well done with the imagery of a dead and dark landscape born anew, recapturing life with the rising of the morning sun. We'll go there any day of the week. 


Newsboys "That's How You Change the World"
The world is a big place and The Newsboys wanted to display it in this video. Filmed in White Mesa, UT, the video is the most scenic of all of the group's videos and then they projected images on all the cliffs and landscapes for added effect. It's super cool! We're just happy none of them slipped. 


Jeremy Camp "Dead Man Walking"
There's lots of post-apocalyptic scenery throughout the first half of the video that finds Jeremy walking through desolate cityscapes, rock formations and deserts. It's not the beauty found in other videos but certainly showcases how God can make anything beautiful, especially the dusty and dirty. 


Steven Curtis Chapman "Remember To Remember"
Anyone who has ever gotten into their car and drove into the middle of nowhere to simply get away and contemplate life and all its challenges will enjoy this video. Steven is on a journey that leads him through mountain ranges, dirt roads, forests and desert landscapes, ultimately recalling all of God's promises along the way. 


Dan Bremnes "Wherever I Go"
Over the course of eight days, Dan Bremens and his video crew traveled to seven countries to record some incredible footage. Think all the videos above, crammed together into one 4-minute video. Pretty stunning. Bonus trivia: It was directed by Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson.


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