Capital Kings: Worship Remixed
Editor-in-Chief Marcus Hathcock sat down with Jon and Cole to talk about their projects, synth in the church and the ways God is growing and stretching them in this season.

More than seven months since Capital Kings released their debut self-titled album, and the dance-electronic duo is still in production mode. Increasingly known for their high-energy live shows, Jon White and Cole Walowac also have a high-energy, all-out work ethic off the stage, too. 

With an ever-growing portfolio of remixes to their name, a busy and rigorous summer touring schedule and a seemingly endless wish list of creative projects, Capital Kings clearly has hit the ground running. 

Editor-in-Chief Marcus Hathcock sat down with Jon and Cole to talk about their projects, synth in the church and the ways God is growing and stretching them in this season.

You've been keeping really busy—working nonstop even since your record came out with remixes and stuff like that. What are you working on right now?

Jon: We just did a remix for Mandisa, her new single, "Overcomer." It's killin' radio, for sure. We're getting into the summer mood. We just want to make some crazy dance/electronic music. We throw these festival shows and stuff like that. We haven't been back home in a while. We've been rolling around in a Dodge Caravan for thousands and thousands of miles. 
And you guys still get along. That's awesome. 

Jon: I don't know about that. (laughs)
From what's out there, what's some of your favorite remixes that you've done for other people?

Cole: I really like the Britt Nicole one we did, "Amazing Life." The one we just did for Mandisa is really cool. It's going to sick when that comes out. Probably those two.
Jon: I really like the new one from Mandisa because a lot of her stuff, she seems pretty chill, but this one she's singing a little more aggressively and it's kind of a different take on what she does.
You matched that aggressiveness in your beats and stuff.

Cole: If you've ever seen our show, we don't like to let up.
You guys make this amazing, energetic party music. What's it like for you guys in church on Sunday? Music in church is very different than what you guys, but what's it like for you guys in church after all the energy you deal with?

Cole: It's awesome. You can't go 100 percent all of the time. That's what our show is. It's high energy the whole time. We're not going to let up, but it's like, after shows we throw on like, the chilliest music. It's not like we're rocking out to electro house music at 2 a.m. while we're cruising on the highway. We love worship music. We grew up in the church playing in our youth praise band. We're all about all times of music, chill or hardcore stuff.
Jon: We played Alive Festival, which was kind of the same set as we have here today and after us Kari Jobe played. It was kind of like that, crazy, crazy, crazy and then just straight up worship. I was over there just in awe of how things can change so drastically, but still have the same impact.
Is there room for synth and beats in worship music?

Cole: Definitely. People always ask, "You guys don't do worship music? You don't play instruments and stuff?" Music is music. I just feel like our music is worship music, too, because it always comes down to the lyrics. What are the lyrics saying and all of our lyrics are positive and they're always pointing to Christ. I think our music is technically worship. It's just a different form.
If there was a worship song that's out there, that's popular that you guys could remix and give it Capital King's style, what would it be?

Jon: We kind of do a mash-up in our set. We did it at WinterJam. We kind of fused one song with another song and another song. We sang "Our God" by Chris Tomlin over it, and it all came together. I think that's a big song for us lately. "10,000 Reasons" is definitely a huge anthem these past few months. 
When are we going to see a new record? Actually, when are we going to see the next single? Because I know you guys are talking about what that's going to be.

Cole: It's all in the works. The problem with us is we have so many ideas, so many avenues we want to go down. It's nice to have people around us like at our label and guys like [Gotee Records co-founder] tobyMac to really formulate a plot and how things are supposed to look, but we always have ideas. We would be doing remixes for everybody, trying to write songs, release songs. There's no real form to what we do, but it's nice to have people around that can really formulate it out.
What would you like your next single to be off the record?

Cole: I don't know. We're deciding between two right now. Either "Ready for Home" or "I Feel so Alive." What would you say, man?
I love "We Belong as One." That's one of my favorites. 

Cole: Yeah, nice. 
You guys had a remix contest going. You've got some good stuff on there. As remixers, what's it like to have your own stuff remixed? You're on the other side of things now.

Jon: It's sick dude, it's awesome. All we've got to do is just sit back and watch the awesome music come in. Usually it's us trying to work on it and stuff like that, so it's cool to see just the community of fans and just the talent that our fans and friends have. It's unbelievable. I'm like, "How are these kids doing this? Teach me!"
What's God been showing you guys? So much has happened in the past year. What do you guys feel like God is saying to you guys through all this? What are you learning? How are you growing?

Jon: For me personally—and I don't know about Cole—but patience for sure. Patience is key. If you can get to the point where you're just satisfied in where God has put you in the now and not always be trying to reach and grab and pull yourself forward instead of being pushed forward by Him. That's the biggest thing for me because we're driving around in a Dodge Caravan just trying to get to every show we can. Patience and humility are things that God is just like, "If you keep that, I'll do wonders."
Cole: I think it's just staying positive. Like Jon was saying, we've been on the road driving through nights. We don't sleep in hotels. We have to sleep in our little Dodge red Caravan. It's staying positive and knowing why you do this. It's not about us. We have to keep that in mind and that's hard to do because there's plenty of times where we're like, "Let's go home." We always have to have people around us that can always remind us what the bigger picture is, and that's why we're here, man.
Thank you guys so much.

Jon: Thank you, man.

Editor-in-Chief Marcus Hathcock has been a newspaper reporter, an editor and a church staff member. He's also been involved in opera, acappella, a CCM group and now is a songwriter and one of the worship leaders at his home church in the Portland, Ore. area. Follow his journey at

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