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Live Like We're Alive [edit]
by Nevertheless | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 19, 2006

Nevertheless debuts their energetic indie pop-rock on Live Like We're Alive, featuring honest lyrics that speak their beliefs to this generation. Includes "The Real" and the title track.

Track Listing
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01. The Real
02. Patience And Devotion
03. Time
04. Live Like We're Alive
05. Lover
06. Losing Innocence
07. Let It Fall
08. Perfect Chemistry
09. It's Me
10. O' Child

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Nathan (188)

Good | Posted October 03, 2007
The Indie rock band Nevertheless' debut album Live like we're alive is a good start. Frontman Joshua Person vocals are a big part in the pop/rock act, but it's raw, and with most songs, are a little too simple. But still is very good.

The music is not the best but their first single "the real" sounds great, unfortunately that is about the best sounding song. Patience and devotion", "time and "losing innocence" make up the core of the CD. The title track "live like we're alive" is the hardest song but it tells listeners that they are not hard rock.

Slower songs like "it's me", "lover", and "O' child" are pretty good but could be better. Nothing on the album is amazing but it's all pretty good. Unlike a lot of opening artists focus on their music and let the lyrics slide a little, but Nevertheless does not shy away as all their songs are meaningful.

"the real" and live like we're alive" has similar, solid messages and "time" is good too. Highlights of the album are the songs "lover" and "losing innocence" which show that a big strength is in song writing. Even a song about a girl (perfect chemistry) ends up focusing about God.

A very solid debut, as Nevertheless really showed a lot of potential in all areas. The music is not perfect yet but expect Nevertheless' next CD to be even better,

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Epilogue (19)

Great Debut | Posted August 16, 2007
Nevertheless' debut album, 'Live Like We're Alive' is a great start from a new band, and demonstrates some happily welcomed creativity.

The single, 'The Real', which you've probably heard, is a very cool song to start the album off. The song 'Live Like We're Alive' has a very neat intro riff and 'Time' has a catchy chorus: 'Time/ Yeah, we've needed more time/But all we've ever had is time/ so now this is the last time/ but I'll be fine.'

Nevertheless goes beyond average rock tunes though with the song 'Lover' which is an epic song that describes us as the shameful adulterer in a relationship with Christ, but His awesome love that still holds onto us 'like a wedding band.' The song seems like it's your average ballad up to the bridge where a great solo kicks in, and the last chorus, where the electric guitar plays a cool riff throughout.

'Losing Innocence', about not compromising, is the catchiest song, with its infectious 'Whoa-oh!' chorus. The hard rocking 'Perfect Chemistry' is a great song about a man's worries about marrying a girl, because he's not sure he's her 'Perfect Chemistry.' He concludes though, that if he can just love her like Jesus does, it will all work out in the end. 'Let It Fall' and 'It's Me' are decent songs. 'Patience and Devotion' is, to me, a downer. The closer, 'O' Child' is one of the best songs on the album though - it's bridge has the coolest background vocals I've heard in a while.

Nevertheless' debut, while not the best album out there, will satisfy your desires for some new, great, rock songs. They have a bright future, and I hope they capitalize on their creativity and make something excellent next time around.

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awesomeness!! | Posted January 24, 2010
i think this cd is nevertheless's best one. the songs are so powerful and you can tell they really love God. i recomend this cd to any one who likes rock music.

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this is you, this is me... | Posted November 14, 2008
This is one of my most favorite albums of all time! Every song is great. Nevertheless starts the cd off with "The Real". This song is about trusting God even through doubts. Next is "Patience and Devotion" which talks about how important faith is. The third track is "Time". The next song, which shares the same name as the album, discusses the importance of "living like we're alive". As the lyrics say, "...So do more than survive Let's live like we're alive!". The fifth song, called "Lover", talks about how God loves us, even though we sin. Next up is "Losing Innocence". This song deals with the problem of how we sometimes "dance on the fence" as Nevertheless puts it. Another way of saying this is also in their lyrics, "We try to come as close as we can
To what we can't and not get caught
But, instead, let's turn and run towards the light!". "Let It Fall", the seventh track on the album, is a song about how when we do things alone we're destined to lose, and how we should let God's grace "cover us all". "Perfect Chemistry" is basically someone talking to God about loving their girlfriend or wife the way God does. Song #9, called "It's Me", is about how we sometimes waste what God gives us. "O' Child" pretty much seems like God wrote it for you. I would very highly recommend this to anyone.

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Neverthless | Posted October 30, 2008
"Live Like We're Alive" is an amazing cd,imo. Alot of peeps have said that they're just Relient K copy cats,but I think that they have a sound of their own. My favorite songs are Losing Innocence,O' Child,and Time.

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bah93 (13)

A | Posted June 17, 2008
This was my first Christian CD!!! Wo0o0o!!!
My church got them to come for a youth conference, Fuego, which was flipping awesome.
I love the guys, so I had to meet them :D In the end, I got their autographs on the CD cover and on a band picture contraption.

Other than that...the CD is great and worth buying it. All the songs are well written, coming from the heart straight to God, and have an exciting beat to it. "The Real" is my favorite song from them so far. Can't wait for their next Album!!

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Definitly Buy!! | Posted May 11, 2008
This CD is so great. This is an awesome band filled with amazing guys. They are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. They produce amazing music and with great messages. If you ever get the chance buy this CD. You won't regret it.

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love it | Posted April 17, 2008
Awesome CD. Love the lyrics to all of the songs. I usually like harder rock but these guys are pretty amazing. They're one of the first Christian bands I listened to and when I heard them I started to realize that Christian music was actually better than mainstream music. :D

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sweet | Posted April 08, 2008
Nevertheless has a very unique sound to them, but that sound is amazing! the lyrics are very thought provoking and actually made me think if im living life to the fullest. the song "O, Child" is like God actually writing me a song. great album. 5 stars.

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skyve (56)

awesome. | Posted April 04, 2008
The heart-on-the-sleeve plaintiveness of emo has so completely infiltrated other post-punk and indie pop music genres that it really no longer makes sense to try to draw a clean distinction between emo and punk. To the degree that this fact results in indie rock that pays attention to melody and hooks, this is a good thing. To the degree that it results in sharp, heavy rock music that is undermined by breathlessly wimpy vocals, it's a bad thing. On its debut album, Live Like We're Alive, the Tennessee-based Nevertheless manages to offer evidence of both tendencies on : with the help of producer James Paul Wisner, the group generates a sound that is crunchy without being abrasive and dense without being oppressive; every song boasts at least one sharp hook, and the hooks range in obviousness from the whoa-oh-oh singalong chorus of "The Real" to the more subtle layers of backing vocals on the title track. If Joshua Pearson's singing is generally just a little bit too breathy and high-pitched, well, the guitars mostly make up for it. The band's Christian faith does add an occasional blast of saccharine sweetness to the lyrics, which is unfortunate. Their faith itself isn't actually the problem; the problem is their sometimes cloying expressions of it: "Don't stop believing," "It's faith that takes us there," "Run towards the light" -- when your Christian witness starts sounding like the chorus to an REO Speedwagon song, it's time to rethink your lyrical approach. Even with its occasional weaknesses, though, it's hard to imagine anyone who loves tuneful power pop being able to resist this album's significant charms. Recommended.

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