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The Mission Field [edit]
by Blessid Union Of Souls | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 01, 2011

Thanks to the seamless merger of contagious pop, rock and soul from founder and lead singer Eliot Sloan, coupled with his ability to continuously write socially conscious and spiritually inspiring songs, it’s no surprise that Blessid Union of Souls has become one of this generation's most beloved and consistent pop-rock groups. With gold and platinum records and chart topping singles, the band has toured the world sharing stages and busses with the likes of Goo Goo Dolls, Bon Jovi, Third Eye Blind, Sister Hazel, Vertical Horizon, Edwin McCain and more, while making appearances on such top-rated television programs as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Live with Regis & Kelly," “Good Morning America,” “Top of the Pops" and VH1 to name a few.

Sloan’s remarkably humble demeanor stems from a lifelong Christian faith that’s repeatedly made its way into Blessid Union of Souls’ songwriting.

With The Mission Field, the band takes a spiritually overt direction while retaining the signature qualities that have literally attracted millions of fans over the years.

Track Listing
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01. Miracles
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02. Sweet Providence
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03. The Only Song
04. The Mission Field
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05. Hold On
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06. Healing
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07. I Still Believe In Love
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08. Higher Calling
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09. Come Undone
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10. Pray For You
11. Back From The Dead
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Blessid Union Of Souls - The Mission Field | Posted April 01, 2011
From the band that generated not only the 4th most played song of 1995, “I Believe,” but also a #1 hit in the UK, Asia, and USA, Blessid Union of Souls is back with their latest album “The Mission Field,” courtesy of Salvation Road Records.  Led by founder and lead singer Eliot Sloan, the band hasn’t lost their pop-rock and soulful feel, but perhaps refocused their efforts to a more faith-based audience.

Starting out with the catchy tune “Miracles,” the familiar sound of the band recognized by fans describes how “there are miracles all around us,” including love, reinforcing the strong message the album carries throughout the tracks.  “Sweet Providence” acknowledges the brokenness we are as sinners and how we are in need of God’s forgiveness, grasping for God’s ever patient love and “sweet providence.”  As the first single and music video from the album, “The Only Song” is another very catchy track, speaking of God being the song sung thru the melody, chorus, and the blessings brought from it.  A very fun and inspirational tune, it serves as a guide for the direction our hearts should focus towards Him.

Calming the first few songs of the album, the album’s title track represents a traditional church hymn accompanied by a piano and small orchestra.  Pulling closer to a more contemporary sound, “Hold On” features a female background vocal, encouraging those thru suffering to “hold on” as “there is a light that is waiting for you.”  I particularly loved the phrase “I got a friend and I think it’s time you meet Him and He will never let you go,” referring to God’s promise that although there are times when we may not see or know He is there, He will always be with us.  “Healing” is a cry out in prayer, not for the one praying, but instead for others, symbolizing the mentality of not praying for ourselves, but for others as well.

A very touching and heartfelt song, “I Still Believe In Love” focuses on a simple message that rises into an amazing crescendo towards the end of the track: love will lead all.  Picking up the beat of the album, “Higher Calling” starts with a synthesizer sound that carries similarities of what some expect of a song by Newsboys or another similar pop band.  “We were meant for a higher calling” is the message preached in the song, pointing us in the direction given by the mission of The Great Commission.  The song also focuses on how nothing should stop us as God forgives us constantly for the mistakes we make, giving us the capability to live each day anew.

“Come Undone” is lyrically representative of a breakup song, a heart torn.  Following is the second to last track, “Pray for You,” a song of longing and hope for coming home in safety back to loved ones and the One who loves.  Closing out the album in a positive note, “Back From The Dead” is a song of salvation and how although we deserve the punishment of death from sin, we our resurrected and live anew through the miracle of Jesus due to his win over sin for us, so that we may live again.

Closing Thoughts
For an album that is to be marketed to both the Christian market and mainstream, “The Mission Field” proves to cover styles that many different demographics can appreciate.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 3/24/2011 from

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Check out blessid union! | Posted March 07, 2011
All of the songs on this album have meaningful lyrics and a clean pleasing sound.  I really like some songs on this album while I found others a bit slow.  I will purchase some songs from this album.  I expect the sound on this album to be appreciated by a wide range of people and I am looking forward to hearing more in the future from blessid union!

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Ok | Posted March 02, 2011
I was very glad to have been able to listen to this album and found it great lyrically. The songs didn't move me in particular though, so I will simply say that I wish the band the best in their ministry.

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jolvh2 (1)

Amazing!!!! | Posted March 01, 2011
I'm loving every track.  This is a fresh spirit from "the Souls".  It just kinda lays it all out and  doesn't beat around the bush.  You can't misunderstand it.  It has a variety of themes and moods.  I think it's great when a band say what every one of us is thinking.  I thought the opening track sounded bare but when you listen to the lyrics you soon find out that it's a perfect mesh between words and sound.  These guys have been putting out quality music for years!  It's awesome to see they're still putting out amazing sounds and meaning to this diverse and sometimes harsh world.  Thanks guys!  We are truly blessed.  God has given you great gifts, keep using and sharing them.....

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great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 i've listened to a little bit of this album. from what i've heard of it, it is really good. :)

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bplego (25)

great album | Posted March 18, 2011
 i haven't been able to listen to much of this album yet, but from what i've heard, i thought it was really good.

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good album | Posted March 18, 2011
 i can't wait to buy this album. my friends have been talking about how good the mission field is.

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bull42 (50)

Blessed My Soul | Posted March 05, 2011
I must say for a band that has not done anything out since the 1990's,I was very pleased with The Mission Field by Blessid Union of Souls.The opening song,"Miracles" is very good.The vocals are great and the lyrics are excellent.I must say I enjoyed the lyrics on every song.They are powerful and edifying.The title cut,"The Mission Field",is a good song but it is a shorter song than the rest of the songs on the CD."Come Undone"
is without a doubt the best song on this CD.It is a great worship song."Pray For You" and "Back From the Dead" are right there as great songs as well.
Overall,I like this CD.Worship music is great to listen to. It can prepare your heart to come before the Lord as well as open your mind to be able to come before Him.Praise and Worship music is always going to be one of my favorite types of music.
I wish Blessid Union of Souls nothing but the Best.They have made a great CD.

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Good | Posted March 26, 2011
 Really enjoy this album!

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buy it | Posted March 17, 2011

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