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Passion: Here For You (Deluxe Edition)[Live] [edit]
by Passion | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: March 08, 2011

Passion: Here For You was recorded live at the Passion 2011 conference with more than 20,000 university-aged students in Atlanta, GA January 1-4, 2011. The much-anticipated collection of new songs features sixstepsrecords artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels and Kristian Stanfill. The album and new song offerings reflect the desire of a generation to lay down their lives to live for the renown of Christ.

Since the first release in 1998, Passion albums have sold more than 1.8 million copies and introduced the newest and up-and-coming worship songs, including “Better Is One Day”, “How Great Is Our God”, “God Of This City”, “Holy Is The Lord” and last year, the #1 radio single “Our God” (from 2010’s Passion: Awakening).

Track Listing
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01. Here For You - Chris Tomlin
02. Symphony - Chris Tomlin
03. Waiting Here For You - Christy Nockels
04. All My Fountains - Chris Tomlin
05. Shadows - David Crowder *Band Feat. Lecrae
06. Lord, I Need You - Chris Tomlin
07. Set Free - Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman
08. Forever Reign - Kristian Stanfill
09. Sometimes - David Crowder *Band
10. Always - Kristian Stanfill
11. Carry Your Name - Christy Nockels
12. Spirit Fall - Chris Tomlin
13. All To Us - Chris Tomlin
14. Constant - Charlie Hall
15. Our God - Chris Tomlin Feat. Lecrae
16. Passion 2011 Event Photo Video
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17. We Will Carry The Name (Passion 2011 Main Session Talk Video
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Passion [Here For You] | Posted February 24, 2011
Passion: Here For You  was recorded live in Atlanta this past January with more than 22,000 college-age students in attendance. I eagerly wait for each new Passion worship collection, From the beginning 268Generation has been rooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8: “Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and renown are the desire of our souls.” As a result, Passion seeks to gather college and university students across the nation and around the world to seek the face of God, asking Him to ignite in our souls a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ and a desire to spread His fame to everyone on earth. I’ve been collecting every Passion worship collection since the inception in 1998. The conferences have developed and introduced worship leaders David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Charlie Hall, and most recently Kristian Stanfill.
My favorite Chris Tomlin songs have generally been the new live recordings found on the Passion worship collections, going back to “We Fall Down,” “Enough,” “How Great Is Our God,” “God Of This City” and “Our God.” This collection begins with the great new Chris Tomlin worship anthem “We Are Here For You,” which I hope will soon be a song I’ll be singing with fellow believers, along with the other new Chris Tomlin songs “Symphony,” “All My Fountains,” Lord I Need You” and “Spirit Fall.” “We Are Here For You” has a great worshipful chorus and I love the crowd energy which opens this collection. There are 9 brand new songs on this 13 song regular edition collection. The other new songs “Set Free” by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, “Sometimes” by David Crowder*Band, “Waiting” and “I Will Carry Your Name” by Christy Nockels are all upbeat, catchy and worshipful. I especially like the musical arrangement on “All My Fountains” by Chris Tomlin.
The standout songs for me starts with one of my favorite songs by David Crowder*Band, “Shadows,” which on this recording gives me chills as David Crowder*Band has a guest rap vocal by Lecrae. The energy and power of this song are amazing as a studio version, but the song was truly meant to be experienced live and loud, make sure you turn up the volume when you listen to “Shadows” and you’ll be drained as you sing along with this amazing song. Lecrae is INCREDIBLE on this recording. I loved "Shadows" by DC*B before, and this version knocked my socks off.  Also, Christy Nockels and Kristian Stanfill could sing me the phone book and I'd be hanging on every word. Their vocals are stunning.  The new Christy Nockels song “I Will Carry Your Name” also gives me chills. I could hardly imagine Christy could out-sing herself after “Healing Is In Your Hands,” but don't miss this amazing new song. You'll be mesmerized by the power and beauty of the lyrics and Christy's incredible vocals. The collection also includes great live versions of the Hillsong worship song “Forever Reign” and “Always” by Kristian Stanfill.
I listen to lots of music daily and this is on a whole level higher than most of what I've heard this past year, surpassing even Passion: Awakening which I didn't think was possible.  People need to hear this masterpiece and worship "Our God" with their whole hearts, minds and souls. The digital deluxe edition ends with a new recording of "Our God" with guest vocals from Lecrae which are amazing. Chris Tomlin meets Lecrae-what a mash-up! I've got to see that version performed live in concert, and "Shadows" by DC*B with Lecrae. Basically pick any great song and add Lecrae and he makes it even better.

After an amazing run of new worship albums to start off 2011 with Hillsong UNITED, Bethel Live, Worth Dying For and Know Hope Collective, along comes some of the best new original worship songs I've heard in the past few years. If you want to experience a spine tingling worship experience then you can't go wrong with the biggest names in the business. Tomlin, Stanfill, Crowder, Nockels, Hall, Redman, and guest vocalist Lecrae are all in top form on this excellent Passion: Here For You album, easily the best in this great series.

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justink (115)

A New Chris Tomlin CD... | Posted March 26, 2011
WOW! Chris Tomlin is releasing CDs right and left- and with this new Passion CD it really is another extension of Chris Tomlin with a few (too few) David Crowder Band songs scattered in. (Loved the addition of LeCrae... because we all know when we think of worship- we think Lecrae) Charlie Hall is noticeably missing (except in the DELUXE edition) Kristan Stanfill comes in with "Forever Reign"- and while I love the song- I don't think that it needed to be on this album. We've got the Hillsong machine pumping out that song- we don't need a US version that doesn't differ in instrumentation and arrangement to clog up our MP3 players. Christy Nockels is under utilized like in every Passion CD but her songs are the stand out tracks. and so that I don't tick off all of the Chris Tomlin fans- I do like "All My Fountains" very much.  

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 18, 2011
 chris tomlin and passion do it again. this is an AMAZING album. it has some really awesome songs.

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Use us God... we are HERE FOR YOU | Posted March 15, 2011

There is something I really like about the music that comes out of the Passion conferences -fresh - timely - real... and 2011 is no different.... and all your favourites are back, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder Band & Kristian Stanfill.

'Here For You' was built on the thought 'Worship & Justice'... and as you wander through the songs there seems to be a sense that through the power of God we can be a real force for good in the world. As I listen to the tracks I am reminded of the types of songs David wrote in the Psalms, he wrote about defeating the enemy through his utter dependance on God - knowing he couldn't do it on his own. There seems to be this real sense of worship become less about the music and more about the living... and the knowledge we havethe power of God within us to do it - without fear.

And so the Album begins with Chris Tomlin singing the title track 'Here for You' sounding out "Let our praise be your welcome"... To be honest Chris Tomlin spends a lot of time on this album leading the songs, and those fans of his style would love that... I'm not so sure  - I personally wonder if the amount of time Chris is leading (almost half the songs) creates a predictability that past Passion albums never had... or maybe Passion is just growing up, in saying that Passion is always going to through some curves at you.

One of the biggest curves is Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae cutting loose on David Crowder Bands 'Shadows' and then again to close the album off... it adds a much needed kick to the middle of the album.

There is heaps of songs from this album that are ripe for a church setting and there will be no doubt many being played in churches around the world as you read this, and it follows the tradition of other Passion conferences sending songs around the world... one of the main reason(I believe) is because of the active role that Matt Redman played in the songwriting process on this album, Matt has this real gift of taking hard ideas and put them in a really simple scripture based song... Every generation needs a Charles Wesley maybe Matt is ours?

In the middle of the album David Crowder adds a vulnerable  moment singing...

When we’ve given up
Let Your healing come
When there’s nothing left
Let Your healing come
‘Til we’re rising up
Let Your healing come
Where You go, we will follow
Where You go, we will follow

It's moments like this that make Passion so popular... because most people have been there, they have been to the place where they have given up... and it's reassuring to know that others have been there too... and more importantly they can tell our God about it -

I think the world needs to know that we aren't perfect... but our God is.

God we are HERE FOR YOU

- use US! -

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Great | Posted March 15, 2011
Absoultely love this album. It is the best of the Passion albums to date. It Is an album you'll find yurrself listening to over and over again. It's lyrics are contagious and you will find yourself caught up in the worship experience. I cannot wait for the next passion album next year. The Passion series is my favourite series to listen to. It is an absoultely must have in your music collection.

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Oh My | Posted March 08, 2011
I am not going to gush as Kevin did (and I don't know how objective he is being by the way), but I must say "oh, my!" I normally do not buy live worship albums, but this is one you CANNOT pass up! I listened to the previews on iTunes and was blown away. Tomlin shines and makes his studio album look like an unfinished, not fully developed product. Christy and Kristen are amazing as well. The addition of Lecrae on "Shadows" and "Our God" are a nice touch. The delux package is a must buy. I was nearly drawn to tears and this truly sent chills down my spine. Relevant Magazine maybe on to something when it said that worship albums would be the hit thing of 2011, but it is not about making money off of Christians. I wasn't their at the conference, so this is the next best thing. That's why I bought it, and I am really glad I did.

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