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Hundred More Years [edit]
by Francesca Battistelli | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 01, 2011

Hundred More Years is the second studio album released by Francesca Battistelli on March 1, 2011.Speaking with Songfacts, Battistelli explained the background to the album's lead single, "This Is The Stuff": "I came up with like 20 different frustrating things, and we just picked our favorites. The idea of me losing my keys and my phone is very true to my life. I'm constantly having my husband call my phone because I can't find it, and then it happens to be in my purse or in my pocket - it's a very true line."

Track Listing
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01. This Is The Stuff
02. Constant
03. You Never Are
04. Angel By Your Side
05. Motion Of Mercy
06. Emily (It's Love) [w/ Dave Barnes]
07. Good To Know
08. So Long
09. Don't Miss It
10. Worth It
11. Hundred More Years
12. This Is The Stuff (Live Video)

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#3 Album Of 2011 | Posted December 26, 2011
With her sophomore album, Francesca Battistelli proves she's an artist that will be with us for as long as she desires to make music. From her relatable, real-to-everyday-life lyrics, to her unique, approachable and beautiful delivery that transfers easily between pop songs, folk tunes and ballads, Francesca is proving to be Christian Music's reigning female artist, quickly building quick an impressive career and ministry.
It's tough to choose highlights on Hundred More Years. The first half of the album is packed with hit songs, some of which have already dominated at radio. "This Is The Stuff" and "Motion Of Mercy" have already been radio mainstays and "Constant" and "You Never Are" will provide future hits. "Angel By Your Side" is easily one of her best songs to date and has the potential to be a crossover senstation into mainstream..
Francesca pulls from recent life experiences for the rest of the album like getting married and having her first child, which may leave some desiring more overt spiritual content. However, this is certainly an album full of positive hope, pure love and biblical principles. "So Long" talks about saying goodbye to lonely living, and while there's no clear indication of if she's singing to God or her new love, it's a song about companionship and God has certainly wired us to cling to one another and not travel this world alone. "Don't Miss It" is song that encourages us to slow down, breathe and embrace the day to day moments in life that we take from granted. "Worth It" talks about the toughness of constant love we're called to give out and the reality that we will all need pure love some day. The title track should bring any parent to tears. It's a beautiful reminder to cherish the moments we have with our children.
Overall, Francesca answers on her recent Dove Awards for Artist of the Year as well as Best Female Vocalist and has delivered one of the best albums of 2011 that you can't miss.

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Francesca Battistelli [Hundred More Years] | Posted February 28, 2011
Christian music artist Francesca Battistelli has had a fun, fast paced ride on life's roller coaster the last few years. Her debut music album, My Paper Heart was a major hit.She was awarded the 2010 GMA Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year.  She's got married and this past September gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Matthew Elijah Goodwin. She's on top of the world and is ready for a second album entitled, Hundred More Years. The first single from this album, “This Is The Stuff,” was released to Christian radio in January. In traditional Francesca Battistelli style, she tells it just how it is and all the things that drive her crazy. The main message of the song, despite all the little things that drive us all crazy, is to remember we are blessed.  Francesca writes and sings about relatable subjects and her lyrics and melodies are completely infectious. Right from the opening notes, I knew I was in for a treat and musically this album is completely brilliant. The mandolin part reminds me of “Hey Soul Sister” by Train and “The Outsiders” by NEEDTOBREATHE. The bridge of “This Is The Stuff” also summarizes my prayer as a Christian: “To break me of impatience, Conquer my frustrations, I've got a new appreciation, It's not the end of the world...” Amen. “Constant” and “You Never Are” are also catchy pop songs. Every song includes at least one lyrical phrase that completely hits me where I am. “Constant” is about God’s love and Francesca sings “Okay I really don't like change but I can't stop it, I'm moving forward with the promise, You are the anchor for my soul, That's all I need to know.”
“Angel By Your Side” is a ‘beautiful, beautiful’ ballad with a catchy guitar part and features Francesca’s gorgeous vocals. The balance of upbeat songs and ballads is another highlight as the songs flow perfectly together to create one of those unique musical experiences that makes this a stellar album. “Motion Of Mercy” grabs me with Francesca’s sincere prayer, “God give me strength to give something for nothing, I wanna be a glimpse of the Kingdom that's coming soon.” “Emily (It’s Love)” features Dave Barnes and is destined to be a hit song, perhaps on mainstream radio. One argument Christians may make about this album is that the lyrics may in fact be too relatable to listeners. That would be a shame, as I was saved due to being hooked by the cross-over success of Jars of Clay’s debut album, which introduced me to the Gospel for which I’m eternally grateful.  Francesca has that “it” factor that could draw literally millions of listeners to hear the Gospel truths of her music such as in the next song “Good To Know” where there is no mistaking whose love Francesca is singing about in the lyrics, “It's good to know, It's good to feel the arms of grace, To know that my mistakes are covered by Your love.” “So Long” has mainstream appeal as well, and I could imagine hearing the song in a movie soundtrack.
The last three songs are a little more like Francesca’s impressive debut album as “Don’t Miss It” has that driving rock beat and seize the day theme similar to “It’s Your Life.” The last two songs are my favorite songs on the album, “Worth It” is a gorgeous ballad and love song with biblical truth paraphrased from 1st Corinthians 13, “Love takes sacrifice, Love cuts like a knife, Sometimes love will make you cry, Love's not easy, But it's worth it.” Similar to “Someday Soon” and “Forever Love,” this could be a wedding song for believers making a marriage commitment. Having been married for 16 years with 3 young daughters, the song moves me to tears along with the amazing title track “Hundred More Years.” The song is about finding that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and falling in love. The song is about great moments in life and wanting them to last a hundred more years. I get goose bumps and well up when Francesca passionately sings the beautiful lyrics, “they can laugh, they can cry, the future looks so beautiful and bright, they can dance in the moonlight, cause God is smiling down on them tonight, and He wants to stay right here, make it last for a hundred more years.” God wants to bless His children and this song completely blesses me. Thank you Francesca for making one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

I'm convinced Hundred More Years is easily the best album by a female artist I've heard in the Christian and mainstream music market since GRAMMY award winning 19 by Adele. Reigning female vocalist of the year Francesca Battistelli has hit on all cylinders with this stellar pop music album. Every song is a perfect blend of compelling vocals, musical excellence and lyrical relevance. There are no filler songs and this album gets 5 very enthusiastic stars! This album is a "must-have" for fans of Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles and Adele.

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Musical Growth | Posted February 27, 2011
Francesca Battistelli didn’t just splash into the music scene back in 2008... she cannonballed. Since the release of her 2008 debut album, ‘My Paper Heart’, much has happened in the life of the reigning GMA Female Vocalist of the Year . She’s been nominated for multiple Dove Awards, garnered a Grammy nod back in 2009, been rightfully awarded the title of being the best selling female Christian artist in over five years, and alongside all this? She met and married her husband, former NewSong percussionist Matt Goodwin, and given birth to their son in September of 2010. Needless to say, with all the growth in her life these last three years, personally and professionally, Francesca Battistelli’s sophomore album was one everyone was going to be looking at.

Hundred More Years starts off with the first radio single, the crazy upbeat ‘This Is The Stuff’, a song that talks about the hassle we go through in life from a fun perspective, offering the message that the things we struggle with are ultimately for our own good. It sets the right tempo for the rest of the album. ‘Constant’ is along the same lines as the first song on the album, tackling the issue of change, and how in the midst of chaos and movement, God always stays the same.

‘You Never Are’ is a fun song that sounds a lot like material you would have found on her first album, musically speaking. ‘Angel By Your Side’ and ‘Motion Of Mercy’ are two of the slower tracks on the album that showcase the musically maturity Francesca has made, leaning more towards airy pop melodies that fit her powerful vocals very well. ‘Emily (It’s Love)’, with a guest appearance by none other than acclaimed singer/songwriter Dave Barnes, is one of the quirkiest yet most heartfelt songs on the album. The lyrics are addressed to a girl, Emily, who feels unloved, the message of course being that there is a God who loves her unconditionally.

‘Good To Know’ offers a message to a prodigal child of sorts, the lyrics explaining that it’s easy to get distracted and stray, but in the end, it’s good to know that God will always take us back and make us the people we’re meant to be. The acoustically driven ‘So Long’ gets back to Francesca’s singer/songwriter roots, while ‘Don’t Miss It’ takes the role of being the most aggressive song on the album, once again along the lines of ‘This Is The Stuff’, with a moral that reminds us of how short life is, and how we can’t get caught up in the petty things and miss out on life.

‘Worth It’ takes the role of conveying the painful side of love, but how in the end, it’s worth every moment you give. It is lyrically beautiful and the piano driven melody couldn’t fit the song any better. I hope to see this song as a single in the future. The album comes to an end with the title track, ‘Hundred More Years’, which honestly brought me to tears. Francesca enters storytelling songwriter territory by sharing the tales of a couple on their wedding day and the story of a father and his daughter, and how in each moment like this, we need to make the most of it, knowing God smiles down on those who enjoy the life He gives. It is by far my favorite track on the album, if not my favorite song Francesca has done to date.

‘Hundred More Years’ is what many Christian music fans would call a one of the ‘must-have’ albums of the year, and I absolutely agree. The theme of this album of spending our time on earth wisely and investing in treasures that last is very encouraging, and the changes in Francesca Battistelli’s life have clearly impacted her musicianship, leaning towards a more organic approach to her craft. But more than that, it reflects in her songwriting. This is one I know I will be playing far past the first few weeks. I look forward for what the future holds for Francesca Battistelli, because if her next album shows as much growth as Hundred More Years, I can safely say she’ll be one to watch in the CCM industry for a very long time.

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Medicine to the Heart | Posted May 22, 2011
Sophomore album of one of today's rising Christian pop female vocalist is medicine to the heart. Simplicity and purity is brewed in this listen. That's the feel when it comes to listening to Battistelli's music, it's naturally beautiful without any needed tainting effects. The music is simple with superb songwriting, while heavily relying on the Battistelli soulful voice.

"This Is the Stuff" invites listeners in a most friendly folk manner to the musical diary of a young woman realizing that God uses the things in our daily lives to mold us into His image. "Constant" shares God's faithfulness, that He is the only constant in our lives. With strong vocals and lyrics  Battistelli is able to captivate listeners to reflect on every details of their lives, take hold of every moment, love God, trust in His faithfulness, and enjoy those very dear to us.  The theme in this album as in the track title “Don’t Miss It”  heavily revolve around valuing life and every moment. "Hundred More Years" is rightfully placed as the final track encapsulating the themes in the album into a gentle lullaby that beautifully drifts into the hearts of listeners. The final track invites individuals to live the now and create everlasting memories that will last for a hundred more years.

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abi_89 (2)

This Is The Stuff | Posted March 15, 2011
 Your song This Is The Stuff is ssssssooooooooooooooo amazing. I am realizing how true it is!!!! You are such a beautiful woman and have a gorgeous voice. You keep it up, ok???  

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Shannrah (11)

Good Album | Posted November 19, 2012
 I really like this album. All the songs on the cd are very encouraging and inspirational. I only have two of her albums, but this is my favorite cd. I highly suggest that this cd is gotten.  My favorite song on the cd is 'Hundred More Years'. Listen to it, love it, and enjoy it. 

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Hundred more years | Posted September 03, 2012
I have this cd and I love her music. Its not as good as her previous cd, but if you are a fan of hers, you will like this cd. My 8 year old daughter loves this cd, so I think it is more for the younger teen group. 

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Another Awesome Album | Posted March 31, 2011
From "This is the Stuff", which reminds me to count my blessings and be thankful for them even when things go wrong, to "Hundred More Years", which reminds me to cherish the time I have with my family, this album is excellent and I could listen to it over and over and over.

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Awesome Artist | Posted March 29, 2011
 I love, love, love her Paper Heart album. It's awesome and the songs are very applicable to my life right now. I usually listen to it on my way to class. It's so refreshing to enter the classroom with a smile on my face. God bless her! I can't wait to listen to her new album. I'm sure it will be as good (maybe better) than her last one. 

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It's ok to enjoy pop music | Posted March 25, 2011
 It's nice to hear some catchy positive music once in a while.  Francesca is clearly one to watch, the cd doesn't get old, it's pop music at it's best.  I liked this album, a bit more maturity, but just as much energy.  I can see the growth here, it doesn't go too far from the debut, but keeps the listener hooked.

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Ryan0111 (11)

Hundred More Years | Posted March 24, 2011

Wow, she has been blessed with such a beautiful voice!!! Incredible. God is doing great things with her. Love the album, 10/10.

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Is this familiar? | Posted March 23, 2011
Why is it whenever i hear a new singer? A new song? I always think of who does that sound like? Every singer has their sound, their style that makes them unique. Francesca plays the guitar, sings, and is a new mom. Is her new sound country/pop? Whatever it may be, Francesca is the girl God made her to be. Check out her new cd.

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great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 this album is SUPERB! this is the stuff is my favorite song on it. francesca gets an a+ for this album.

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