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My Time by Byron

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My Time [edit]
by Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: November 09, 2010

A fresh new sound, blending the talkbox (i.e. Peter Frampton, Roger Troutman) with great beats and positive lyrics. There are flavors of rock, R&B, urban, gospel, and funk. It promises to be different than anything you have ever heard, and hot!!!

Track Listing
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01. Intro
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02. Talkbox Time (Auto-Tune VS Talkbox)
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03. Clap Ya Hands (f/ Canton Jones & DJ Promote)
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04. Get On Up
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05. Funkadelic Sound
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06. Ground Zero
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07. Lose Control
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08. Revolution
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09. Fighting / Amazing Grace
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10. Make You Smile
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11. My Time
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12. Everything Works Together
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Mr. Talkbox | Posted November 22, 2010
We'll skip the intro, and get right into the songs.

Track 2. "Talkbox Time":
Well, he likes Autotune. My first reaction I do NOT like all the fake robotic vocals. There is a girl singing, and it sounds like either Bianca from G1C, or Nirva Saint Ready from Diverse City. It's definitely upbeat!

Track 3. "Clap Ya Hands"
This track features Canton Jones and DJ Promote, and autotune. The sound of the song is very catchy, but the autotune is annoying right off the bat. I know he is called, "Mr. Talkbox" for a reason, but I'd like to hear what he actually sounds like. The lyrics are quite positive, from what I can make out. The song is about having fun, yet in a good, fun way. The appearance by Canton Jones and DJ Promote takes the song from a 3 to a 4.

Track 4. "Get On Up"
This track sounds very "roller skate rinkish"....but MORE AUTOTUNE!!! Grr....But once again, the lyrics have a great, positive message. This song talks about getting up, and living like we were made to be.

Track 5. "Funkadelic Sound"
It's definitelt "funkadelic", but he's starting to sound like a auto tuned rip off of tobyMac. Although his lyrics are clean, and have positive messages, I really don't hear any explicit spiritual references yet. Which is disappointing.

Track 6. "Ground Zero"
AHA! Some spiritual references! But more references about him! It's a lyrically confusing song. Maybe I'm a fuddy duddy but 90% of the time I can't understand what he's saying.

Track 7. "Lose Control"
First slower paced song. I can understand the lyrics! This song is a plea for help from God. So far my favorite song on the album. The only problem I have with the song is there is SO much auto tune....

Track 8. "Revolution"
A good song! The song has a positive message about getting rid of pollution in your life, and about finding the truth. Godd lyrics, but just ok music.

Track 9. "Fighting/ Amazing Grace"
This song starts out WITHOUT auto tune!!! YAY!!! He can actually sing well without all the auto tune. The lyrics in this song is basically his auto biography. The listener is encouraged to keep fighting on. I love the way he added "Amazing Grace" at the end. I really like this song.

Track 10. "Make You Smile"
"Make You Smile" sounds very Kirk Franklin-esque with auto tune. I like the message in this song very much. The praise message of this song is absolutely great!

Track 11. "My Time"
The title track, "My Time", is all about leaving behind negative thoughts and influences. The one thing I've noticed in this album is several of the choruses of songs are VERY repetitive. I do like this song, however.

Track 12. "Everything Works Together"
"Everything Works Together" is all about how our struggles and problems can work together for our benefit. The Chorus is nearly word for word from Scripture. I like how he opted for a different sound by having a choir join him. Best song on album.

A positive hip hop album, chock full of beats, synths, and auto tuned vocals. The lyrics have a great message, and for the most part are written quite well.

However, I found the heavy synth and auto tuned vocals to be quite tiresome and annoying after several songs.

I would recommend downloading. "Get On Up", "Clap Ya Hands", "Fighting/Amazing Grace", "Make You Smile" and "Everything Works Together".

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tura8010 (28)

Sounds good | Posted November 17, 2010
I just heard the preview of the album.. The songs are kind of fast and if you like fast music then you would like this album.. I think its a good effort.

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