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Business Up Front/Party In The Back: Diamond Edition [edit]
by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5) | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 20, 2007

Is anyone else tired of re-releases? I may be, but if there's one album that I would be happy to see expand, it would be Family Force 5's incredible debut, Business Up Front, Party In The Back. The catchy "crunk" rock record hit streets a year ago, but the album is being given a new life this year as it sees expansion to more markets known this time as the Business Up Front, Party In The Back: Diamond Edtion.

The original twelve track record has been extended to a fifteen track disc, featuring three brand new songs recorded strictly for this release. When the re-release was originally announced, four new songs were supposed to be included. However, somewhere along the way, it has been whittled down to three. While this isn't a big deal, it's slightly perplexing in the sense that one song in particular could have easily been added to the mix. The pre-release for the first release of last year's Business Up Front... included the fan favorite "Colour Of Water," a song they often played live, even opening their shows with at times. Surprisingly, this song still doesn't find its way onto this re-release, and the only possible explanation might be that it just doesn't fit in with the other new tracks (despite fitting in just fine with the rest of the original record).

The three brand new songs are more serious lyrically and aggressive musically. "Replace Me," from the original album release, was the last song to be added to Business Up Front...'s 2006 version, and the trio of fresh FF5 goodness is much more along its writing style. The new tracks are distinctly more spiritual and in a lot of ways more serious, with self-explanatory titles like "I Love You To Death" (which is more so a love song), "Face Down," and the grand finale "Never Let Me Go." In fact, "Face Down" delves into some of the deepest lyrics the band has written yet, proclaiming "Fall down with my face down / Giving of me, myself, and I, it's a bittersweet taste to swallow my pride now / ...If you see me standing back up again, just knock me back down so I can live face down." "Never Let Me Go," a dramatic yet all-around signature FF5 anthem, boasts lyrics longing for meeting the Savior in person in Heaven and the assurance of His care, I want some face to face / Just gimme that full embrace / What did I hear you say? / That you will never ever let me go / I'll never know when it’s my time to go / One thing I know fo’ sho’ / That you will never ever let me go." Each track bears more of an industrial rock flavor with edgier guitars and more screaming vocals sprinkled through from vocalist Solomon Olds.

For those worried dipping into their pockets for the same record for just three more songs may want to consider giving the 2006 release to a friend and getting this version as well. While the re-release could have been souped up with even more reasons to double-dip by including a DVD with perhaps their "Really Real Show" webisodes and their collection of music videos or a second disc with remixes and b-sides, the way the Diamond Edition is presented retains the integrity of the original record. Instead of just throwing random fan-focused goodies on the album, it can stand alone as if it were originally released in this form. In the end, Business Up Front, Party In The Back: Diamond Edtion improves upon what was already one of the most memorable discs of 2006, making a great album even better, and at the same time this edition is proof that Family Force 5 has much more to offer ahead than just a fantastic debut.

Track Listing
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01. Cadillac Phunque
02. Kountry Gentleman
03. X-Girlfriend
04. Drama Queen
05. Put Ur Hands Up
06. Love Addict
07. Earthquake
08. Replace Me
09. Lose Urself
10. Peachy
11. Supersonic
12. Numb
13. I Love You To Death
14. Face Down
15. Never Let Me Go
16. Yahoo! Music Interview (Not oN Album)
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Entry last edited by FamilyForce5Freak on 11.15.09

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art10 (114)

A Special Edition Worth Getting | Posted August 02, 2007
If you haven't heard FF5 yet, do yourself a favor and listen to the best debut album of ALL TIME!!! That's right the best debut, of all time! There's no hype, just substance. And the special edition makes it even better. While you're not going to get hip-hop with these new songs, you'll get some great rock. The riff for "I Love You To Death" is incredible.

Did I mention the new album art? AMAZING! Check out the picture behind the actual CD. Original. Buy this CD, love it, share it, Crank It UP, and hang the art on your wall.

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msreader (13)

Loved it :) | Posted June 09, 2008
I absolutely loved this c.d. The bonus tracks that are featured are just awesome. Cadillac Phunque opens up the cd with a peppy easy to sing-along-with theme. Kountry Gentlemen, being one of my favorite songs on the whole cd comes next. X-Girlfriend the third song on the cd is a song about a breakup in which the band asks, "What happened to us? Can you tell me?". Drama Queen is a hilarious song with a tune that gets caught in your head very easily. Put Ur HandsU Up is pretty good song too, although a few people may think of it as a bit repetitive. Love Addict, one of their most popular songs, is featured on this album. Earthquake is an extremely upbeat song, great for dancing too :). Replace Me is a pretty spiritual song with a powerful message in it. Lose Urself is an example of classic ff5 music. Peachy is a very good song too with lyrics like, " Hey don't ever bring me back, to where I used to be cuz now I feel so fine and I feel so peachy.". Supersonic as a fast-paced dance song. Numb opens up with a hilarious statement about Cardboard. I Love You to Death is another example of ff5's signature sound. Face Down is another song with challenging lyrics. Never Let Me Go is a song which I think is about How no matter what we do God never lets us go.
Overall I loved this cd and would encourage people to buy it.

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Special Twist on Christian Music, and it is a FUN Twist! | Posted July 14, 2010
Many people believe that if it sounds partyish, it cannot be called, "Christian". Party rock quintet Family Force 5 easily shows that being a chrstian can be VERY fun too! These guys combine screaming, rapping, singing, synthesizers, and head-banging melodies to form what they call club-oriented crunk. The five brothers each call themselves by nicknames: Soul Glo Activator: lead vocalist/guitars. Crouton: Drums/vocals. Phatty: bass/vocals. Chap Stique: lead guitars. Nadaddy: synthesizers/hype-man. Their songs on this debut album range from hard rock, crunk, hip-hop, metal, dance, and rap metal. Their partyish spirit takes their screaming to a much more fun level, even for those who do not like screamo. Some of my favorites on this knockout album are "Kountry Gentlemen", "Earthquake", "Love Addict", "Supersonic", "Replace Me", and "Put Ur Hands Up". These guys are basically a clean and christian version of 3OH! for fans of 3OH!3 and possibly Hawk Nelson...this is a good album for you. Also, their live show is DEFINITELY something to check out. AWESOME SHOW.

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Great start from ff5 | Posted May 26, 2009
This album surprised me. I have yet to hear a christian band like this before. I can't put a lable on there sound except rock awesome. I implore you to check it out.

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crank up the music! | Posted May 20, 2009
In the christian market there are few bands who have such a unique style in sound such as Family Force 5. This album keeps crankin up the tunes from "Cadillac Phunque" to "Never Let Me Go" (diamond Edition). I don't think they have the best lyrics around, but the album is full of high energy and catchy songs.

The diamond edition is great for any fan because it features 3 bonus songs. However, I wish the project would feature more bonus material such as music video/behind the scenes/etc... If a band is going to rerelease a project I would expect them to offer more then just a couple bonus songs.

My favorite song on the project is "Lose Urself." It is a catchy song that makes me wanna tear up the dance floor.

Overall this project is why I became a fan of ff5. I hit the repeat button many many times on this cd. The only problem i have is lack of material for a "diamond edition" but music wise it kept me rockin.

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FF5 is cool | Posted March 10, 2009
This FF5 album is very cool and when I got this album I had only heard their song "Love Addict". I really liked that song, so I bought the album and love it. Is has a neat sound and the songs a great. I love them all. Plus the 3 new songs are very awesome.

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what a cd! | Posted January 13, 2009
Blasting out awesome sounds is the family force 5 cd "Buisiness up front party in the back: diamond edition" which is the same as their first cd but with 3 additional songs( " I love you to death" "Face down" "Never let me go").This cd is a great buy,not only does it have great rock,but great rhymes and superb voices are found on the cd as well.Also the music videos for the songs are great as well.

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good | Posted September 09, 2008
good delux version. i don't like the song "Love addict" .. it sends mixed messages .. oh well. overall it's good. keep producing FF5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bah93 (13)

B+ | Posted August 25, 2008
This record is CRUNKTASTIC!

Although I'm not really a dancing breakdance kind of person, I did enjoy it. The CD has all 3 F's; funky, fun, and fresh! However, without "I Love You To Death", "Never Let Me Go", "Love Addict", and "Replace Me" this Album wouldn't be half as good.

Unique style, obviously, I mean who wears nail painted Hulk hands?! Only them..HA xD It's music that you would want to listen for fun, like a party. It's worth buying, I'll tell you that, specially since it comes with a poster. If you're looking for music with a deep messege, you're not gonna find it in this one. The lyrics are good, pure and true, but not profound.

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even better | Posted June 22, 2008
even better than the original release is the diamond edition, with 3 new additional songs, definitely worth the buy. family force 5 is a favorite band of mine, and so is this album [:

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