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Popularity [edit]
by Jonezetta | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 03, 2006

Remember when music was fun but clever? When you didn't have to dumb it down to dance to it? Much like neo-new wave giants The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and The Faint, Jonezetta is here to rejuvenate a pop landscape that has forgotten you can have fun and brains too. All of that without taking yourself too seriously. When Jonezetta frontman Robert Chisolm shouts out, "Wake up!" during Burn It Down!, it's an exhortation as much to the musical masses as the audience in front of him. Isolation breeds artistry, and like The Smiths or The Cure, the Jonezetta story begins with creative people bursting through the seams of an otherwise stuffy environment.

Track Listing
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01. Welcome Home
02. Get Ready (Hot Machete)
03. Communicate
04. Man In A 3K Suit
05. Backstabber
06. Popularity
07. The Love That Carries Me
08. The City We Live In
09. Bringin' It Back Tonight...Everybody Start
10. Burn It Down!
11. Imagination

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username2 (378)

Thoughtful lyrics and fun indie rock dance music combine to form a unique album. | Posted June 01, 2012
You can tell froom the first couple of seconds of this album, Popularity, that Jonezetta is on a mission to combine fun indie pop/rock dance songs with thoughtful and insightful lyrics.  They have succeeded.  The album manages to have very thoughtful and inspired lyrics and get our attention by having them sung with a fun indie dance rock beat.  Even though the band has broken up, people who are looking for something different from the norm could have the potential to enjoy this album.   

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Dancin' Music !!!!!!! | Posted October 19, 2008
I love this cd!!!!!!!!! This is "DANCIN' MUSIC",BABY!!!!!! Jonezetta is an awesome band and I would bet that most people would have something they like about "Popularity"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Ready(Like a hot machete) is my favorite!!!!!!

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Genius | Posted September 18, 2008
Jonezetta, what can i say other than genius. their sound that reminds me mostly of The Killars but also they add their own sound as well. i love how their songs are all so catchy and fun to listen too. almost every person that I have shown this album to has liked it a lot. Really good sound and unique style.

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Love it! | Posted November 20, 2007
Jonezetta has a different type of sound, but that's what make's them all the better! my favourite songs are: get ready (hot machete), Popularity & Man in a 3k Shirt. but all the songs are great!

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uh.... AMAZING! | Posted September 03, 2007
This is the amazing! Pretty unique sound for a christian band as well. I would say that you all go out and buy this cd ASAP!

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FUN! FUN! FUN! | Posted August 25, 2007
yea, jonezetta really is just a fun energetic band, not all the songs have a whole lot of meaning, but it's still really easy to get into.

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