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Write This Down [edit]
by Write This Down | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 20, 2010

Write This Down became a band back in 2005. Opening any and every show that was put in front of them, the band were able to juggle work, school, non-stop practicing and song writing, and released two EPs on their own, to critical and fan acclaim. In 2009, the band signed with Tooth & Nail Records and immediately began work on their self-titled debut release. In April, the band packed their van and headed down to Nashville to work with famed producer Rob Hawkins. After several months of songwriting and completely refining their sound, the band chose 11 songs to be on their first full-length album. Their self-titled Tooth & Nail debut will be available in stores and online April 20th.

Track Listing
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01. Alarm The Alarm
02. Despite Your Valor
03. Renegade
04. Hand Grenades
05. I Never Said That I Was Through With You
06. Center Of Attention
07. Citadel
08. Redemption
09. We Shot The Moon
10. Kings And Counselors
11. Heaven And Hell

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Write This Down Is AWESOME SAUCE!!! | Posted November 11, 2011
Oh my gosh I saw these guys in concert back in April and was blown away!!! I bought the album and was even more blown away!!!

Alarm The Alarm- Rating 5/5 Great opening track, LOVE the drum intro, bell ding at the end is funny.

Despite Your Valor-Rating 5/5 Awesome intro as well, great catchy track. Great fast strumming on the guitar as well.

Renegade- Rating 5/5 Fav Track!!!! Great screaming and it's proabaly the only song where I get the screaming stuck in my head.

Hand Grenades- Rating 4/5 Strong track, but not the greatest. I love the guitar player's vocals on this song.

I Never Said That I Was Through With You- Rating 4.5/5 Awesome song, awesome message. Awesome sauce song!!!

Center Of Attention-Rating 3.5/5 Not a big fan of this one, but I love the message.

Citadel- Rating 4/5 Slow song, but the best one on here. Great vocals and great guitar and drums at the end

Redemption- Rating 5/5 Great song, awesome sauce message as well.

We Shot The Moon- Rating 4.5/5 The album takes a quick punk twist with this song. Great energy when done at their live show.

Kings and Counsilors- Rating 3/5 Least fav song.

Heaven and Hell- Rating 4/5 Short and slow, but sweet

Album Rating: 10/10

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted January 18, 2011
Tooth and Nail's latest acquisition, Write This Down, drop their self titled debut album and I can say that it is consistently entertaining throughout. Their sound is kind of like taking the intensity and screaming of Emery and the overall punk scene and putting them together. While just over 30 minutes, most of the 11 song track list are infectious in their melodies, lyrics, and hooks. Each song has at least one memoriable moment in it. For hard rockers looking to update their collection, this is the album for you.

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awesome!! | Posted June 18, 2010
when i first picked up this album, i was kinda disturbed by the cover...but once i stuck it in my cd player...WOW!! these boys are incredible!! :D i love the lyrics, and the mix between screaming and singing is just perfect. this has quickly become one of my fave albums of all time, and i can't wait to hear more from the boys in write this down.

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Excellent Album | Posted June 17, 2010
I would say that Write this down is off to a great start with ther first album, but i know that this is not their first. But this the first that I have heard, and it was awesome. The tracks that I enjoyed all had great lyrics and great sound. This band will soon be compared to great bands that can be recognized within a second. "Despite Your Valor" and "Center of Attention" are great songs that make you want to sing along. The only complaint i could have is the similarity between the tracks, however I still managed to listen to the album enough to make it join my Top 25 Most Played playlist.

Get this album! love this band!

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All The Elements I Need | Posted May 27, 2010
When you listen to a band, you like to compare it to similar bands that you like. When I heard Write This Down, it reminded me of A Day To Remember and Andrew W.K. brought his voice and musicianship to it. It's amazing. All the tracks are awesome musically and lyrically. Standout tracks include "Alarm The Alarm" (way better than the original), "We Shot The Moon", and "Kings And Councilors."

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Powerful Rawk | Posted May 19, 2010
I was surprised when I picked up Write This Down's new album. From the first song, "Alarm the Alarm", and into "Despite Your Valor", a catchy power poprock sound emerges. This was a new sound to me; and I liked it. As "Renegade" hit, Write This Down switches gears and delivers a speed-metal sound. Then, for the rest of the album, the band brings it with Anberlin-like style.

This band opened my eyes to a new kind or rock: and I really enjoyed their unique, energetic music.
Tooth and Nail has done it again!

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April 20th was an amazing day for rock | Posted April 22, 2010
write this down's debut album was released on the same day as the amazing Our Graceful Words by Sent By Ravens, as well as new albums but Relient K, and Superchick. Write This Down is an amazing debut album just like Our Graceful Words. This album has a bit more of a harder edge to it that i like, almost every song is awsome and catchy. Like SBR's new album i find myself constantly flipping back to this album on my ipod. Tooth and Nail has had an amazing month, and hopefully there will be more months like this one in the future. 4.5/5

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