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Reinvention [edit]
by Superchick | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 20, 2010

With their 2010 project Reinvention, Grammy-nominated Superchick went back to the studio to reinvent their favorite songs. Drawing inspiration from the 100+ TV shows, video games, and movies that used their music, Superchick created a soundtrack album for fast car chases, giant fighting robots, teen romance, and bad guys walking in slow motion. Three new singles are featured, including "Still Here" and a solo breakout from bassist Matt Dally entitled "Let It Roll," accompanying nine reinventions pulled from every album in the band's discography.

"These are songs we love; it means a lot to us to get the chance to go back into the studio as a band and rebuild them from the ground up. We have the technology. We can make them better, stronger, louder," said Max Hsu, the band's founder, producer, and studio recluse.

Track Listing
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01. Cross The Line (Box Office Blockbuster Mix)
02. Rock What You Got (Fight Underdog Fight! Mix)
03. Let It Roll
04. Karaoke Superstars (Shiny Car Advert Mix) - Superchick with Thumpmonks
05. Hey Hey (Vampires Vs. Cheerleaders Mix)
06. One And Lonely (Chick Flick Mix)
07. Breathe (Donít You Die On Me Mix)
08. Bowling Ball (Not That Into You Mix)
09. Pure (Brand New Day Mix)
10. Wishes (Teens Falling In/Out Of Love Mix)
11. Still Here
12. With You

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Amazing. | Posted October 28, 2010
This album, I think, was a really great project. I love how Superchicks' message is always so inspiring and positive, It just lifts me up, and I'm sure it really helps people that are going through certain things in their lives. Good job!!

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love | Posted June 23, 2012
 im really loving this album. i love that there are some old songs with a remix twist to the. and im really liking the new songs as well. still here is my favorite song from the album. its so inspiring. superchick writes and performs from theor hearts to god annd i think thats amazing.

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LauraCC (256)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
Superchick releases an album of mostly remixes, but for somebody like me who's hardly heard their
music, it's as good as the original.

The album begins with the non-conformist anthem "Cross The Line (Box Office Blockbuster Mix)", a song
I have heard the original to (along with "Pure"). I've often said it should be in the EA Sports NHL video
game soundtrack. The remix has a slower beat and less laser effects. "Rock What You Got (Fight
Underdog Fight! Mix" has a cool jazzy feel to it. (Were they thinking of the Underdog cartoons/movie?) "Let
It Roll" features Matt Dally's vocals. Now this is one guy who could carry a solo album. Watch out Bieber!
(Just kidding. I don't even know what Justin sounds like.) The "don't sweat it" pop-hop track is very catchy.
"Hey Hey (Vampires vs Cheerleaders Mix)" gets its name from the whispered verses and yelling chorus.
"Breathe (Don't You Die On Me Mix)" is mellow and sounds like BarlowGirl.

"Pure (Brand New Day Mix)" boasts violins and a slight Latin/lounge sound, a contrast with the original's
warped computer music. "Wishes (Teens Falling In/Out of Love Mix)" would work well on a Disney
Channel original movie. (Not that I've ever seen one, but I get the idea.) "Still Here" is an endurance song
that just cries out to be made into a Haiti video. (Has it already?) Ending off the album is its shortest track
at 2:14, the gentle acoustic "With You", which I'll someday hear on a commercial for insurance or the
neonatal (premature and sick babies) ward of a hospital.

Superchick has discovered the secret to creating versatile music. With sounds ranging from loud rock to
quiet pop, "Reinvention" is aptly named; indeed, stylistically they seem be constantly in a state of just that.
What on the surface seems confusing reads like a page out of your best friend's diary. (Not that you ever
have....:) )

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AMAZING | Posted April 18, 2010
I think That this cd is totally amazing it was a really good remix cd even though i didnt know some of the songs im going to have to get the cd.I have seen them in concert and they played some of the songs off this cd so i was happy when i seen them.

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ruthw7 (55)

Superchick, Reinvention | Posted April 15, 2010
This is a very good album. It has a very pronounced pulsating sound that helps emphasis the lyrics. The sound is defitaly and uniquely Superchick especially if you have ever heard any of their other albums or ever heard them in concert before.

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Good tunes | Posted April 14, 2010
I've listened to Superchick before and have been for a while but never hard core into them. I like their "Stand in the Rain" song. That is my favorite. This album seemed to be a redo of some of their previous songs; sort of like a greatest hits almost but with many different songs. I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to others to listen. I think I like their ballads more often than not.

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CoolKid (10)

I think I'm a Superchick fan again... | Posted April 14, 2010
I've been waiting for them to live up to their Beauty From Pain album, and I think they've done it...! I wasn't crazy about the Rock What You Got cd, but i like how they fixed up the songs for this cd. :)

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Awesome! | Posted April 14, 2010
I wasn't sure what exactly to expect with this album. I knew I loved what Superchick already did, and that I loved their sound so I gave it a try. I love that even though Superchick has been together for a while and they've done a good amount of music they can still come out with a great sound. I loved everything that I heard, from the remixed older songs to the songs I'd never heard before. All I can say is awesome job Superchick! You've definitely produced yet another great cd :)

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I was hoping for "Regeneration" | Posted April 13, 2010
Love that they remixed "Karaoke Superstars" so that get big points.
This album is a remix album, it is not a "redo album" like Regeneration was. I was secretly hoping they were going to redo these songs and improve them, but they are just remixed.

I really enjoy all the remixes, so they did a smashing job makin them sound fresh.

And the three new tracks sound like didlys i will come back again to listen to.

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New songs reach a new LEVEL! | Posted April 13, 2010
Wow, I love the new songs on this album. "Still Here" is a driving and triumphant anthem that is so inspiring! The chord progression is really new for Superchick and I think it really takes their music to the next LEVEL! AMAZING!!!
"With You" is also really nice. It's a new style... Ingrid Michaelson-esque. Earthy tone, beautiful harmonies, and a love song. Very pleasant and cute!
Matt's song "Let it Roll" is upbeat and positive! I think Matt is becoming a better and better singer!
My favorite remix songs are: "Cross the Line" and "Pure". This album is great!

I love Superchick and always will!!!

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