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Love Reality [edit]
by Charmaine | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 30, 2010

The long awaited artist debut record has what music connoisseurs are calling epic, euro pop...It is a uniquely balanced blend of orchestral pop sounds and electronic beats behind a voice that is unmistakably Charmaine. Contains ten new, never released songs.

Track Listing
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01. Tell Me
02. At My Door
03. Love Reality
04. Run
05. Tokyo
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06. Tied To The Ground
07. Fighting Furies
08. Not Fair
09. Epiphany
10. Revolutionary Thought

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Love Reality | Posted April 02, 2010
Having recently read Lisa Samson's Songbird, in which the main character is a female gospel singer who also goes by the stage name Charmaine, I'm not sure what I was expecting out of this one. What I got was sweet pop. With a voice that reminds me of those songs they play at low volume on commercials that leave you wondering, "who is that and where can I get it?", Charmaine's music will tumble around in your head like laundry all day.

"Tell Me" is a relatively simple song lyrically, but speaks volumes. When we need Jesus, we have only to tell Him and He'll supply. "At My Door" is a snappy clappy statement of faith that Jesus will return. (They say I'm going crazy/Don't care how long it's taking/I know You're down the road, almost at my door) "Love Reality" is a reminder that God's love is close even when it feels far away.

"Tokyo", the debut single, has potential to be picked up by a romantic movie, as it doesn't mention God by name (unless you count "You" with a capital Y) As long as God is around, it doesn't really matter where life takes us. It's something Charmaine can relate to, having toured with such artists as Rebecca St. James, Jeremy Camp, and the Newsboys. "Fighting Furies" describes the struggles of a lost soul unsure which way to go. Despite the negative connotations of the words "Not Fair", the song powerfully expresses God's extension of grace towards us rather than giving us what we deserve. "Epiphany" describes a moment of intense relief and sudden revelation. "Revolutionary Thought" describes my feelingsexactly (Teach me how to listen/When You're speaking in the silence). Sometimes when we hear a voice, we don't know who's speaking. Other times, we listen and can't hear anything even if God is calling out to us. The important thing to remember is He is near and He will satisfy.

Closing Thoughts
Love Reality delivers a heartfelt message of God's faithfulness and nearness. Charmaine's album will comfort and touch your heart.

Review Written By: Laura Chambers

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Charmaine - Love Reality | Posted April 02, 2010

The first time I heard Charmaine was back in 2007 when she was a back-up singer for Rebecca St. James while touring with Vicky Beeching & Delirious?. I distinctively remember RSJ stepping aside and giving Charmaine the microphone to sing a song she herself had written. When she started to sing my first thought was cynical, not towards her, but to RSJ. I really wondered how someone with such an amazing voice was singing back-up?! When I found out the song was available on her debut record from inPop called “All About Jesus”, I rushed to the merch table to pick up a copy. I was impressed with her vocals, but the sound was your average RSJ, ZoeGirl, Point Of Grace (pre-country) fare. Now it is 2010 and Charmaine is releasing Love Reality; a bold but simple record that will easily find itself on my “Album of the Year” list.

If I could sum up the overall feel of the record in one word it would be “epic”. From the opening strings on “Tell Me”, the music conveys a feeling of grandeur that is rare amongst Christian musicians. The quirky piano pop song, “Love Reality” is a far cry from most of the other pop songs out in the CCM market, and that could not be a better thing. The exquisite, “Run” is certain to get you tapping your feet with its EuroPop style. “Tokyo” is the lead single off of the record and its message is one for everyone; “If home is where the heart is, than mine is lost at sea…” ultimately resolving, “It’s all amazing with You… if home is where the heart is, then my heart is in Your hands”. While the musings are simple, they are effective. “Fighting Furies” features a Frou Frou like string arrangement and hyperactive synth beats. The heaviest song on the record is, “Not Fair”. The song is not a downer, rather it is a pick-me-up, but it is unlike any of the other songs found here. Even the electronic sitar infused “Epiphany” stands out amongst its musical peers as a ganuine piece of art.

This is symphonic pop at its absolute best. With its prominent strings and piano throughout, it is easy to get lost in the soundscapes and the sonic joy being emitted from your headphones. The Aussie songstress is a beautiful breath of fresh air in a world of claustrophobic, overly shepherded pop. Love Reality is a must own this year.

Brian Hall's Review

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Sunlight Breaks Through the Clouds | Posted February 25, 2012
The radio, the television, and the movie theater are flooded with adults relishing in the happiness found only in selfish living (or so they would have you believe).  "My life", "my thoughts", and "my body" reign top goat, while the lambs are chased away for their supposed lack of tolerance.

There is no better example of loving-kindness without expectations or end, than a child of the one and only true living God.

Thank you Charmaine for allowing our LORD to meld within you a brilliant song, and sweet resilience.  I am excited to listen for how He will direct you next.

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A is for Amazing | Posted January 19, 2011
Absolutely fell in love with this album from the first listen. What else can i say. Her message is clear throughout each and every song and her voice is near perfection. "love reality", "run", and "tokyo" are my favorite songs and i love to press repeat on these. if you are a fan of strong female Christian artists than this album is a must for you.

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justink (115)

One of the best pop albums out | Posted April 13, 2010
I was alittle scared at first from what she was going to sound like- I had her debut album and it really was just a RSJ sound-a-like chick. No real artistry or flare. This album however is leaps and bounds better than her debut.

Euro Pop with a little quirkiness to it- I love it. It is very current and very in tune to something that mainstream artists are putting out- granted it is alittle lowkey and safe at times but overall it's a solid pop record- the title track is one of the best tracks and the instrumentation on Tell Me is beautiful!

Some good stuff.
Worth buying!

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Über Love. Über Reality. | Posted March 30, 2010
I've listened to the free preview. Charmaine is a new artist to me, and what a surprise.

I absolutely love it! I absolutely love this type of music and the down-to-earth lyrics! A must have for all energy pop fans!

Make sure to listen to the free preview! Afterwards, try to find the CD, either physical or digital. It's way worth the money!

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Nice | Posted March 30, 2010
I liked this album. Of course the first time I've actually heard of Charmaine is through New Release Tuesday and I was not disappointed when I decided to listen to the sneak peak on a whim. I found her "sound" to be very mellow and soothing. Now I just need to purchase her new CD for my own listening pleasure. I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes listening to an artist that has a very (for lack of a better word) mellow sound.

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LampaFan (182)

Fantastic | Posted March 30, 2010
This will definitely be my favorite album of the year. Perfect Euro pop confections infused with slick beats and enchanting string arrangments are placed all over the album. Songs like "Tell Me", "Run" and the title track are on the faster side, while beautiful ballads "Not Fair", "Revolutionary Thought" and "Epiphany" end this perfect album.

My favorite song though is "Tokyo". It's an absolutely perfect song. Exquisite.

Fantastic job, Charmaine. A+

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ruthw7 (55)

Charmaine, Love Reality | Posted March 30, 2010
This is a great album. It is light, bouncy, and full of energy. It is appropriate that the album is being released in the spring. My advise: If you are in a bad mood or had a hard day at work pop this CD in and it will almost instantly brighten your spirits.

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Early Thoughts... | Posted March 16, 2010
Charmaine, former backup singer for rocker, Rebecca St.James, released one solo album eight years ago titled "All About Jesus" through inPop; I thought I knew what to expect... When I recovered from the shock of being so incredibly wrong, I could not wait to tell others of this remarkable record!"Love Reality" (released by in:ciite/ Word (Formerly Indelible Creative Group) has an entrancing Euro-pop sound that is as unique as it is so thoroughly enjoyable you think its always been your favorite type of music. There are fun moments to be found in the likes of "Tokyo," (current radio single) and "Love Reality" the title track, but reinforced sincerity and powerful lyrics in "Not Fair" and "Revolutionary Thought." Lets not skip the get up and dance feeling of "Run" that dare I say will have girls and guys across the world getting up to move... Charmaine may have stood in the shadows of Ms. St.James for a decade but this is most definitely Charmaine's time, and I believe this record will outshine most in 2010!

Charmaine's website:

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