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Love Reality
Posted April 02, 2010
By christianmusicreview,

Having recently read Lisa Samson's Songbird, in which the main character is a female gospel singer who also goes by the stage name Charmaine, I'm not sure what I was expecting out of this one. What I got was sweet pop. With a voice that reminds me of those songs they play at low volume on commercials that leave you wondering, "who is that and where can I get it?", Charmaine's music will tumble around in your head like laundry all day.

"Tell Me" is a relatively simple song lyrically, but speaks volumes. When we need Jesus, we have only to tell Him and He'll supply. "At My Door" is a snappy clappy statement of faith that Jesus will return. (They say I'm going crazy/Don't care how long it's taking/I know You're down the road, almost at my door) "Love Reality" is a reminder that God's love is close even when it feels far away.

"Tokyo", the debut single, has potential to be picked up by a romantic movie, as it doesn't mention God by name (unless you count "You" with a capital Y) As long as God is around, it doesn't really matter where life takes us. It's something Charmaine can relate to, having toured with such artists as Rebecca St. James, Jeremy Camp, and the Newsboys. "Fighting Furies" describes the struggles of a lost soul unsure which way to go. Despite the negative connotations of the words "Not Fair", the song powerfully expresses God's extension of grace towards us rather than giving us what we deserve. "Epiphany" describes a moment of intense relief and sudden revelation. "Revolutionary Thought" describes my feelingsexactly (Teach me how to listen/When You're speaking in the silence). Sometimes when we hear a voice, we don't know who's speaking. Other times, we listen and can't hear anything even if God is calling out to us. The important thing to remember is He is near and He will satisfy.

Closing Thoughts
Love Reality delivers a heartfelt message of God's faithfulness and nearness. Charmaine's album will comfort and touch your heart.

Review Written By: Laura Chambers

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