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Undone [edit]
by MercyMe | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 20, 2004

The platinum-selling, award-winning group MercyMe that fashioned the hit songs "I Can Only Imagine" and "Word Of God Speak", tenders their most complete work to date...Undone. Embodied with a rich lyrical content and potent Pop/Rock structure, Undone leaves a strong musical and spiritual imprint.

Track Listing
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01. Where You Lead Me
02. Everything Impossible
03. Here with Me
04. In the Blink of an Eye
05. Unaware
06. Homesick
07. When You Spoke My Name
08. A Million Miles Away
09. Caught Up in the Middle
10. Never Alone
11. Undone
12. Shine On
13. Keep Singing

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 my first cd of theirs and it is amazing. a must have.

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Best Band! | Posted April 01, 2008
MercyMe's music has a certain theme about missions and humility. From this album, "Undone" and "Unaware" seem to point directly to the Christian walk, and how humility really helps to define you. The other songs all refer to missions, home and overseas. Great album!

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RossMan (134)

great | Posted March 16, 2008
i love here with me and i just bought this album off muscihristian.com and i cant wait to see what else its got on it

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username2 (378)

More of the Same | Posted January 27, 2008
it's a little bit better than Spoken For but still, it's not that good.

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MercyMe At Their Best | Posted November 13, 2007
Since I started listening to Christian music I have loved MercyMe's music. From "I Can Only Imagine" to "Spoken For" I've liked pretty much everything that they've done. But "Undone" takes the cake for what I consider to be their best outing to date.

"Where You Lead Me" begins the record with a great hook on the chorus. Next up is "Everything Impossible" which speaks of having faith in something that we cannot see. The first radio single off the album is "Here With Me" which is a catchy pop tune with yet another great hook that the band is known for. "In The Blink of An Eye" is probably the catchiest tune on the entire album. It talks about living for Christ instead of ourselves and speaks of the hope we have in Christ. In a blink of an eye that is when/ I'll be closer to you than I've ever been/ Time will fly, but until then/ I'll embrace every moment I'm given/ There's a reason I'm alive for a blink of an eye/. "Unaware" comes in next with an almost dreamy tune which speaks of being in love with God. My personal favorite "Homesick" is the sixth track on the album. The song brings comfort to those who have lost loved ones by letting Christians know that In Christ there are no goodbyes.

The seventh track on the record is "When You Spoke My Name" which has yet another infectious chorus. "A Million Miles Away" speaks of God's omnipotence, while "Caught Up In The Middle" helps us to see that God's plan is much greater than our own. "Never Alone" tells of just what the title implies, as Christians we always have Christ at our side. The message of the cross is evident with the song "Undone". "Shine On" is a challenge to Christians to be lights for all men. The album ends on a tender note with "Keep Singing". The closer talks about praising God through the mountains and the valleys.

All in all "Undone" is MercyMe's most complete recording to date. Infectious choruses, a great pop/rock sound, and lyrics that always point to Christ, if you are a MercyMe fan then this is a no brainer. If you are a fan of pop/rock then you can't go wrong with "Undone".

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cmt06g (26)

Undone | Posted September 17, 2007
This is my favorite album by mercyme. They have great sounds and excellent vocals. the songs have inspiring lyrics. Check this one out!

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good cd | Posted August 21, 2007
This cd by Mercyme was pretty good. "Here with Me" had beautiful string instruments in the background that gave the song power and emotion. Even though i'm not a huge fan of Mercyme's music anymore, I still love this song. "Homesick" is a beautiful song as well, very touching lyrics.

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5 Stars | Posted August 09, 2007
I must say that it took me a few listens to this album to fully enjoy this album. This album sounded somewhat different from their first 2 albums they released before, but I found out it sounded GOOD! I love the catchy tunes found in this album such as: "Everything Impossible", "In the Blink of an Eye", and "A Million Miles Away". The other songs are very easy to listen to even though they are "slower" in a sense. The Christian message in the songs are given in the right dose, making it easy to listen anytime in life.

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skybo90 (177)

not up to par | Posted July 24, 2007
i don't believe this album is up to par with their other albums, but its still an INCREDIBLE album. my favorite songs are blink of an eye and homesick.

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SWRT (37)

MercyMe | Posted July 24, 2007
My least favorite is still better than a lot of bands haha. They're amazing, but this CD isnt my first choice when it comes to something to listen to in the car. The Blink of an Eye makes me happy.

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