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Losing All [edit]
by Day of Fire | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 26, 2010

On Day of Fire’s power hard-rock opus, “Losing All,” the band explores the real meaning of rebirth. As the frontman for Full Devil Jacket, Josh Brown toured with Creed and Nickelback, but an overdose took that all away. After his Conversion, rehab and dedicating his life to Christ, he formed Day of Fire. The group made inroads in the hard rock world via their 2004 self-titled debut and 2006’s Cut & Move. Still, the big time eluded the band. Enter Chris Daughtry. He opened for Day of Fire while starting out and returned the favor after striking it big by inviting the group on tour and co-writing three songs on Losing All. The new album is chock full of emotional, sludgy rock, in the vein of Soundgarden, Skillet or Stone Temple Pilots, but still has a powerful message. “We have something to say. It’s about (His) Love,” Brown says. “We all go through dark times, but we can go through them together – that’s what rock & roll is about to me.”

Track Listing
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01. Light 'Em Up
02. Hello Heartache
03. When I See You
04. Airplane
05. Lately
06. Cold Addiction
07. Landslide
08. Never Goodbye
09. Hey You
10. We Are No One
11. Long Highway
12. Strange
13. The Dark Hills

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Music Review: Losing All | Posted January 26, 2010

After four long years of waiting for new music from Day of Fire, we are treated to Losing All, an exceptionally good record that is starting to grow on me with every listen. Upon first listen, I was honestly shocked. Front-man, Josh Brown’s signature melodic vocals that were made famous by the bands hit song “Cornerstone” have been traded in for a rockers growl. I felt betrayed. As a long time listener, I truthfully felt ripped off; this was not Day of Fire, this is a whole new animal! However, my instant loathing rather quickly turned to epiphany. The realization that this was a new Day of Fire was starting to intrigue me.

This is a sound more akin to the guitar driven classic rock of the 70’s mixed with modern day production, rather than most of the rock you hear on the radio now (think Disciple’s Southern Hospitality as a point of reference). While there are songs that are more classic DoF, most is a bit of a re-invention. Some really cool guitar solos (similar to stuff from Pillars most recent offering) are spread out over the record. Tracks like “Light Em Up”, “When I See You” and “Lately” feel like Decemberadio with an edge. This is certainly not a copy cat album, but there are very clear influences for the stylistic approach; from Bon Jovi to even a bit of the B-52’s on a track.

Comparisons aside, this is a good album. While I would have liked to have jumped in and loved the album, I couldn’t. I like it, but I found no reason to love it like I did with DoF’s first record. It is certainly enjoyable; “Cole Addiction” and “Landslide” are pure angst rock anthems, but above what could be described as despair, hope emerges. “Long Highway” is one such example. It’s a good old fashioned story (with an analogy) song. The second to last track “Strange” grabbed my attention due to its intentional lack of production and stripped acoustic setting. While the lyrics may be a tad cliché (“Hollywood is burning down…”) it serves as a good lead in to the final track. “The Dark Hill” is a beautiful reflection on the accomplishment of the Cross. While mostly inquisitive and speculative, it is a moving song that is sure to speak to many listeners.

While it didn’t hit me as an instant classic, Losing All is a fresh start for Day of Fire. After their highly successful first album and a rather mediocre sophomore attempt, the term “Third time’s the charm.” seems to fit perfectly. The band sounds comfortable with the style and I optimistically look forward to more like this from Day of Fire.

Review copy provided courtesy of Razor & Tie Records.

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username2 (375)

4/5 | Posted June 02, 2011
Day of Fire's 3rd and sadly final album, Losing All, feels like a trip back to the 90's.  Their sound on this album is reminescant of a little band called Creed and that is, to me, a very good accomplishment.  Aside from the sound, this is a very good album.  It starts off a bit slow with some frankly generic sounding songs but quickly picks up momentum and memorability as the album progresses.  For anyone who misses the rock sound of the 90's or just wants to experience nostalgia, this is the album for you.

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wencdj (34)

All is not lost | Posted January 25, 2010
Losing All is the latest release by Nashville, TN based Day of Fire, and it is 13 songs of Enjoyable Southern Hard Rock, a la Disciple. Unlike disciple, however, this isn't very spiritual. Only Song 13, Dark Hill could be labeled Christian in the strict sense, because it mentions Jesus. The strangest song is the love ballad Airplane, which still has me puzzled as to its ultimate meaning. The album seems to build a little too slowly for my taste, and seems to leave the best songs for the end. I'll take any release by Disciple (Southern Hospitality for example) and extinguish the fire for now.

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It's a Day of Fire alright | Posted January 22, 2010
Starting the album with "Light 'Em Up", Day of Fire starts it off with a bang. With it's driving bass line, and interesting chord progression, Day of Fire never fails to please. "Hello Heartache", "Landslide", and "Long Highway" are some of my favorite songs on this album and now that I've listened to it I just might buy this album! All in all this is a very solid album, although a few improvements could be made, Day of Fire launches 2010 off with some dece songs :D

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bull42 (50)

Day of Fire Is Back !! | Posted January 21, 2010
After several years of hibernation, DOF is back with "Losing All". The album starts off with a great song,"Light 'Em Up". I had several flashbacks to my BC days with this song. I could have sworn this was Jim Morrison and the Doors playing this song.The main difference is this song has a whole different connotation.I also liked "Lately","Landslide" and MY favorite song on the CD,"Hey You". I hope this song is a big hit for DOF.I also enjoyed "The Dark Hills". This song has some great lyrics.
I would agree with an earlier reviewer that the song "Airplane" is very good. It did take me hearing it several times before I came to this conclusion.
IMHO,this is an excellent CD. If you enjoy bands that rock,go get this CD.

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Great album | Posted January 19, 2010
I have to say that I have always liked Day of Fire, but this album is just plain awesome. Can't wait to get a copy of it for myself. Which I will definitely be doing here pretty quickly. Great stuff.

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Greatist Rock I've Heard In A Long Time | Posted January 19, 2010
Okay so I was an origanal "firehead" I was there when they released their first album and I became an "insta-fan". Then when they released 'Cut and Move' I was practicly walking on water. They've been really quiet for sevreal years and when I heard they were releasing a new album I wasn't sure if it would be worth the wait.
I heard the first song on this track and all I could say was "Wow". The album starts off with the rockin track 'Light Em Up'. Then we move into a short area of relationship songs starting off with 'Hello Heartache'. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this one, I relised they changed their style up alot, but it was a very good change. 'Airplane' ends the relationship songs for now. Many people have said this one was a mistake to put on, I disagree. I love the raw emotion Josh puts into this one, simply beautiful.
Now we're in the heavy but amazing song 'Cold Addiction'. This one deals with being addicted to coke, but providing light at the end. They stay really stong in 'Never Goodbye' and all the way through 'We Are No One'.
They start to show some of that old school DoF that I've been used to hearin on 'Long Highway'. 'Strange is one I haven't seen mentioned on a review yet, so I'm gonna say something about it. This 57 second song is well worth every one of those seconds. Josh talks about how he'd rather be strange and ugly rather than be a lovley phoney. He then talks about how Hollywood will burn just like Babylon. Very good song.
The last song on the album is on sure to be a hit. For 'The Dark Hills' they take that old school stuff they're so good at and then take some of their new stuff and mix it together. They do this perfectly. Every thump of the drums sent a chill down my spine. Day of Fire really shows were they stand in this song.
On the album Joe brings guitar work that he's never done before to the table, making the album that much better.
Chris rocks his bass with notes sure to send a chill down your spine. He is also much more pronounced in this one than their other albums, once again making the album blend perfectly.
Zach amazed me listening to his drums on this album. He is more daring in this one, and he does an insane job at it. Any headbanger will be over joyed to hear Zach's drum parts.
Josh brings forth a wide varity of vocals and makes this album bigger and better than anything I've heard in a long time from Christian rock bands, for that matter any rock band.
All in all this was well worth the wait, Day of Fire puts not just their best foot forward put every foot they have is streached to its greatist potential. They may of kept quiet through most of their music career, but not anymore. Can't wait to see them live in their upcoming tour.

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Prism (16)

Love It! | Posted January 19, 2010
I absolutely love "Lately" and can't wait for the album! Day of Fire is definitely maturing as a band...The thing I notice most about songs is the guitar work, and I give it two thumbs up!

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Wow... just wow... | Posted January 19, 2010
This is amazing, i've been searching for a band that sounds like this and Day of Fire finally popped into my life and i was amazed... I love the new album especially. So excited for the release in a week!

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