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Greatist Rock I've Heard In A Long Time
Posted January 19, 2010
By kaufdrop,

Okay so I was an origanal "firehead" I was there when they released their first album and I became an "insta-fan". Then when they released 'Cut and Move' I was practicly walking on water. They've been really quiet for sevreal years and when I heard they were releasing a new album I wasn't sure if it would be worth the wait.
I heard the first song on this track and all I could say was "Wow". The album starts off with the rockin track 'Light Em Up'. Then we move into a short area of relationship songs starting off with 'Hello Heartache'. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this one, I relised they changed their style up alot, but it was a very good change. 'Airplane' ends the relationship songs for now. Many people have said this one was a mistake to put on, I disagree. I love the raw emotion Josh puts into this one, simply beautiful.
Now we're in the heavy but amazing song 'Cold Addiction'. This one deals with being addicted to coke, but providing light at the end. They stay really stong in 'Never Goodbye' and all the way through 'We Are No One'.
They start to show some of that old school DoF that I've been used to hearin on 'Long Highway'. 'Strange is one I haven't seen mentioned on a review yet, so I'm gonna say something about it. This 57 second song is well worth every one of those seconds. Josh talks about how he'd rather be strange and ugly rather than be a lovley phoney. He then talks about how Hollywood will burn just like Babylon. Very good song.
The last song on the album is on sure to be a hit. For 'The Dark Hills' they take that old school stuff they're so good at and then take some of their new stuff and mix it together. They do this perfectly. Every thump of the drums sent a chill down my spine. Day of Fire really shows were they stand in this song.
On the album Joe brings guitar work that he's never done before to the table, making the album that much better.
Chris rocks his bass with notes sure to send a chill down your spine. He is also much more pronounced in this one than their other albums, once again making the album blend perfectly.
Zach amazed me listening to his drums on this album. He is more daring in this one, and he does an insane job at it. Any headbanger will be over joyed to hear Zach's drum parts.
Josh brings forth a wide varity of vocals and makes this album bigger and better than anything I've heard in a long time from Christian rock bands, for that matter any rock band.
All in all this was well worth the wait, Day of Fire puts not just their best foot forward put every foot they have is streached to its greatist potential. They may of kept quiet through most of their music career, but not anymore. Can't wait to see them live in their upcoming tour.

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