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It Is Well [edit]
by Kutless | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: October 20, 2009

It Is Well is the follow-up album to the biggest/strongest worship release Kutless has yet put out, Strong Tower. The new worship project, It Is Well, is a perfect blend of well-known worship songs mixed in with some fresh new originals. The heart of worship is something the band as a whole is very intune with and love bringing that to the forefront, sharing and coming together as one to give glory to God. With the new album, the audience will be able to sing along to the classics as well as add some new favorites into their time of worship.

Track Listing
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01. It Is Well
02. Amazed
03. Hungry
04. Taken By Love
05. What Faith Can Do
06. Remember Me
07. God of Wonders
08. Everything I Need
09. Give Us Clean Hands
10. You Save Me
11. Redeemer
12. I'm Still Yours

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ROCK ACT RETURNS TO ITS ROOTS | Posted November 09, 2009
It's interesting to note that for all their rock releases and the longevity of the Kutless name, it's a worship album from four years ago that still remains the BEC act's best-selling album. Usually these discs are a one-off project of sorts - think Christmas album - but for Kutless, it's actually return to their roots.

Considering the Portland quintet started out as a worship band, it's fitting that they finally follow 2005's Strong Tower with this fall's It Is Well. The famous hymn finds itself as the title track and central theme on the 12 songs present here. The song itself, "It Is Well," stays true to all facets of the tune ‘cept for the amped up guitars on each verse and final chorus.

Other familiar tracks break up the originals and almost every one of them follow the original songwriter's inclinations. It's frustrating, then, to find a well-worn song like "God of Wonders" receiving the exact same vocal progressions and sequence as every other take on planet Earth. A slight change is given to the beginning of "Hungry" and that helps give the track some new life.

The best of the originals is "Amazed," a slow-to-mid-tempo anthem that holds a melody so good, you wonder if it's an established worship song that you just happened to miss. "You Save Me" ups the rock quotient with a Hillsong-like chorus and it's here that the Kutless from To Know That You're Alive makes their presence most felt.

When breathing new life into already-familiar tracks, it'd serve an artist (or band) well to try to, um… do just that. So it's disheartening to see the conventional path so easily taken. Still the original tracks here are worth your time and money and Kutless has given the church (and their concertgoers) some new vertical songs to chew on. —Matt Conner

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piano89 (45)

It Is Well | Posted November 06, 2009
When you think of worship artists, which come to mind? Chris Tomlin? Hillsong?
Brenton Brown? Matt Redman? There are plenty of others, but one unlikely candidate is
Kutless. Sure, the Portland-based rock act released a worship album (Strong Tower) a few
years back, but that was when most of CCM was caught up in the “worship music
craze.” But, after much prayer and consideration, the guys of Kutless have decided to
put forth a second worship project, titled after the group’s favorite hymn, It Is Well.

Similar to Strong Tower, It Is Well is a mix of covers and originals. The title-track opens
with a traditional choir angelically singing the chorus of It Is Well. A dance/techno beat
emerges in the mix before slamming into a wall of crunchy guitars. “Redeemer” is
actually a medley of two Keith Green songs, a verse of “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful” and
a verse and chorus of “There Is A Redeemer.” The song starts out subdued but soon
becomes faced with gutsy power chords, similar in execution to the title-track.
“Hungry,” “God of Wonders,” and “Give Us Clean Hands” while solid tracks, leave a bit
to be desired (although the “woahs” at the beginning of “Give Us Clean Hands” is a nice

To keep this worship record from being all too familiar, Kutless offers some original
worship songs. The album’s lead single “What Faith Can Do” has already resonated with
many around the country, at one point reaching number one on iTunes’ top Christian
songs. Stylistically, “Remember Me” probably wouldn’t be out of place on a regular
Kutless album. The track is noticeably darker from the rest, but worshipful nonetheless.
Acoustic-driven “I’m Still Yours” brings the album to a close. Though it’s one of the
softest tracks, it’s perhaps the most powerful song on It Is Well; Jon Micah sings,
“Even if You take it all away, I know I’m still Yours.” This powerful line ties back to the
song “It Is Well” in that God will carry us through difficult times, we just have to trust in

Overall, It Is Well is a solid, uplifting worship album. Kutless once again proves that
worship can be rockin’.

Closing Thoughts:
I was quite impressed with It Is Well. I somewhat enjoyed Strong Tower, but I found it
to be a little bland. Thankfully, this is not the case with It Is Well.

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Kutless' worship cd | Posted November 05, 2011
I thought that it was great!  They take your old worship songs and change them up a bit and make yet another rocking cd!  this cd is one of my favorite worship cds. I highly recommend it.  it is better then well, it's awesome! :)

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 20, 2011
 this is my FAVORITE album by them!!! it is absolutely amazing. it is well is a great cd.

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Kutless-It is Well | Posted February 09, 2011
I think you guys did an amazing job on this album!! It's good to see Christ shining through you!

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Great worship album! | Posted April 03, 2010
I'm not always the biggest fan of worship albums put out by rock bands, by this is definitely an exception! From start to finish, this album is amazing! Opening with their version of the inspiring hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul" followed up by several popular worship tracks such as "Hungry" and "God Of Wonders". The tracks that really stick out to me are their original songs like "Taken By Love", "What Faith Can Do" and "Everything I Need". There is also an awesome medley of "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" and "Redeemer". Overall this is just a great album!

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It Is Well Album Review | Posted January 26, 2010
This is a very good worship album from Kutless. It does seem a lot different from their first worship album which was Strong Tower. It seems they did do some cover songs on this album like God Of Wonders, Redeemer, and It Is Well. It is good they did their own worship songs on this album as I loved all of the new worship songs they did. My most favorite songs would be What Faith Can Do, God Of Wonders, and It Is Well. I would say if you loved the Strong Tower album then you will love this album. I would recommend this album to fans of Kutless who love their music. Check out this album as soon as you can.

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patpc36 (58)

Rocking Worship CD | Posted December 30, 2009
This is a great worship CD for those who like to rock and worship! I think that this is an answered prayer to those who like a harder sound for their worship music. I like the songs that they picked as well because with the harder sound it allows you to re-focus on the lyrics too. Great CD KUTLESS!

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New showing from Kutless a new sound | Posted November 27, 2009

I have to say, after being a fairly new fan of Kutless, I don't have a lot of experience with their music, but after listening to past songs of theirs such as "Hearts of the Innocent" and "Sea of Faces", I was astounded to hear their latest release, It Is Well.

This album takes a more Praise and Worship stance for the band that was formed in September of 2000 under the name of Call Box and a little over a year later renamed Kutless. They have always had a harder, more beat filled sound to their music. With the release of It Is Well, that sound has taken somewhat of a back seat for a more prayerful sound in songs such as "What Faith Can Do" and the re-imagining of the classic hymn "It Is Well".

Truth be told, this could very well be Kutless's greatest release to date. If you are looking for a different sound, then pick this album up and give it a listen.

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Surpasses Strong Tower by a Mile! | Posted November 17, 2009
I'm a huge Kutless fan, and I truly believe this is their best album to date. It's complete. It's solid. It's lyrically sound. And above all it's focused on God. I kept up with the band's making of the album and I could definitely see a difference in this album. A heavenly difference. They were/are solely focused on bringing God glory, not in making a second worship album just because Strong Tower did so well. During the recording, every morning they would have a Bible Study, devotional time, and a prayer time. This album was not, I repeat, was not made to make money just because Strong Tower was their best selling album. They made this album to reflect God's glory and show how great our God really is.

The album itself is amazing, complete, and sound. My personal favorites are It Is Well, What Faith Can Do, and Redeemer. It Is Well has a great rockin' twist to a beloved hymn. What Faith Can Do has an amazing message and a beautiful sound. Redeemer is awesome!

I'd recommend this to every fan of Strong Tower. It Is Well beats out Strong Tower by a long shot.

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