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It Is A Well-Done Album
Posted November 02, 2009
By swdudel,

Over the years, Kutless has made a name for themselves as a one of the leading Christian rock bands. But one thing that many fans don’t know about is Kutless’ versatility as a worship leader. In their second worship album, Kutless releases It Is Well.

It Is Well is a catchy rendition of the classic hymn. Out of all the songs on this album, this song stands out the most. Lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall manages to capture the song in a desperate plea that “it is well with my soul!”

Amazed is captured in it’s title. A brilliant song with both captivating lyrics and music.

Though not an original, Hungry is a powerful song about waiting for God’s timing and wanting only Christ. Kutless manages to take a song and slow it down just enough to make it powerful, but upbeat enough to make it worship song.

Taken By Love is a good worship song by itself, but seems a little clique at times.

What Faith Can Do is a reminder that God is always there. Many have praised Kutless for their hit single “Strong Tower,” but What Faith Can Do is a song that rivals all other Kutless singles. Powerful in lyrics and music, this song is sure to top the charts!

For a worship project, Remember Me feels a little out of place. Even though the song is a compelling worship song, the arrangement seems more fit in Kutless’ regular albums.

God of Wonders is a staple of worship songs. Every band has put forth its own version of the worship song. Kutless gives the song an interesting twist with more electric guitar and bass, but still the same song.

Everything I Need is a beautiful worship, but it sounds too much like Matthew West’s version of the song. Enough said.

Give Us Clean Hands is another good cover to a well-known song.

A praise song at heart, You Save Me is a song of praise for God’s mercy. The highlight of the song is it’s powerful cords combined with the lyrics.

Redeemer is a piano driven worship song. Jon Micah’s voice rings true as Keith Green’s “Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" and "There Is A Redeemer” are blended into one impressive song.

I’m Still Yours is a mind-boggling song. It ties directly to the title track, “It Is Well.” The lyrics declare a true devotion to God no matter what.

Even though it is well is not the most innovative album released, out of worship albums it scores high in both new songs and classic renditions. The only downfall of the album is that some songs seem a little out of place and the album doesn’t flow like it should. Nonetheless, this album is must buy! 4 out of 5 stars!

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