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Now Is Not Forever [edit]
by Brian Reith | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: September 22, 2009

Not many recording artists carry the titles 'singer, rapper, songwriter & producer' and stand out in each category. But Gotee Records latest signing B.Reith defies expectations and excels in each of these roles. B.Reith speaks the relevant dialect of today's culture, and has the heart to address real issues, presenting hope and shedding light into this decaying world.

"My number one passion is to connect with people, to entertain them, to stir up emotion in them, and to challenge them by sharing life from a different perspective. There is something we're all yearning for. I'm just trying to help direct our attention to it, and music is the most powerful way I know how."

Track Listing
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01. Intro (Excuse Me Everybody)
02. The Comeback Kid
03. I Know
04. Mess
05. Antidote
06. My Story
07. U Should Know
08. Wish That
09. Old School
10. Rain Down
11. Just For You
12. Breathe

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Your In For A Treat... | Posted September 23, 2009
There is always hype around the release of a Gotee Records artist, mostly because the label is known for producing some of the best music out there from artists past such as Relient K, Jennifer Knapp, Family Force 5 and Grits AND artists present such as Sarah Kelly, John Reuben, Stephanie Smith and the label?s newest edition, a singer/songwriter/rapper named Brian Reith, or better known as B.Reith. B earned himself a lot of new fans last year due to his successful EP ?The Forecast? as well as his touring last December with tobyMac and his web show ?Something 2 Remember?. Many were hoping that after the acclaim of ?The Forecast? that B.Reith and Gotee Records would release a full length album by the end of 2009--that has now come true with the September 2009 release of ?Now is Not Forever?.

The album starts off with a short and hooky intro and then it seamlessly glides into the first track, ?The Comeback Kid?, which is reminiscent of ?Go On? from his first EP--you might almost call it ?Go On: The Sequel? seeing as it address much of the same very humorous issues as it?s predecessor. It also has the feel of a clubby/tobyMac tune, whether or not you buy the whole album, defiantly check out this one, it?s worth the album alone. ?I Know? follows the same rhythm of acoustics meshing with clever rap lyrics while ?Mess?, first heard on the ?The Forecast? is a great addition to this album. The first single ?Antidote? is a melodic ballad about God reaching out to us, and us to Him, He being our antidote. A very well written song.

?My Story? is another straight up rap track that mixes danceable beats with B.Reith?s ability to make you think and crack you up with his lyrics at the same time, ?My Story? being his self told autobiography from then to now??U Should Know?, much like his previous song ?Awe-Stuck?, is another love song written with a lot of heart in it, never crossing the line and even wonderfully mixing in the message of purity with the lyrics ?true love is worth waiting for, so I?ll be patient???Wish That? is a song of recompense and regrets with the message of forgiveness and hope while ?Old School?, much like ?My Story?, takes a look at modern culture and how we need to find out what we are called to do, and not just follow the crowd. ?Rain Down?, also taken from the EP brings the album to a very soft close, much different from the beginning of the album, ?Just For You? and ?Breathe?, with virtually no rap take the message of God?s love for us and make both songs into beautiful times of worship, with simple acoustic guitar and piano as well as haunting cello in both songs. A very positive way to end the album.

Fans of B.Reith are NOT going to be disappointed with this album, many thought that ?The Forecast? couldn?t be topped but this album just goes to show that the year long process to make this album was well worth the wait. Rap fans looking for new music will defiantly want to pick this album up and even those who might not even like the genera might want to give this album a try?you will be presently surprised, and you?ll be in for a real treat.

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chaiann (22)

Awesome! :D | Posted June 06, 2011
This is one of the best albums ever! It hassuch a diverse selection of songs yet they all sound like B. Reith songs. He is such a talented songwriter/singer/rapper. He is definitely a man on fire for God and it pours out  through his music. If you don't know who he is, GO CHECK HIM OUT RIGHT NOW.  You won't regret it!!

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Album Review. | Posted May 20, 2010
I have nothing bad to say about this album. It is really good. Has a lot of catchy beats and it shows off the talent that he has. I think he's right when he says nobody knows what to call his style because it has combination of different music styles and he somehow makes it work. Very good album. One worth checking out.

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Fair Review, Strong Pop/Rap Mix | Posted March 02, 2010
The main attraction of B.Reith’s The Forecast EP was the song “Go On,” a hilarious journey through a night when the singer/songwriter/rapper performs, filled with his name getting mispronounced and his person getting confused with Jason Priestly, JC Chasez, and “that dude from That 70’s Show.” B.Reith’s full length debut, titled Now Is Not Forever, kicks off with “The Comeback Kid,” a direct sequel to the aforementioned tune. Reith has returned triumphant and confident, showing off his killer rhymes and strong melodies over rock guitars and buzzing synthesizers akin to Motion City Soundtrack. “We’re at the bottom of the charts, but we’re aimin’ high,” he raps, “it’s kind of hard when they still can’t say your name right! We get knocked down but we get right back up.”

If making a perfect balance between rapping and singing throughout the album weren’t enough, Reith’s songs show an endlessly eclectic assortment of musical styles, such as the blues and soul of “Goodness Gracious,” the piano ballad of “Antidote,” or the retro sounds of “Old School,” sounding just as authentic as do songs by Amy Winehouse. Two other songs, “Wish That” and the lead single “Mess,” contain Jason Mraz-styled acoustic guitars, a bouncing bass line, jazzy guitar solos, and soothing horn sections. The lyrics of the songs are also a high point, showing that Reith can be as potent and relevant as he is hilarious. “Wish That” shows Reith learning that when you give someone your heart, chances are you won’t get it back, whereas “Mess” has Reith confessing for his stumbles and realizing that he needs to put the focus of his life into matters of importance. “Mess” in particular shows off flawlessly written rhymes and rhythms.

Reith’s boyish singing voice, in spite of being very smooth and easy to hear, isn’t nearly as convicting and strong as Reith’s rapping voice, so the album slightly falters on songs where Reith chooses to strictly sing. For example, even though “Antidote” is well orchestrated and builds to an exciting ending, the lyrics about a girl needing to find a man good for her life simply aren’t very convincing. But like any good hip hop artist, the album has a large amount of tunes with enough quality to make up for any slight mishaps.

I highly urge everyone to check out this man’s excellent music, and here’s the perfect way how: B.Reith’s sampler B.Reith EP is currently being sold for free on, featuring the songs “The Comeback Kid,” “Mess,” “Wish That,” and “Go On.”

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username2 (378)

Surprisingly good | Posted January 05, 2010
Tobymac find B. Reith unleashes his debut album on the world and I found it to be a surprisingly good listen. This album fully shows off his talents as both a rapper and a great singer. I would say the style is a mix of hip hop and soul. You will also find a good mix of whimsical lyrics, fast beats, and inspirational songs all thrown into a 12 song CD. On a side note, has anyone else noticed that he looks kind of like a young Michael W. Smith?

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justrun7 (14)

Simply Amazing | Posted October 23, 2009
This album is just simply amazing. B. Reith has a style that can reach out to anyone. His style is so unique that it is possible for anyone that likes any type of music to like his. This is great because more people will get to hear God's word in great music. I saw him in concert and he was just as good. Keep up the good work B. Reith

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An Absolute Must Have | Posted October 13, 2009
One word that can describe this album is catchy. Every song is just so well put together; the lyrics are strong and get right to the point, the music has clean, straightforward hooks that can stay in your head for a long time, and B.Reith's vocals are just so smooth that it practically soothes the mind. Even if he raps, the words are easy to catch and you understand his message in every song; personally I found his music by accident, and now he is among my top 5 all time favorite artists of the year. If you want upbeat, soulful, and lyrically sound music, B.Reith is a 100% recommendation. Chances are you won't be disappointed.

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Now Is Not Forever Album Review | Posted October 01, 2009
This is a good new album from B Reith. It has a lot of good songs on it. I just wish he would have added Go On which he has on Hip Hope Hits 2007 and also his Forcast EP. Go On is my most favorite song from B Reith and it wasn't on this album. That was only disappointment with this album. I loved all of his new songs just I would have loved to seen Go On as a track on this album. If you have heard of B Reith or if you haven't heard of B Reith then check out this good album from him as I am sure you will like it.

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