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We Shall Not Be Shaken [edit]
by Matt Redman | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: August 25, 2009

Matt Redman continues to make music that churches desire to sing. With 5 of the top 100 songs sung in churches, Matt's style of worship continues to connect. Matt's new project, entitled We Will Not Be Shaken, continues to offer music for the church which speaks to the incredible rescue of God, calling His people to shine like beacon lights in an ever changing world. Full of purpose and with a timely message, We Will Not Be Shaken features 12 tracks and new songs for the worshiper and the Church

Track Listing
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01. This Is How We Know
02. We Shall Not Be Shaken
03. Through It All
04. You Alone Can Rescue
05. The Glory of Our King
06. How Great Is Your Faithfulness
07. Remembrance (Communion Song)
08. The More We See
09. For Your Glory
10. Gloria
11. All That Really Matters
12. My Hope

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Matt Redman [We Shall Not Be Shaken] | Posted August 11, 2009
Matt Redman may be the premier songwriter in Christian music over the past decade as the writer of worship classics “The Heart of Worship”, “Better Is One Day”, “Blessed Be Your Name” and “You Never Let Go”. He is also part of the Passion conferences and most recently his hit song “Shine” was part of the Passion: God Of This City album. One of my favorite stories about Matt Redman, a native of England, is that in response to his church having too much focus on music he suggested they take a break from singing which led to his writing “The Heart of Worship”. The lyrics “I’m coming back to the heart of worship, it’s all about You” sums up Matt’s ministry and focus on vertical worship. His sincere singing and songwriting style and biblical inspired lyrics have made me a huge fan of Matt Redman.

“We Shall Not Be Shaken” sticks to the style that fans have come to admire and respect about Matt, starting off with “Through It All”, which includes an upbeat melody and a soaring anthem in the chorus, declaring: “Through it all You are strong. As we walk through the shadows still You shine on.” The goal of spiritual confidence points to the other key focus on We Shall Not Be Shaken, the centrality of Jesus and the cross. First single “This Is How We Know,” co-written with Redman’s wife, Beth, seamlessly blends the message of John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16. This is how we know what love is; just one look at Your cross… For You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son. Love amazing, so divine, we will love You in return.

Prior to the shaping of the album there was one extremely notable shakeup: in July of 2008, Matt and Beth Redman and their three young children at the time, moved from England to the United States, and in November they welcomed their fourth child. They had never envisioned themselves calling America “home,” but clearly God had another idea in mind. They recorded We Shall Not Be Shaken in Nashville, TN and now reside in Atlanta. He and his wife will help plant the Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA alongside Passion Conferences founder Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels.

We Shall Not Be Shaken is intentionally Psalm-like, using simple poetic lyrics to express unbreakable truth in an age of utter brokenness. “This album praises God’s steadiness,” says Redman. “We’re being reminded how shakable earthly things are—job losses, home foreclosures. Among Matt’s favorite tracks on the new album is “Remembrance (Communion Song)”, which fulfills his long-held desire to write specifically for the ceremonial Lord’s Supper.

Matt co-wrote “The More We See” with Chris Tomlin and the album closes with an excellent soft song of praise and worship “My Hope”, combining words from 1834’s “On Christ the Solid Rock” with Redman’s lyrics: Though every kingdom be shaken, still I will rest in You. I’ve been collecting Matt Redman since 1999’s “The Heart Of Worship” and he is my favorite overall worship leader in all of Christian music.

“Through It All”, “This Is How We Know”, “We Shall Not Be Shaken”, “Remembrance” and “My Hope” are my favorite songs on the album. If you like Delirious?, Jeremy Riddle, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and Lincoln Brewster, then you must get “We Shall Not Be Shaken”, which is one of my top albums of 2009 and the best overall album by Matt Redman in my opinion.

Rating: 9.4 out of 10 (94%, A)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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jtindie (10) Review of We Will Not Be Shaken | Posted October 25, 2009
Artist: Matt Redman
CD Title: We will Not Be Shaken
Style: Worship
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

01. This Is How We Know
02. We Shall Not Be Shaken
03. Through It All
04. You Alone Can Rescue
05. The Glory Of Our King
06. How Great Is Your Faithfulness
07. Remembrance
08. The More We See
09. For Your Glory
10. Gloria
11. All That Really Matters
12. My Hope

All Right I will start out this Review with a confession. I love the concept of worship music. I love the music that helps me to come into the presence of God. I do, however, have a problem with Worship music as well. It has always felt to me that worship music of today sounds very similar to the music of, oh say, 10 years ago. I don’t understand this but I still love Worship music anyway. That being said I will say that I liked most of the songs on “We Will Not be Shaken”. I even found a couple of them to be the kind of worship songs one would expect from the likes of Matt Redman. So I’m gonna start this review with a bit of weasel words. I have decided to rate this CD as a Worship CD and not my usual general consumpsion CD.

Over all I enjoy the music Matt is putting out on “We will not be shaken”. The music while simple is very catchy and I found that after hearing some of the songs only once I could sing along with the chorus. This is just what I would expect from a Good Worship CD. I will say that several of the songs on this CD are really good songs, not just as worship songs but songs in general. Despite that there is never a moment when you are listening to this CD that you don’t know that you are listening to Worship CD. Now let me make this clear, this is NOT a Negative Thing, (unless for some strange reason you pull out a Matt Redman CD thinking you are going to hear top 40 or some kind of bubble gum Pop. In the words of a rather famous clown “Homey don’t play that!”

What Matt Redman does so well, and the thing that moves me to give this CD a 4.0 out of 5.0 as a worship album is to take the yearnings of my heart and give them voice. On this CD there is a song called Remembrance (Communion Song) the words “By your grace you are making us faithful” just drives home the idea that we are truly helpless without Christ. This is something I have clung to for so long. I have always had a hard time taking communion with breaking down, I feel the same way about this song.

As a worship CD this Album really covers the whole gambit and provides music for an entire Worship Service. From the upbeat beginning, to the deepening of Worship, to the time of Prayer and communion. The songs are simple and catchy without being to kitchy in my opinion. So if your looking for new music for your worship service or just looking for a good CD for your home meditation time, I think “We will not be shaken” is a solid bet for both.

I will say that not all the songs struck my fancy. and one or two them did cross the line into kitsch, and as I said at the beginning the CD is hampered by the strange fact that all worship music seems to be eternally a decade out of style. The songs on the cd have a serious late 90’s sound that much as I would like to say is just part of the charm.. I really can’t. I understand that worship music by its nature has to be familar, People have to know, or be able to pick up the beat and words quickly. I understand it, but I don’t have to like it.

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Redman's at the top of his game! | Posted October 26, 2010

My recommendation is that worship leaders and worshipers alike should buy this album. My three favorite songs, which I hope to use at my church, are "You Alone Can Rescue," "How Great is Your Faithfulness," and "Remembrance."

Overall Comments

I must say I've been following Redman for a long time--since the late 90s. His early albums were great. In the 2000s, Where Angels Fear to Tread was a powerful album for me, mostly because, well before it became famous, "Blessed Be Your Name" became a heart-song of mine as God took my wife and me through the valley of the shadow of death. After Angels came Beautiful News, and I must admit that I was disappointed in it. My expectations were probably too high, but too many songs seemed either unsingable, too bland, or attempting too much chordally/musically. We Shall Not Be Shaken is, in my mind, a few large leaps back up "great worship album" hill.

As I've said about every album Redman has put out, We Shall Not Be Shaken shows Redman to be a worship leader who actually reads His Bible. His songs, while existential, are filled with Bible quotes, Scriptural allusion, and theological depth. In this respect, he seems to be getting better with every subsequent album.

The production on this album is great...better than previous collections. There is a nice sonic variety within the pop/rock genre. Electric guitars aren't monochromatic. Some songs are piano-driven rather than guitar-driven. There are U2 and Coldplay overtones here and there, and I'm hearing a more noticeable use of sampling/programming/looping than what has been on previous albums. There are more mid- and up-tempo songs (which, personally, I find harder to write [with any substance] than slower songs). Redman's voice has never been a flashy one. In many ways, I view him as the Rich Mullins of modern worship, in the sense that his recordings are admired not because he's a virtuoso vocalist but because he writes incredible texts. And there's something refreshing about a "straight up" vocalist every once in a while. You can tell Redman is a worship leader rather than a performer. (I like Brenton Brown's recordings for a lot of those same reasons.)

Gospel-Centered, and God-Centered

I praise Redman and this album chiefly for its gospel-centeredness. Too many worship songs ignore the gospel, probably because the whole concept of gospel-as-entrance-ticket (but not as our ongoing source of sustenance and sanctification) is still pretty prevalent in evangelicalism. So, that Redman continually points to the life and work of Christ, and that he roots our worship in God's finished work in Jesus, are necessary correctives/emphases for mainstream evangelical worship. The album is a gospel-centered album...

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