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Stop & Listen [edit]
by Bethany Barnard (Dillon) | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 08, 2009

Bethany Dillon has built quite the resume over the last several years, taking fans with her on the journey and gaining new fans every step of the way. All along, she has delivered songs that not only encourage and inspire, but also deal with real spiritual truths in her life and in the lives of the listeners. Through success at Christian radio, major tours across the country, major national press, and placements on TV and in block-buster movies, Bethany Dillon has always remained core to writing songs with lyrical and spiritual depth, incorporating catchy hooks that radio airwaves and car stereos love. Bethany’s highlight anticipated new studio album, "Stop & Listen", delivers what fans know and love about Bethany, while also taking her craft to a new level, both lyrically and sonically.

Track Listing
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01. Get Up and Walk
02. Everyone to Know
03. I Am Yours
04. Stop & Listen
05. Say Your Name
06. So Close
07. Reach Out
08. Deliver Me
09. The Way I Come to You
10. In the Beginning
11. Everyone to Know [Acoustic Version feat. Shane Barnard]

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Bethany Dillon [Stop & Listen] | Posted September 01, 2009
Bethany Dillon's Sparrow Records debut stood out, because at only 14, she was a serious writer and artist creating her own material mature beyond her years, with an authenticity of expression and an ability to own the emotion in her music. Similar to Amy Grant and Rebecca St. James, Bethany has grown up as an accomplished artist in Christian music. Bethany is now 21 and married to Shane Barnard of the group Shane & Shane. “Stop & Listen” is her newest studio album. Each of Bethany's first three studio albums impressed me, particularly her singing voice. "Waking Up" really took it up a notch in my opinion with standout songs “The Kingdom”, “Let Your Light Shine”, “Top Of The World” and “When You Love Someone”.

First song “Get Up And Walk” impressed me so much I had to listen to it again immediately. According to Bethany, she read this St. Augustine quote she’d scribbled down a couple months before, “To this you answered me that you are my God, and with a mighty voice you speak to your servant in his interior ear, and break through my deafness.” This inspired me to begin singing the words that start “Get Up and Walk.” The song is catchy and biblical, which really sets the tone for this great album. First single “Everyone To Know” is next and is my favorite song on the album. This song is deceivingly light-hearted sounding, but behind it there’s a very confronting commandment. I often forget what a commandment it is to share who Jesus is in my life and what He’s done. I think it’s a pretty common sentiment among American believers not to want to be too pushy with their faith. Just like “Let Your Light Shine”, this song convicts me to share the Gospel.

“I Am Yours” is based on the story of Hosea and how he was challenged to have faithfulness in extreme circumstances. Title song “Stop & Listen” is another favorite of mine on the album and is based on the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10. You can take away a clean house, a finished “to-do” list, or a perfectly ordered life, but you can’t take away the good portion of sitting at His feet and listening to what He has for you. “Say Your Name” challenges me to focus on my prayer time and pray to be known by God. “So Close” continues that theme of taking time to be near to God.

“Reach Out” is the story of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garments and was healed by her faith. “Deliver Me” is Bethany’s personal prayer about her insecurities and her confessions of pride and lack of love. “The Way I Come To You” keeps the personal prayer going where she acknowledges our freedom from sin which comes from God’s mercy and grace through Jesus and how we are “forever changed”. Closing song “In The Beginning” comes from Isaiah 55 and Bethany wrote it while writing for “Glory Revealed II”.

Bethany’s ability to put the words of the bible to song is truly a gift and the melodies and messages of “Stop & Listen” are all catchy and convicting. My favorites are “Get Up And Walk”, “Everyone To Know”, “Stop & Listen”, “Reach Out” and “Deliver Me”. If you like piano-based music like Ginny Owens, Meredith Andrews and Nichole Nordeman, then you must check out Bethany Dillon.

Rating: 9.3 out of 10 (93%, A)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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Amazing | Posted September 17, 2015
I got this CD for free from this site and I'm glad I did. Bethany Dillon has good songs and an amazing voice. My favorite song on this album is probably "Reach out" but all her songs are just amazing.

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Love it! | Posted December 25, 2009
I love Bethany Dillon and this cd is one of her greatest. I love her deep lyrics and her sound. A few of my favorites are Everyone to Know, Stop & Listen, So Close, and Get Up and Walk. It's an overal great album that I can listen to over and over again! :)

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wencdj (34)

Stop and Listen to Bethany Dillon | Posted September 06, 2009
Stop and Listen, the fifth album by Bethany Dillon opens with the Randy Stonehill influenced Get Up and Walk and, for the next ten cuts, continues in the same vein to be an enjoyable, flowing, Adult Contemporary CCM album.

The album has an easy listening, folksy feel to it, which makes it a quick listen, and is just hard enough to interest this reviewer. My folk tastes are more in the vein of Caedmon's Call, Jennifer Knapp, or Carolina Story than Bethany Dillon, yet I give this album an enthusiastic four stars.

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Great | Posted September 02, 2009
Dillion is someone I listen to on those lazy summer days, but she has put out an album I can listen to getting ready in the mornings in the fall. This is album is great and her voice is beautiful. She has matured a lot over the years and it is apparent on Stop & Listen. Not the type of music I listen to a majority of the time, but definitely something I'd listen to. Great lyrics and musical arrangements. I like it.

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Great | Posted September 02, 2009
Bethany Dillon is my all-time favorite Christian artist. In fact, she's the first Christian artist I listened I've followed her music from her debut album on. There's no doubt, she matures in sound with each album, and each album sounds a bit different from the last. Her debut had more of a folk sound. "Stop & Listen" has just a bit of a pop undertone to it, but it is still great.

This albums got a great sound, and I'd reccomend it to any fan of Christian music.

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ruthw7 (55)

Bethany Dillon, Stop & Listen | Posted September 02, 2009
This is a very pleasant album to listen to. Bethany is a soprano. Listening to her sing is like listening to a bird sing. I could listen to this album over and over again without getting tired of it.

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Stop and Listen | Posted September 01, 2009
I have never been much of a Bethany Dillon fan myself, and the only other thing I had heard by her was her song entitled "Hero" which is on the Songs Inspired by Narnia Soundtrack.

Stop and Listen is a good, solid album. I found some of the lyrics to be a bit repetitive at times, and the music didn't really jump out at me, though I did find myself bopping along to some of the tunes. All in all, I give three stars. :)

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