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Woven & Spun [edit]
by Nichole Nordeman | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 24, 2002

Widely known for her thought-provoking lyrics and organic songwriting, Female Vocalist & Songwriter Of The Year Nichole Nordeman returned with her third studio release, Woven & Spun. In the past, Nichole's music focused on the unknown, the mysteries of God. On Woven & Spun, her focus shifted to what IS known.

Track Listing
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01. Holy
02. Mercies New
03. Healed
04. Legacy
05. I Am
06. In Your Eyes
07. Even Then
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08. Never Loved You More
09. Take Me As I Am
10. Doxology
11. My Offering
12. Gratitude

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woven and spun | Posted August 03, 2009
this album is amzing !!!!
nicole nordeman has an awesome voice and this cd is filled with fantastic music and messages.
i am all about the strong messages and hope and that is exactly what this cd has to offer

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good cd~! | Posted November 07, 2008
pretty good cd! i love contemporary music , and nicole nordeman is a wondeful singer. Her voice is beautiful, and her songs are sincere! I want more!!!!!!!!!!

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Woven & Spun | Posted January 20, 2008
Nicole Nordeman-Woven & Spun-This is actually the first CD I ever bought.I LOVE all of Nicole's albums,but this one has the most meaning to me.
I've listened to it more times then i could count.I love everything about it,the lyrics,the sound..it's just awesome.
Nicole is(in my opinon) the greatest female singer/song writer in christian music.I have yet to find any other artist
that has more beautifully written,better sounding songs..I could go on and on..^_^

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Woven and Spun - Nichole Nordeman | Posted January 11, 2008
Nichole Nordeman has been known to make great music and this cd is filled with just that. I can honestly say that i love every single song on this cd. She is very poetic in her songs and i just love how the lyrics and the music come together. One of my favorite songs on this cd is "I Am". This song describes many moments in her life where she felt she needed help and how God was always there in her times of trouble reminding us just that. God will be with us in all times good or bad. Her songs on this cd have many different messages but very posotive. This cd gets a 2 thumbs up and the 5 stars of course.

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aylaeh (203)

healed | Posted August 17, 2007
my favorite song on this album is 'healed'. this is a very visual song to me. the lyrics are sung and i see them inside myself. part of this may be because i performed this song in sign language in front of my church.

the previous reviewer said that this album is slow. that is quite true. it is not a thrash song for certain.

this is a song that i think that many can relate to, esp when she says "what kind of love will take your shame and spills his blood for you to save us by his wounds?" what a great set of lyrics!

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Looks Beautiful, sings Beautifully, Great Album | Posted August 05, 2007
Nicole Nordeman starts off her album excellently with an awesome worship song: Holy. It's just perfect. It describes how she can go nowhere, do nothing without our awesome God.
The CD carries on with a song titled "Mercies New" a slower song, yet still satisfying. It's another worship song that pleasantly invites the background voice of Bebo Norman. Next is "Healed" but it's another slower song (and worship one) and it's lacking a bit of something to make it in anyway special. I end up skipping that one to head straight to her big hit "Legacy". A song reminding us to live every day like it's our last. Another excellent song off the album. And now for another, "I am" (but this sadly ends her great line of excellency on the album) is song about a girl's life-going through the different periods-fist a young child, who cries out to her God (elbow healer, superhero), then as a an older teenager who struggles with heartbreakers and curfews (:-D) again calls out to God (Heartache Healer, Secret Keeper, Best Friend) and lastly as a grown woman married calling out to God once again (Shepherd, Savior). I love this song. Unfortunately it kind of leaves the guys out. This song is where we get the title of the album.
Then a bit boring song plays "In Your Eyes" (though like the rest of the album-the lyrics are pretty good). But I feel ready for a more upbeat song. And the next song ("Even Then" ) isn't much help but it's still a nice song. A cry out to Jesus when we've failed on this earth.
Finally! A more upbeat song rolls along but it's kind of, well...bleh. It's kind of icky. Though the chorus is a bit catchy. The rest of the album is a good repeat of the songs she already sang (Take Me As I Am=Even Then, My Offering=Holy, Gratitude= well, uhm, okay this is actually great song, if you can stand already all of the slow songs she's already sang) and a very beautiful short "Doxology" fits in as number 10 on this album.
Looking over this review it seems as if I have offered a very dull album. Please don't take it at all that way. It is slow (very slow), but most of the songs are beautifully sung and well-written. It's perfect for rainy days, and praising the lord. Guys should even enjoy it as a break from the rock music. Just know that it doesn't get very upbeat but her unique voice will keep you listening.

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