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Love Is On The Move [edit]
by Leeland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

Leeland’s passionate, progressive music is well known for creating a stir among a new generation of worshipers. Love Is On The Move continues the band’s mission of calling believers toward an active role in being God’s hands and feet on earth so that His kingdom can continue to press into the world. With a collection of epic vertical songs, Leeland’s powerful anthems and penetrating melodies are poised to spark a new revival in the church.

Track Listing
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01. The Door
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02. Follow You (with special guest Brandon Heath)
03. Via Dolorosa
04. Pure Bride
05. Carry Me On Your Back
06. New Creation
07. Lift Your Eyes Up
08. Weak Man
09. Love Is On the Move
10. Learn to Love
11. Holy Spirit Have Your Way
12. My Jesus (Bonus Track)

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It's Good | Posted August 24, 2009
Leeland is back with their third offering only a year and a half after the release of their Sophomore album, Opposite Way.

Opposite Way seemed to lack the passion felt on the first album, but it had enough uniqueness of it's own to offer to make it a worthy followup.

Now Leeland is back with Love Is On The Move. It's clear that not too much has changed with Leeland. They still have soaring light rock anthems(The Door, Carry Me On Your Back), and slower and moving songs(Follow You, Via Dolorosa, and the title track). And you can hear the honesty and love in every note lead singer Leeland Mooring lets out. Also, New Creation is something different for the band. They pull it off well enough too.

The problem lies in that the songs tend to be fairly unexciting, especially in the latter half. They are certainly good, but they just don't leave the lasting impact that the last albums made.

If you are a Leeland fan, I recommend listening to the new album at one of the available online listening parties before running out and buying it. You might like it(it is good afterall), but you also might be a bit let down, as it's arguably not as strong as their previous releases.

There is enough good stuff here to keep Leeland popular though, and the album is at least worth a listen, and hopefully they'll surprise us with their next offering.

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Leeland [Love Is On The Move] | Posted August 11, 2009
I personally find listening to Leeland joyful and refreshing. The band’s third album, Love Is On The Move returns again with all of the elements that have made the band so popular in the CCM industry and so appealing to its fans. Leeland’s latest work presents new and powerful hooks, rich melodies and dramatic arrangements. Once more, Leeland’s songs capture moments of honesty expressed by a humble group of believers who are lifting their hearts and instruments toward heaven. Frontman, Leeland Mooring’s lyrics resonate again with all of the sensitivity and conviction we’ve come to expect.

Today, Leeland Mooring is considered by many to be one of the best young lyricists in the business. His talent is evident on the new album and supported by his body of work which includes hits like “Yes You Have” from the band’s debut album, Sound of Melodies; songs he’s written for artists Michael W. Smith and Paramore; and contributions made on the projects, CompassionArt and Your Name. Explaining his inspiration as a songwriter, the website quotes Leeland Mooring as stating: "A lot of my songs are birthed out of prayer. The ones that we've received the best response from have been the ones God just kind of dropped in my lap while I was spending time in His presence. That's my main inspiration." The lyrics found on the new album are not only intrinsically pure, but also biblically based.

New tracks including “Weak Man” reflect Jesus’ call for service in Matthew 20:26 when it exclaims: “Jesus give me Your heart. Let there be a death in me. I’m making room for all that You are. Give me Your heart. My Creator….Oh, my Creator. May I be low, low, low so You’re made higher. I’ll be weak for You are strong…Weak for you are strong in the weak man.” Another song, “Pure Bride” (based on Revelation 21:2) reminds us, “He’s coming for a pure bride. See Him riding in the sky. See the fire inside His eyes. Through the darkness His light will shine. In His glory, He’s lifted high. He’s coming for a pure bride.” These songs and others offer timely reminders for Christians regarding the quality and focus of their faith.

In the end, Leeland’s third album continues where the critically acclaimed Sound of Melodies left off. Love Is On The Move injects this band back into prominence by way of its original and worshipful sound. The album successfully elicits a range of emotion from listeners, from introspection to exhilaration. Current fans will appreciate Love Is On The Move, and those not yet familiar with Leeland will now have a new opportunity to discover them.

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Leeland does it again! Love Is On The Move offers refreshing music, light sounding and humble in spirit. Its prayerful lyrics are riveting, reverent and adept. The new album captures the imagination with brilliant new hooks and sweet sounding, original melodies. Love Is On The Move should appeal to both old and prospective fans alike. Next to Jeremy Riddle’s The Now And Not Yet and Aaron Shust’s Take Over, Leeland’s Love Is On The Move is among my top 5 favorite albums so far this year.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (90%, A-)

Review written by: Aaron Hassen | Review can also be found here.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Click here to visit today!

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leeps139 (30)

Great sound | Posted January 17, 2010
This CD has so many good songs on it I saw the Follow You Tour back in October and really liked the style of Leeland's music. It has a message that brings Christ right into focus. I love Pure Bride and Follow You I got some pretty amazing photo's at the concert also =)

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LauraCC (256)

Wow.... | Posted November 06, 2009
I've kinda fallen in love with this band thru this CD....I already liked "Sound of Melodies" "Tears Of The Saints" and "Count Me In", but this CD is so beautiful. I even wrote a lyric today inspired by this album. Incredible vocals and awesome lyrics make this CD well worth having!

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Love is On the Move: Leeland All Grown Up | Posted October 29, 2009
With every CD, the Grammy-nominated progressive-rock band Leeland seems to change their style a little. Their first record, Sound of Melodies, had a unique melodic rock sound with a touch of the indie stylings made popular by artists like Jon Foreman. Opposite Way paved the way for a bolder, rockier sound driven by energetic guitar and drums. In their newly-released Love is on the Move, Leeland fuses the best of both worlds -- the melodic, alternative charm of their debut CD with the youthful, catchy tunes of their sophomore record -- into a collection of expansive, beautifully-orchestrated songs filled with more variety than the band has ever shown before.

Leeland is known for writing songs that send challenging messages about the Christian life, and in that respect, this record is no different: poverty, suffering, and human weakness are just a few of the themes that the band explores in Love is on the Move. To add context to the songs that follow, Leeland opens their record with The Door, a vivid reminder of the rewards that await believers in heaven, and an invitation to exalt Jesus as the only way to get there. In their liner notes, the band calls the song "an anthem," and it certainly lives up to this description -- it's packed with passion, energy, and joy (Leeland's smile is almost audible as he sings the opening verses). It's a lively and colourful opener that really captures the spirit of Christian hope.

The next track, Follow You, is a collaboration with singer Brandon Heath that explores what it means to pursue Christ. Today, most people interpret "following Jesus" as something that concerns the career they choose, the spouse they marry, or the church they attend. But Leeland reminds listeners that people who want to follow Christ wholeheartedly must also be willing to enter "the homes of the broken" and the lives of "the poor and the needy" -- a message that is desperately needed in an increasingly self-centered and apathetic world. In addition to its compelling lyrics, the song is very evocative musically -- there's a touch of melancholy in the melody which seems to echo the pleading voices of the poor and convey the urgency of their needs. But there's more to this track than meets the ear. During their upcoming tour, Leeland will help listeners translate the song's message into action by partnering with Food for the Hungry to give concertgoers an opportunity to sponsor children from developing countries. 'Follow You' is set to make a difference not only in the hearts of listeners, but also in the lives of needy children all around the world.

Translated, Via Dolorosa means "the way of grief," a reference to the road upon which Jesus walked as he carried his cross to Calvary. While I hate to nitpick, I have to mention that the band's pronounciation of the word "dolorosa" sounds more like "delarosa" (which means "way of the rose"), but thankfully, this does little to detract from the song's meaning. Its lyrics are deeply rooted in the gospel, describing Christ's love and sacrifice in a way that both humbles and emboldens the listener. Although this chapter of Christ's journey is usually portrayed with somberness, Leeland tells about the Via Dolorosa with a sense of triumph and awe, fusing energetic rock rhythms and melodic violin embellishments into a lavish and victorious song of praise.

In Pure Bride, Leeland experiments with an ambient style that combines a dream-like climate reminiscent of Revelation with rich lyrical imagery and a joyful call to "make way for the Lord." The lyrics are straightforward and simple, but each word is treated with a deep sincerity that invites focused reflection and worship. The accompaniment starts off sparse before crescendoing into a sweeping chorus of praise that includes -- surprisingly -- a children's choir. If this sounds cheesy to you, don't worry: the track is as genuine and honest as any of Leeland's songs, and it retains every bit of the contemporary, youthful vibe that fans have come to love.

The lyrics of Carry Me on Your Back are written like a prayer, asking God to help the speaker "through the storm." The music, at first listen, may seem too upbeat and cheerful for the song's subject matter, which talks about furnaces, raging oceans, and darkness, but that's precisely the object of this track -- instead of dwelling on negative feelings, it focuses on the power of God and the "promise [that] never fails." The next track, New Creation is a joyful reflection on the fresh-start freedom that Christ has given his followers. Backed by upbeat, rhythmic percussion and electric guitar, the song has a distinct teen appeal, and since it's catchy and easy to sing along to, it'll probably become a youth-group staple for years to come.

Don't be fooled by the title of Lift Your Eyes Up -- it's very different from the 'Lift Your Eyes' on Leeland's debut CD. This track is a heartfelt message to Christians going through difficult experiences ("It feels as though your world's crashing down ... The sun has gone / your heart is dry..."). As a listener, it's extremely comforting to hear lyrics that genuinely understand and sympathize with your pain, but the song isn't all about commiseration -- it also offers earnest encouragement ("Come on, come on / lift your eyes up!") that leaves listeners motivated to delve deeper into their faith during times of trouble. Besides its beautifully-crafted lyrics, this track is (on a musical level) one of the most melodic and moving songs that Leeland has ever recorded.

Band pianist Jack Mooring calls the song Weak Man "intense," and with good reason: it invites listeners to look at the issue of human weakness as an opportunity to make God "higher" in their lives. Accepting -- and becoming content with -- one's weakness takes trust and humility, and it's certainly not a message that the average reputation-obsessed, control-desiring person likes to hear, so Leeland deserves props for standing by this message unashamed. For me, however, the song's melody isn't as memorable as that of other tracks; musically, it doesn't quite live up to the intensity of its lyrics.

One of the most powerful tracks on the album is its title track, Love is On The Move. The song is a hope-filled reminder that God is working day by day to meet humanity's need for love ("Love is on the move / revealing Heaven's truth / love is on its way and it will find you..."). Its melody is backed by a sweeping orchestral arrangement which perfectly captures the overwhelming awe felt by believers when they meditate on their Father's love. If you're looking for a song that will engulf you in the wonder of God, you won't be disappointed by track 9.

Returning to a guitar- and drum-driven rock style, Leeland exhorts Christians to Learn to Love ("Come on, where's the love that makes us stronger / binds the hearts of every colour? ... We're all God's children now!"). Though the song's main theme centers around showing love to fellow Christians, Leeland adds a few worship elements to the lyrics ("Jesus is the King / we lift our voice and sing"), as if to remind listeners that loving people and loving God are inseparable qualities -- it is only through Jesus that human communities can truly be 'bound' and 'strengthened.'

Wrapping the album up, Holy Spirit Have Your Way is a touching commitment to "surrender all" to God. The song is closer to pop than anything that Leeland has done before, and it introduces a gospel choir in the chorus (another first for the band) which adds a wonderfully soulful quality to an otherwise-mellow song. The bonus track My Jesus follows in a similar vein, with reflective, poetic lyrics based on the Biblical metaphor 'living water': "Here on the bank I stand / in the water is the hope of man / unclean I fall before you now / Jesus come wash me inside out." The album ends just as it had begun -- with worship, and with a reminder of God's crucial, infinitely vital role in our lives.

Leeland has established a strong identity in the CCM market with their distinctive style, bold lyrics, and beyond-the-stage faith. While this CD shows some departure from their previous work, the band stays true to their compelling message and youthful spirit. It's a record that both established fans and first-time listeners are bound to enjoy.

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Leeland - Love Is On the Move | Posted October 03, 2009
This album is one of my new favorites. All of the songs are so hauntingly beautiful. The first song that drew me in was Follow You. The words are meaningful and you can hear the hearts of the guys as they sing. It is obvious that they are seeking to follow God wherever he leads. I was also drawn to the song Love Is On the Move. The story in the song is so indicative of our lives and how they are changed by love, especially the love of God. We can't keep it to ourselves, we have to let it reach out and let love move among us. I could go on and on about each song and how beautiful each one is. I hear the message of God's love in every one of these songs.

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wencdj (34)

No more tears | Posted August 22, 2009
An opening Caveat. This reviewers tastes skew to the Hard Music side of the CCM Spectrum. That being said I can enjoy Modern Worship from Time to time. Like most casual listeners, I was first introduced to Leeland through the anthem Tears of the Saints, and I filter the album through that. I am severely disappointed. I give the album 2.5 stars because, while there is nothing terribly wrong with the album, there is nothing right about it either. In CCM's most crowded pond, where every church and their worship team feel compelled to release an album (though ultimately dominated by Hillsong Church), Leeland's Love is on the move is lost in the middle of the pond. There are twelve songs, and the CD is currently streaming at One song blends into another, and none sticks in your mind. That is sad, since I can spontaneously start humming tears of the saints at times, and it still resides in my iTunes library.

If you're looking for a good modern worship album, move past love is on the move and pick up Hillsong United's A Cross the Earth: Tear Down the Walls instead. You won't be disappointed.

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The more mature Leeland | Posted August 18, 2009
Leeland was young when he started his band by his name, and it has been a joyful experience hearing him grow in his music. Love Is On the Move has to be the most well crafted, well written, well mixed, well sung, worship albums of 2009. "Pure Bride" is a call to check your self and to get ready for Christ's return. By far one of my favorites on this album. Not that the songs before it aren't any good, they are, however they are steps leading to "Pure Bride," which I believe cultivates the messages of "The Door," "Follow You" (which by the way Brandon Heath and Leeland blend well), "Via Dolorsa (an excellent song about the work Jesus did on the cross). The next song, "New Creation," jives it up a bit, a real joyful danceable song about being just what the title says. "Lift Your Eyes Up," is singable worship song; very light, and fun. "Weak Man," really sets the focus for this album because for "Love [to be] on the Move," we must "low, low, low, [so] You'll be higher." The tempo is upbeat and this is a sure anthem of the new worship crowd. For the title track, Leeland slows it down and gets serious. This song is so powerful, and truly speaks about life as raw as life can get. But, as Leeland says that despite the junk going on around us, the best thing we can do for them is to love them. This song was chilling. "Learn to Love," picks up the pace but keeps the message serious. I love the guitar and vocal work on this song. A song about putting our needs aside to love on our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Excellent. The energy continues to flow into "Holy Spirit Have Your Way," which is another gem of this album. A call to humble ourselves before God and allow the Holy Spirit to take over in us. The bonus song, "Jesus," is about Jesus being the living water, and really is a fantastic song. The instrumentals are fantastic.

Closing Thoughts:
A vivid display of Leeland's maturity, honesty, humbleness, and writing talents (much ado to Ed Cash). This is the new worship generation, and Leeland is leading the way. The highlights are: "Via Dolorsa," "Pure Bride," "Lift Your Eyes Up," "Weak Man," "Love is on the Move," "Learn to Love," "Holy Spirit Have Your Way," and the bonus "Jesus."

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Excitement | Posted July 21, 2009
Leeland is an amazing band and I can't wait for the album to hit the shelves next month. I heard Love Is On The Move and Follow Me and I already know this album is gonna be great. I hope this album is greater than the first two!

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