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Blue [edit]
by Manic Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 18, 2009

From Toronto, Ontario comes a band that pushes the boundaries beyond all limitations. Manic Drive delivers a musical depth and exhibits a musical prowess few ever attain. From songs accented by pregnant pauses that give birth to bone-snapping hardcore, to tracks masterfully painted using a complex palette, these Canadian bad boys deliver a rock album like nothing you’ve ever heard. Manic Drive’s Blue will propel them even further into the consciousness of music fans the world over and will open doors for ministry to this band like never before. And for these guys, that’s what it’s all about.

Track Listing
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01. Music
02. Walls
03. Blue (ft. Kevin Max)
04. Closer
05. NYC Gangsters
06. Dancefloor
07. 11 Regrets
08. Rain
09. Hope
10. Better Man
11. December Mourning
12. Change

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True Blue | Posted May 16, 2010
Manic Drive's Blue is an interesting release. It's not exactly a re-release of their previous album Reset and Rewind. But it uses 8 of those songs, one of which is slightly altered from that version(more on that in a minute). It also has 4 new songs.

But Blue is an album that is taking the band to new heights due to better distribution. And that's definitely a good thing as it's a strong, if imperfect, album.

The album opens up with a catchy stringed intro that erupts into the rocking "Music." The mix of strings and a technoish sound is a unique and satisfying experience. The electric "Walls" follows next, and then the title track, which is the track I mentioned earlier as being altered from it's Reset and Rewind version. The former version has Kevin Max singing backup but this time around, they got the lead singer of Storyside:B, Lu Rubino, to do it. Other than that, the song is unchanged and Rubino backs up the vocals nicely.

The ballad "Closer" follows next and has a piano-driven hook that easily makes it an album highlight.

Other highlights include the Reset and Rewind hit "Eleven Regrets" and the final new track for this album, "Rain."

The rest of the albums is hit or miss. "Hope," "December Mourning," and "Change" are good but fall short of the quality of the aforementioned highlights.

"Dancefloor" did nothing for me and "NYC Gangsters" just wasn't for me. But I could see how they'd be popular as well.

All in all, this is a good release from Manic Drive and quality I hope they build on with their next release.

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IronJedi (114)

No Reason To Be Down | Posted November 05, 2009

If you were to combine the sonic dexterity of Mute Math ( including frontman Paul Meany’s chameleonesque vocals) with TFK rock excellence and add the influence of Jars of Clay’s edgier musical miscellany you’d have a pretty good idea of what Canadian rockers Manic Drive have accomplished with their 1st widely distributed album (but 5th studio project) Blue. With Storyside:B’s guitarist and lead vocalist Lu Rubino in the producer’s chair, the band has polished and refined eight tracks from the band’s 2007 release Reset & Rewind and added 4 new tracks to create a robust set of music that falls somewhere between rock and nü-metal

Fans of unique modern rock acts Above the Golden State, Decyfer Down, Ever Stays Red, Mikeschair, Pillar, This Beautiful Republic, etc. will enjoy Manic Drive’s excellent contribution to the genre and should check out Blue post haste.

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piano89 (45)

Blue | Posted August 18, 2009
Many talented Christian bands have come out of Canada in recent years- Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson, Downhere, etc. Up and coming rock group, Manic Drive, is Canada’s latest offering of talent. Shortly after the group’s sophomore release, Reset & Rewind, Manic Drive returned to the studio to construct their first release for major distribution through Provident/Sony Music. The album, titled Blue, consists of several
new tracks as well as eight tracks that originally appeared on Reset & Rewind.

Manic Drive proved on their previous release that they are not afraid to venture into different genres. So it’s hardly surprising that the two opening songs (“Music” and “Walls”) are dance-infused. “Music” is lighthearted in style and lyrics- “Step aside cause tonight we’re going to feel alive/With the drums and bass pumping by my side.” “Walls” almost sounds like a Family Force 5 track in spots with space-like synth noises and the utilization of a vocoder in the pre-chorus. While “Walls” is stylistically similar to
“Music,” the message goes deeper. Vocalist Shawn Cavallo calls on Christians to stop fighting amongst themselves and unite- “Can we practice what we preach/And turn these fists into hands that reach.”

The title-track “Blue” was re-recorded from Reset & Rewind. The funky, rock anthem features Lu Rubino (Storyside:B) on guest vocals (in place of Kevin Max, featured on the original recording). “Blue” comes to the realization that contentment is only found when following God’s will.

“Closer” slows the pace down opening with a beautiful Latin-influenced piano/guitar motif. The love ballad, written to God, expresses the need to draw closer to Him. “Rain” also displays Manic Drive’s softer side. The melodic chorus equates God’s love and grace to rain. It’s not the most creative or original comparison, but the song is captivating, nonetheless.

Gone are the monotonous nu-metal days of Reason For Motion. Manic Drive mixes it up by blending dance, funk, and hip/hop elements into their rock centered music. Blue’s unique music will no doubt appeal to many and expand the band’s fan base. Shawn Cavallo says the album will “encourage people to get up and make a move, both literally
as well as their faith.” Blue does indeed deliver on both fronts.

Closing Thoughts:

With Manic Drive’s eclectic music palette, it’s hard to pinpoint what direction they will go next. Whatever it will be, I’m looking forward to it.

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Pure Amazing | Posted February 02, 2010
I won the CD. I had never even heard of them until them. Now, i listen to this cd constantly! the lyrics are very emotional, but i can't get enough. I love their sound, it just rings together perfectly! My favorite song is eleven regrets, but every son on there is just amazing! i love this cd, its probabaly one of my tops!

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great! | Posted August 25, 2009
This band is great!!! I really like the style of music that they play. It astounds me to think that they started playing when they were 9 years old. I think that's insane. But that aside, manic drive really pumps up the room when their music is playing. way to go manic drive! Keep rocking for Jesus!!!!

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