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Welcome To The Masquerade [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 08, 2009

Thousand Foot Krutch is back with their most ambitious release to date, Welcome To The Masquerade, produced by Aaron Sprinkle (The Almost, Anberlin, Demon Hunter) and mixed by Randy Staub (Nickelback, Metallica). When asked about the new record, singer Trevor McNevan explains, "the main concept is that we all hide things and wear masks at certain and places in our lives. The longer we hide things, the more they eat away at us. The closer you get to 'knowing the truth', the harder these things are to hide". The album, anchored by the radio singles "Forward Motion" and "Bring Me To Life" hits stores and online September 8th. The band will support the release this fall on the 2nd annual Creation Tour.

Thousand Foot Krutch has sold half of 1 million copies to date of their albums Set It Off, Phenomenon, The Art Of Breaking, and The Flame in All of Us. The band hit the musical scene with the "Phenomenon" album and branched into active rock radio with the hit songs "Rawkfist" (Phenomenon) , "Move" (The Art of Breaking), Absolute (The Art Of Breaking) and "Falls Apart" (The Flame In All Of Us). At Christian radio the band has charted with eight #1 rock songs, and three top five CHR hits. TFK has shared stages with a wide mix of headliners including Switchfoot, Skillet, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, 311 and Sevendust.

Track Listing
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01. The Invitation (Intro)
02. Welcome to the Masquerade
03. Fire it Up
04. Bring Me To Life
05. E For Extinction
06. Watching Over Me
07. The Part That Hurts the Most (Is Me)
08. Scream
09. Look Away
10. Forward Motion
11. Outta Control
12. Smack Down
13. Already Home
14. Shook (Fan Edition)
15. Take It Out on Me (Fan Edition)
16. Anyone Else (Fan Edition)

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Top 10 Album Of 2009 | Posted January 04, 2010
2009 was an incredible year for Christian rock, anchored by this stellar, career high album from Thousand Foot Krutch. The band has always been well-respected for their lyrical honesty as well as their ability to rock hard while remaining accessible. With an amazing track record behind them, the bar has been raised with their fifth major release, Welcome To The Masquerade, and all rock acts are hereby put on notice.

The album opens with an instrumental track that sets the tone of the album, building seamlessly into the scathing electric guitar opening of the title track and for the next 14 minutes, through "Fire It Up," "Bring Me To Life" and "E For Extinction," it's a tidal wave of sound that pounds measure after measure, allowing you to come up for air for just a few seconds as the waters calm down during a bridge only to surge all over again.

TFK masterfully mixes living, breathing energy in their music. For example, "Scream" starts with a nice drum beat, then layers on a heavy guitar riff to kick off the song. The music fades on the verse to allow Trevor's vocals to shine clear and strong and then the chorus hits heavy while Trevor kicks it up a notch vocally right before the classic rock whisper. The bridge pulls back almost entirely as a piano plays quarter notes, joined by guitar a few measures later. An electronic fill brings the song back to the beginning. And this is just on one song! It's this musical blender that makes every song such a thrill ride to listen to. This is ear candy at its sweetest.

While I'd highly recommend the entire album, standout tracks besides the ones already mentioned include "Forward Motion" (an instant classic that even non-rock fans will be able to appreciate) and "Smack Down."

As one of the many career defining albums in this year's list, 2009 is certainly a year of incredible music and TFK is sitting at the top of the rock genre, hands down.

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piano89 (45)

Welcome To The Masquerade | Posted September 01, 2009
One of Christian music’s most popular Canadian bands, Thousand Foot Krutch, unveils
its fifth studio album Welcome To The Masquerade. This project marks the return of
Aaron Sprinkle, who produced the group’s break-out album Phenomenon. Welcome To
The Masquerade invites you to take off your mask and confess “I’m not o.k.”

“The Invitation” serves as a foreshadowing of what’s to come - aggressive guitars,
haunting piano parts, and thumping beats. From the opening verse of the title-track long-
time fans will be pleased to hear Trevor McNevan bringing back the rhythmic vocal
stylings of Phenomenon. Setting the stage for the album McNevan raps “Take a look
around at the sea of masks/And come one, come all, welcome to the grand ball.”

Getting it’s title from a 1960’s X-men comic, “E for Extinction” picks up on the album’s
theme of “camouflaging” flaws and pain - “When we move/We camouflage
ourselves/We stand in the shadows waiting/We live for this and nothing more/We are
what you created.” Expanding on the theme, the string-laced ballad “Look Away”
encourages listeners not to hold their pain inside, instead give it up to God. He will “take
all these cuts and make them shine.”

“Smackdown” sounds like a fusion of “Rawkfist” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”
The anthem is sure to translate well into a live setting, as well as the gutsy “Fire It Up.”
Along with fist-pumping anthems, Welcome To The Masquerade contains some wicked
breakdowns, the best one being found on “The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me).”
Remaining rather tame at first, the mid-tempo song lets loose after the bridge with
McNevan screaming “No! Stay away from me/Get up! I’m tryin’ to walk away/It just
won’t let up!”

The softer songs seem to be the weaker points of Welcome To The Masquerade, most
would have been better suited for McNevan’s side project FM Static. However, the
ballad “Already Home” is a definite highlight of the album. One of the more spiritually
overt songs, McNevan humbly cries out “Now I am on my face/And I’m calling out
Your name/And I won’t run away/’Cause I’m already home.”

Combining the catchy hooks of The Flame In All Of Us and the rhythmic elements of
Phenomenon, Welcome To The Masquerade finds a happy medium that will likely satisfy
TFK’s massive fan base. Though ambiguous at times, the album’s message is a solid
one, letting listeners know it’s okay to take off your “mask” and reveal your inner
struggles or hurt because that is the first step toward healing.

Closing Thoughts:
Trevor McNevan describes Welcome To The Masquerade as “… pedal to the metal.”
That it is. Upon first listen, it is evident that Welcome To The Masquerade is one of the
best rock albums of the year.

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jtindie (10) Review of TFK | Posted October 25, 2009
01. The Invitation – 1:01
02. Welcome to the Masquerade – 3:43
03. Fire it Up – 3:09
04. Bring Me to Life – 3:38
05. E is for Extinction – 3:53
06. Watching Over Me – 4:20
07. The Part that hurts the Most (is me) – 4:01
08. Scream – 3:28
09. Look Away – 4:03
10. Forward Motion – 3:56
11. Outta Control – 3:29
12. Smack Down – 3:23
13. Already Home – 4:30

Well the Newest edition to the Thousand Foot Krutch Collection drops on September 8th and I was lucky enough to gain access to a preview copy of Welcome to the Masquerade (Ok I snuck into the top secret Tooth and Nail Compound, located under AREA 51, and after some serious ninja like moves I managed to abscond with a preview copy).

The CD opens Strong with a short strong Instrumental “The Invitation” that slides directly in the rocking title song “Welcome to the Masquerade” This is the TFK that I am familiar with, and I felt comfortable with the music. For a band that classifies itself as Rapcore/Alternative (I always thought of them as Rock band) The music seemed a bit rocky but I didn’t care I was in my element. Give me screaming guitars and lyrics with a Hook and I am one happy camper.

“Fire it up” has everything I am looking for in a good rock song, from the melodic beginning to getaway driver on Speed like way the song plows through. If there is a formula for writing the perfect live concert, drive the Audience Insane song then TFK perfected it with Fire it up.

“Bring me to life” is the kind of song I think about when I think about TFK, Opening with the Rock-Rap sound that is just so.. well.. TFK This song could easily find a home on any TFK album. While I thought it strange that the song seems like it slides back and forth from Rock-Rap during the verses and almost a Rock Ballad during the chorus, not a bad thing but the first few times I found it just a little disconcerting.

After three and a half hard rocking songs I was ready for something a little more sedate. Alas it was just not to be. “E is for Extinction” While starting out all mellow, Rock ballad like, doesn’t stay that way for long it seems the evil genius that is TFK was just lulling me into a false sense of security.

“Watching over Me” Does bring the ballad that I knew was coming. With the chorus that reads. “I know your out there, and I know you care, cause I feel you, like and angel, watching over me” This song brings me the cheesy ballad-y goodness I had been waiting for. Every rock album needs a good ballad, I’m pretty sure it is a federal law.

With a title of “The Part that hurts the Most (is me)” you would hardly expect the next song to be sunshine and puppies, and you would be right. This song could be directed at a relationship that is going south OR the idea that while we try, we can never live up to the standard God sets for us and in the end out actions bring pain to God. I just got to wonder what it is with this God/Girlfriend theme in Christian Rock.

“Scream” starts out with a throbbing guitar and a beat that reminds me of some of their older music. This song while well done and showing the evolution of the band, I have to say that by this time on the CD many of the songs are beginning to sound similar.

“Look Away” is a melodic ballad that I think really shows the versatility of the band and reminds me of when I found out that “Favorite Disease” was a TFK song. At the time I had only thought of TFK as the Rock-Rap band. I have a feeling that this song is going to do the same and make some people re-think their view of TFK.

“Forward Motion” is I think my least favorite song on the CD. Each time I hear it I just feel that it is the little brother of a song that your mom makes you watch while you are hanging out with your friends. While not a bad song, it just feels like it doesnt fit in with the rest of the songs on the album. This will be one song I skip past on my MP3 player.

The CD Picks up quick afterward with “Outta Control“. While nothing special the song is TIGHT. This is the kind of song that Producers and Audiophiles go crazy for. Layer upon layer of perfectly mixed sound. A song like this is more subtle than just the rock beat or lyrics, it is all the little things, finger scrapes on strings, flawless drumming, and impressive layers of vocals all brought together. This song is an advanced class on how to put a song together.

“Smackdown” should really be called “Rawkfist lite” I dare anyone to listen to both songs and not see the similarities. Yes I agree there should be similarities, after all they are both done by the same band. While I see this as an evolution of the bands style, I don’t see it as a positive in this case. Rawkfist is a better song, while Rawkfist is a rocking ride from start to finish “Smackdown” has this Rock Rock Pause beat that is kind of like being caught in traffic and rushing to the next red light. In short, “Smackdown” is a poor reflection of “Rawkfist”.

“Already Home” is perhaps the perfect song to end this CD with. This is a song I would imagine will be a great concert song, lighters in the air and people singing along. This song is also perhaps the most blatantly christian song on the album. “I am on my knees, I’m calling out your name, and I won’t run away cause I’m already home.”

Like every album, this one has its great moments and its let downs. Over all however I find the CD to be a real pleasure to listen to and even the rough patches are simple not as good, instead of being not good (there is a huge difference). The few weak songs aside I believe that “Welcome to the Masquerade” may be one of the better TFK albums to date and is one of the better albums to be released this year. This is an album that will be on my MP3 player and in regular rotation as far as my listening habits go.

Im giving Welcome to the Masquerade 4.25 stars out of 5.0 possible. All of the songs on this CD were well produced and mixed, there were just a couple of the songs that brought the album as whole down from the 4.5 I had originally planned on.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Click here to visit today!

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Fav TFK Song | Posted June 25, 2013
My all time fav TFK song is "Welcome to the Masquerade". The high level of intesity while bringing thoughtful lyrics is really incredible. The groove swept me away. It is a great album all together, but Welcome is the best. 

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Welcome To The Masquerade | Posted April 11, 2012
The only current Thousand Foot Krutch album I own (thinking about getting another) is very good! TFK is one of the better known christian artists (in my mind) and will rock the christian music world for a good while and should keep on rockin' out!!

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ARNgal (15)

their best? | Posted June 06, 2011
 quite possibly.
not all of the songs (e.g. smackdown, fire it up, etc.) are terribly deep but they're so much fun it doesn't matter.
and the rest are not only super fun in a jamming, grinding way too, but also have layers of meaning to them.
"we all wear masks" is a truer, deeper statement than most bands are willing to explore.
but TFK does it and they rock your face of while they're at it!!

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TFK! | Posted June 06, 2011
I heard about Thousand Foot Krutch through the grape vine, and from a few friends, so I decided to see what they were like. I heard a song or two of theirs on the radio, but never really got the feel of their music. So I got a free download of their song "Bring Me To Life", and I totally fell right in love with this band. I then went to the closest LifeWay, and bought this album. ;) This album rocks. I mean, it just does. I'm not huge on some of the scmreaing, but it's not super screamer-ish, so I don't mind it. (If that makes sense. :P Haha.) It's quite difficult to pick a favorite song, but if I must, my favorite would be "Scream". Fantastic song! This is one of those kind of albums, you listen to it over and over, and you never get sick of it. It's totally awesome! Thousand Foot Krutch really knows how to have powerful, christian lyrics, but still in a rocking, fun way, that old and young can enjoy.  One of the best album's of 2009, by far. Can't wait to hear what TFK brings to the table next! Highly recommended album!!

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Best TFK Album | Posted March 09, 2011
My favorite kind of CD is the ones where, if asked what your favorite song is, you honestly have no idea. This is one of those for me. Since it's 2009 release, I've listened to it over and over and still love each track. I think if you you mixed together all the best parts of Thousand Foot Krutch's earlier albums, Welcome to the Masquerade would be the result. The combination of their earlier nu metal/rapcore days along with their later hard rock style makes for a unique sound all their own.

Lyrically, the theme of the album is made apparent from the start with the title track. The message portrayed is that we all live behind the mask of things we try to hide from the rest of the world. The theme carries through with some of the heaviest songs the band has made to date, like highlights Bring Me to Life, E for Extinction, Scream, and The Part that Hurts the Most (Is Me). Masquerade also marks the return of TFK's pure fun, anthemic rock songs that seemed to have disappeared for a while with The Flame in All of Us.  "Fire It Up" and "Smackdown" may not have any lyrical depth, but you can't help but love them.

One of the reasons I can listen to this album without it getting old is how versatile it is. Although the majority of songs are loud rock, there are other sides of the band mixed in. Forward Motion is a catchy tune with a positive message that is more pop than rock. Look Away is another stand out with it's soft sound and storyline lyrics. Inspired by letters and emails from struggling fans, it's a song of hope in the face of depression and suicide. The last track of the album, Already Home, starts with a beautiful instrumental piece and continues to end the album in a worshipful mood.

If you're a hard rock fan and still haven't picked up this album, go buy it! There won't be any regrets.

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TFK Gives Us Fire, and Life | Posted November 02, 2010
1 - The Invitation: 5 (stars)
2 - Welcome to the Masquerade: 5
3 - Fire It Up: 5
4 - Bring Me to Life: 5
5 - E for Extinction: 5
6 - Watching Over Me: 4
7 - The Part That Hurts the Most (Is Me): 5
8 - Scream: 5
9 - Look Away: 4
10 - Forward Motion: 5
11 - Outta Control: 5
12 - Smack Down: 5
13 - Already Home: 5

Back in 2000 when TFK became more known in the Christian Music industry, they had released some pretty solid records music wise. Ever since then they have continued to release solid album after solid album and then we have "Welcome to the Masquerade".

"Welcome to the Masquerade" starts off with "The Invitation" an epic intro then leads into the head banging title track "Welcome to the Masquerade" this track has nicely done vocals and sweet guitar riffs.

According to Wikipedia "Fire it Up" has charted at #31 on the iTunes rock page, #18 on Active rock charts, 35 on the Billboard Rock Charts and #5 on The song has been used in numerous promotions by Sports teams, Race drivers and in Movies. A lot of success there.

The first single off the album "Bring me to Life" which was also available as a free download from "Feed the Beat" and is I’d say the best song of the album. "E for Extinction" starts off soft than they bring in the crunchy guitars and get you jumping. "Watching Over Me" slows things down a little on the album is about someone crying out to God. "The Part That Hurts the Most (Is Me)" and "Scream," both are meaningful and hard-rockin’ as the previous tracks. We slow things down with "Look Away" an FM Static style song, but still fits the album. "Forward Motion" is the best of the four ballads and is the most meaningful song off the entire record.

"Outta Control" and "Smack Down" both are high energy. "Outta Control' talks about needing God's help, whereas "Smack Down" is an in-your-face song.

"The closing song "Already Home" is a powerful ballad and the perfect way to close an epic album like this.

If TFK continues like this they are in for even more success. Highlights off the album include E for Extinction, Fire It Up, Already Home, Smack Down, and The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me).

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Indescribable | Posted October 29, 2010
Thousand Foot Krutch has always been good and has come out with such amazing songs, such as "Rawkfist", "Phenomenon", and the list goes on...but this album is just the cherry to the sundae! This album is so good! Every song is great! You have the heavy rock that you can just headbang all day too, and then you have the softer songs that really speak to you! I love how this album has so much more to it than an amazing sound! It goes deep, and really reaches out to the listener! This album is a must have!

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They've done it again! | Posted September 14, 2010
For those of you that absolutely loved "The Flame in all of Us", "Welcome to the Masquerade" almost feels like a continuation of it's predecessor. Judging by the album art and TFK design that both albums share, it's not only the artwork that you'll be happy to see make a successful transition, but that good ol' TFK Rawkfist is back and is ready to be held high once more.

The album opens up with "The Invetation" witch not only invites us to dive deeper into the secrets behind the Masquerade, but also sets a mysterious yet epic tone for the rest of the album. The intro leads right into the head banging guitar grinds of "Welcome to the Masquerade" which starts the album off with a bang!

Other songs throughout the album such as "Look Away" and "Watching Over Me" slows things down to a more worshipful setting. Tracks like these remind the listener that God is always watching over us and we can always run to Him regardless of our past. While other songs like "Fire it Up" and "Smack Down" bring the album back up to a heavy incline. These tracks give TFK fans the assurance that the Rawkfist days are far from over.

"Welcome to the Masquerade" is hands down TFK's most impressive work both lyrically and musically. For any TFK fan who has yet to listen to or purchase this album, stop reading this review and pick yourself a copy right now! Your only regret will be that you didn't do it sooner!

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