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X 2009 CD/DVD: 17 Christian Rock Hits! by Various Artists -

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X 2009 CD/DVD: 17 Christian Rock Hits! [edit]
by Various Artists - "X" Series | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 07, 2009

Since 2003, the "X" brand has been a yearly must-have among the Christian Rock community. "X" consistently showcases the years best rock hits. The perfect album for those who are trying to find new Christian rock artists or those who just want the best-of-the-best that Christian rock has to offer. X 2009 is sure to be another HUGE success. Featuring artists like Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson, The Almost, and more!

Also includes 18 Videos!
01. Lose Your Soul- tobyMac (Video)
02. Radiator- Family Force 5 (Video)
03. Friend Like That- Hawk Nelson (Video)
04. Comatose (live)- Skillet (Video)
05. Speaking Louder Than Before- Jeremy Camp (Video)
06. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures- Underoath (Video)
07. Favorite Disease- Thousand Foot Krutch (Video)
08. Southern Weather- The Almost (Video)
09. Whatever You're Doing- Sanctus Real (Video)
10. Carry Me Down- Demon Hunter (Video)
11. The Rescue- Seabird (Bonus Video)
12. Without You (I'm Not Alright)- Article One (Bonus Video)
13. One In A Million- Run Kid Run (Bonus Video)
14. The Difference- Philmont (Bonus Video)
15. Disaster- Since October (Bonus Video)
16. Outrage- Capital Lights (Bonus Video)
17. All My Balloons- Children 18:3 (Bonus Video)
18. Back to the Five- Ruth (Bonus Video)

Track Listing
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01. Ignition - TobyMac
02. To Know That You're Alive - Kutless
03. Friend Like That - Hawk Nelson
04. The Flame In All of Us - Thousand Foot Krutch
05. Awakening - Switchfoot
06. We Need Each Other - Sanctus Real
07. Radiator - Family Force 5
08. Southern Weather - The Almost
09. Outrage - Capital Lights
10. The Smile, The Face - Emery
11. Hello Alone - Anberlin
12. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Underoath
13. Live Free Or Let Me Die - Skillet
14. Surrender - Seventh Day Slumber
15. The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside - FM Static
16. Rock What You Got - Superchick
17. Sure Shot - Run Kid Run
18. The Difference - Philmont (Bonus Track)
19. Disaster - Since October (Bonus Track)

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X 2009 [Various Artists] | Posted July 17, 2009
I've been collecting "X" Series albums since they started in 2003 as a way to keep up with emerging Christian rock artists primarily from Tooth & Nail Records like Thousand Foot Krutch, The Almost, Underoath and Emery. Originally as a major collector of Christian music, the WOW Series rounded out my collection and introduced me to new Christian artists, however around 2006 I stopped collecting WOW albums as I already had every song and the albums seemed out of date. Meanwhile, the "X" Series has only gotten better over the last 6 years, with X 2009 being the crowning achievement in my opinion.

Over the past few years, I've come to really appreciate the hard rock artists on "X" collections and I was excited to see brand new songs "Surrender" by Seventh Day Slumber, and "The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside" by FM Static, which are two of the standout songs on the collection. If you like those songs, then you'll love the entire albums by both artists. Some other highlights for me are "Outrage" by Capital Lights, "Live Free Or Let Me Die" by Skillet, a new song from "Comatose Comes Alive", and "Sure Shot" by Run Kid Run.

What really makes X 2009 rank the highest overall is the DVD including 18 full-length music videos including songs not on the CD collection such as "Speaking Louder Than Before" by Jeremy Camp, "Whatever You're Doing" by Sanctus Real and "The Rescue" by Seabird. This is truly the best collection of new Christian music and videos of 2009.

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Nothing New to the table. | Posted July 17, 2009
I like x and all because it is a great collection of christian rock songs and i like it far more the the wow series. My beef with it is I wish it would feature brand new music from bands and upcoming artists. By the time it comes out I usually already own most of the bands music so why bother buying it when i can look at the playlist and create my own mix. The older x series use to have some brand new songs before they were released and I loved it. 2009 Doesn't offer anything new or exciting. The thing I like about 2009 is that it has tons of music video's! That makes it stand out a little more. Plus it isn't a bad price for all the songs and video's. Great collection for anyone starting into the christian rock scene. I just don't like to spend money on things I already own.

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X Rocks the House Once Again | Posted May 06, 2009
The X Series brings Christian rock/rap fans the very best year after year... and sometimes for a Christmas present, too. The 09 Edition of X does not disappoint, giving fans a two-pack that includes a DVD chock full of music videos.
On the CD, X hands you the singles that have been dominating the Christian Rock airwaves for the past year. The disc starts off with tobyMac's Ignition from his Portable Sounds record, an adrenaline filled classic tobyMac single. Then Kutless gives us their newest hit, the heartfelt To Know That You're Alive. Follow that up with the always catchy Friend Like That from Hawk Nelson and the title cut from Thousand Foot Krutch's The Flame in All of Us.
Then the compilation slows down a bit with We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real, but not before Switchfoot offers their hit Awakening. We crank it back up with the "krunk classic" Radiator by rising band Family Force 5. Southern Weather, the hit from Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie's side project The Almost, comes next.
Outrage from Capital Lights is track number nine, a real sure-fire single that will make you sing along. The Smile, The Face is Emery's addition to X, a short but powerful screamer of a song. Hello Alone, a big played single from Anberlin's Cities album is the next track. Then get ready to unleash your metal-loving side with Desperate Times, Desperate Measures from Underoath. Another in-your-face song is next from another in-your-face band, Skillet with Live Free or Let Me Die.
Surrender, a popular pick from Seventh Day Slumber's worship project Take Everything, follows, giving the listener a look into what it's really all about, giving praise to God through our music. A chapter from FM Static's Dear Diary follows, as Thousand Foot Krutch lead man Trevor McNevan gives you a realistic look into the life of a teen with The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling on the Outside. Then you can Rock What You Got thanks to Superchic[k]. The melodic Sure Shot from Run Kid Run is next, proving that any rock fan can get a song from this album that they'll love.
The two bonus cuts show two different genres: The Difference, a hit from punk-pop band Philmont is clearly way different than the thrashing metal track Disaster from Since October.
Bottom line: Any fan of Christian rock music will love X 2009, and it's also a great way to introduce folks to the genre as well. X 09... don't miss it!

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